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“For what?” she asked, even though she knew. “Not killing the boy when he let his pet tarantula loose in the living room so it could stretch its legs?”

“No,” Tony said, unsmiling. “For hitting your twentieth anniversary today.”

The day’s poignancy snuck up on her again, choking her up a little, but she nodded. Twenty healthy, cancer-free years. With Tony. “God is good, isn’t he?”

Tony swiped at his eyes with his free hand. “God is good.”

Their joy bubbled over in mutual laughter, and they let it come.

Then she checked her watch and decided they’d better pick up their step.

“If you’re finished being mushy on me, we’d better get going. We don’t want to be late for the ceremony, do we?”

“Hell to the no,” he agreed. “Alexios would kick both our butts.”

Still laughing, their arms swinging between them, they headed for their seats to watch their eighteen-year-old son—who had his father’s eyes, and was tall and handsome in his white dress shirt and dark slacks—take the new cadet oath with his classmates at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

* * * * *

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