She opened her mouth, gasping as I stepped closer, wrapped a hand around her head, and turned on the vibrator.

“Oh, Adam,” she moaned, her face falling against my thigh, her hair touching my hard-as-stone length, my name sounding fantastic on her lips. Too fantastic. “That feels so good, but I want to taste you,” she said, breathless.

This woman. She was going to ruin me.

“I know you do. And you’re going to do both,” I said, rough and smoky, like I had to be with her. “You’re going to suck me off while I make you come with this toy. Consider this number eight on your list, with a little extra something just for you.” I yanked her head back. “Open those lips and kiss the tip, like a good dirty girl.”

She opened those shiny pink lips and darted out her tongue, shuddering as the butterfly buzzed against her clit. I upped the pressure one more level as she wrapped her lips around the head.

And I saw stars.

Bright, brilliant stars.

Already. From that first lick. “Yesssss. You know what to do,” I rasped.

“Mmm. You taste so good,” she whispered as she licked the head like I was an ice-cream cone.

My vision blurred as lust rippled through my every pore. So soon. Too soon. She was too good, and I was losing it.

“Tell me something,” I said, fighting to keep the control in my voice.

“Yes?” she asked as she lavished flicks of her tongue down the underside of my shaft.

“How’d you learn to do that? Because you don’t kiss a dick like that unless you’ve done it before or watched a lot of videos. And I want to hear it from you. I want the answer from your lips before I give you what you want,” I said, hitting a button to level up the toy once again.

Her whole body shook. “Oh God. Adam. Oh God,” she panted, barely able to control herself. Good. That was what I wanted. Nina, unable to keep it together. Nina, falling apart before me. “I watch videos. I learned online. I practiced.”

“On what?” I asked, expecting her to say a lollipop or a banana.

“On my fingers,” she answered, as she drew the head back in and I nearly exploded from the eroticism of that image.

“You practiced on your own fingers?”

She nodded as she opened farther, bringing me in another inch.

I wanted to thrust deep into her mouth and go crazy, but I needed to see this more. I pulled out. “Show me. Show me how you taught yourself to blow my ever-loving mind.”

She raised her right hand to her mouth, inserted two fingers, and sucked them down to the first knuckle, then the next. My dick jumped, begging me to get back into the warm pleasure cave of her mouth. But Nina wasn’t done. She added a third finger, showing me she could handle girth, then drew all three far and deep.

I burned everywhere. Flames licked my skin.

“That’s enough,” I bit out. “Now do that to me. Show your tutor what a perfect student you are.”

Wrapping her hands behind her back once more, she opened her lips, and I gave her my length, easing in at first, watching her lips widen around my shaft. I stared at her gorgeous mouth on me all while she gazed up, looking for my approval.

Curling a hand around her head again, I gave her just that. “You’re so deliciously good, my dirty girl. So damn sexy. And I love that you saved your mouth for me. And I’m going to reward you.” I turned up the device another level, and her body trembled, her eyes hazy with desire as the butterfly hummed louder between her legs. But there were no more words from her. Because her mouth was full. “Now take it all. Take all of me like you know you want to.”

She drew me in farther, stopping briefly to adjust. I didn’t let go of my grip on her hair. Didn’t want to. And she didn’t need it. She knew what she was doing, and I watched her as she willed her throat to take me down to the root.

When I felt her relax, I pushed in the rest of the way, sliding to the back of her throat. She gagged once, her eyes watering the slightest bit, which was insanely hot. But what was hotter was how she kept her lips tight around me.

I met her gaze, gentling my tone. “Can you take it, baby?”

I knew the answer before she gave it with a nod. She didn’t want me to stop.

“Yes,” I groaned, my eyes sliding shut. “Your mouth, baby. Your tongue. So perfect.”

She was a sorceress, working her magic on me. Nothing had ever felt like this. Nothing had come close to Nina, my beautiful virgin, taking me so goddamn deep, I could feel electricity in my toes. Across my scalp. Everywhere. I was a power line, jolting from pleasure every damn second.

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