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“If you insist.”

In a sign of her trust in him and how far they’d come together, she rolled all the way over and eased onto her back, stretching her arms high overhead. He watched as her full breasts bounced and settled into those perfect, chocolate-tipped ovals. The scar, like everything else about her, was beautiful, because it meant that the monster had been cut out of her body, leaving her here to live her life.

With him.

He stilled, his heaving lungs generating a slow sigh.

Her clear-eyed gaze saw it all, and her smile faded as she reached for him. “You’re not going to just stand there, are you?”

He managed a head shake. “No.”

His plan was to stretch out atop her, but she had other ideas. He knelt on the chaise and she rose up to meet him, her lips already parting and giving him a glimpse of her moist tongue. With the kind of low growl that probably belonged behind bars at the zoo, he dragged her up against him, filling his hands with as much of her sweet flesh as he could hold.

Their kiss was deep and urgent, and he unraveled completely.

“You have no idea what you do to me,” he told her between sucks and nips. “I need you.”

“I need you, too.”

That wasn’t enough. He grabbed her upper arms, slowing her down so she’d look into his face and see how serious he was. Her eyes, half-closed and sultry, met his gaze and her swollen lips parted in surprise.

Yeah, he was feeling pretty intense right about now.

“Don’t you ever leave me,” he continued. “I can’t live without you. You know that, don’t you?”

She hesitated.

He squeezed her arms. “Don’t you?”

“Yes. Yes.”

Thank God. Relief made it easier for him to suck in a couple of desperately needed breaths, but then she went to work on him.

Pushing him down on his back, she unbuckled his belt and undid his pants, no easy feat given the size of his erection at this point. Her face was dark with concentration as she rearranged his boxer briefs, easing him free and fisting him in her tight grip.

“Talia,” he said, choked.

She lowered her head, taking him inside her mouth’s slick heat. He tried to say her name again, but all that came out was a half-strangled moan. She wrung him out—bobbing and sucking, making a vibrating croon in her throat that heightened all of his sensations—until he was so far gone he wouldn’t have noticed if a bagpiper in full regalia had marched out playing “Danny Boy.”

At the last possible second, sanity intruded.

He’d been gripping her head—gently, he hoped—and now he tugged a little and she looked up at him, a brow raised in question.

“Inside you,” he croaked. “I need to be inside you.”

With that woman’s gleam of satisfaction bright in her eyes—yeah, he was good and whipped, and she had to know it—she rose up, straddling him.

And fumbling as though he wore leather gardening gloves, he grabbed her ass to anchor her and eased her down onto him.

They both gasped, taking a moment to settle together. Bracing herself on her elbows so that her breasts rested against his chest, she stared down at him. He, meanwhile, stared up at her, keeping a tight grip on her hips as they began to swivel.

Before he went completely deaf, dumb and brainless, he decided that they needed to make a plan or two.

“I saw the mural when I got home.”

“The mural?” she gasped, her head tipping back.

“It’s finished. It’s fantastic.”

“Hmm,” she said, sitting up and cupping her breasts as though offering them to him.

Man. He loved it when she did that.

Okay. Time to talk faster.

“So we’ll be moving to the city next week, right? So you can work on the mural at Davies & Sons.”

With what looked like great difficulty, she cracked her eyes open and frowned down at him. “Why are you talking?” she demanded.

“I’m thinking that since Arianna and her family are staying at the penthouse for now, you and I can live at your apartment.” He paused, giving the words time to sink in. “If that works for you.”

She blinked, and then a glorious smile spread across her face as she went back to what she’d been doing, riding him hard.

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