Adam: Let me help you figure this out. You shouldn’t just “think” I loved it. I want you to be certain. Without a shadow of a doubt. Close your eyes and remember how I stared at every inch of your exquisite body like a man possessed. How I devoured your perfect pink pussy like I was starving. Nina, I wanted my face covered in your juices. I still do. I could lick you all day. The only thing to figure out is how quickly I can get my mouth on your sweetness again, because I am rock hard right now.

Nina: Well, that *does* seem to answer my question. Thank you for knowing what I needed. And thanks for making me need to go change my panties again because they’re soaked now.

Adam: As they should be when you talk to me. And now that we’re clear on how I loved every single second of going down on you, I want you to tell me where your head is about last night, about this morning. I want to know how you’re doing.

She didn’t respond right away. But the three flashing dots indicated she was typing, and considering how long they flickered, she must have been typing a lot. But when her reply arrived, it was short. To the point.

Nina: This is where my head is—what do you think of me now?

I sat up straight. Dragged a hand through my hair. Was she worried I’d think differently of her? That wouldn’t do.

Adam: I think you’re beautiful and sexy, and I love that you know your own mind. That you want to explore your body. I love that you’re taking charge of your pleasure. And I feel like the luckiest man in the whole damn city to be the one to help you. Does that make it clear where my head is?

Nina: I think so. Also, I can’t stop thinking about the table.

Adam: I can’t either. You were spectacular. You come so gloriously. It’s incredible watching you.

Nina: I like to watch you too when you touch me.

Adam: Yeah? You liked looking at my face between your legs?

Nina: I loved it. Loved the way you looked when you devoured me.

Of course she loved to watch. She was the observer. And she was dead-on with her summation.

Adam: Did you take pictures with your mind’s eye?

Nina: They’re in my head. They don’t stop playing.

Adam: Don’t I know that? You are all I can picture right now. I should be working through my call list, but instead I’m seeing your lush body spread across the table. I can still hear your noises, I can feel your smooth skin, and I can still taste you. You taste like heaven, Nina.

Nina: I want to know what you taste like. All of you. I want to feel you in my mouth. I want to take you deep in my throat and watch the expressions on your face as you come.

I dropped my forehead to my hand. I was an inferno. How was I going to make it through this day? The images in my mind were obscene, just the way I liked them, and just the way that would distract me all day long.

Adam: Woman, I am so goddamn hard right now, and I have to go to a meeting in fifteen minutes. And I don’t want to stop with you. All I want to do is tell you how much more I want to do to you and with you.

Nina: I want you to do everything.

I swallowed roughly as I read that last one again and again. I wanted to do everything with her. Every last thing. And since we were being so open about our bedroom wishes, I needed to open the door for her to back out. That was the last thing I wanted in the universe, but I cared too much about her not to ask. I had to.

Adam: Are you still good with this? Do you still feel okay about working through your list? What you told me this morning stayed with me. It resonated. I listened. We don’t have to cross that line if you don’t want to.

Nina: Adam, I’m so good with this. I promise you. I’m ready. I feel like I’m finally breaking free of my head.

Adam: Your head must be a wondrous and filthy place.

Nina: It is. That’s the good and bad of it. I’ve lived all my sexuality in my mind and in my bed by myself. I’ve only ever had sex with myself and with my fantasies. And now my fantasies are becoming reality. It’s like I’m understanding who I am in a whole new way.

This was another text that called for a second read, a third, a fourth. Because this one touched a different part of me. It touched my mind. It touched my heart that cared deeply for this woman. And it stirred up something new for me too—a deep and powerful sense of privilege. It was such a privilege to be the one she trusted. I never wanted to betray that trust.

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