Before a coherent thought could form, he was off the sofa. Leading her by the hand, he guided her to his bedroom.

“Put your hands on the bed,” he breathed in her ear, and from behind his knee moved between her legs until she stood with them a shoulder’s width apart. Then his hands stroked her thighs, starting above her knees and moving higher. His fingers found the waist of her panties, then slipped down farther, into the nest of soft curls.

She bucked against him, her perfect, round ass grinding against his painful erection. His breathing was harsh in his own ears as he found her opening and slid one finger, then two, slowly, deeply inside the wetness.

She gasped, then moaned. It was the sweetest sound he’d ever heard. There was nothing practiced about her response, no artifice or putting on a show. His thumb brushed the tight knot of nerves at the top of her opening—firm, then soft, then firm again—and her gasps came in short, quick bursts. “Luke,” she breathed. “I need—”

“I know,” he said, because he felt it too. She shuddered and tried to turn to face him.

He held her hips still. “Not yet,” he said in her ear. Then he removed her panties and fell to his knees, his mouth closing over her sweet, hot core. Her taste was more exquisite than any food on offer at the party.

“What are you—” she squeaked out, before her words turned into a moan, low and full throated. The primal sound urged him on, harder, faster, deeper. He couldn’t get enough. She was a white-hot flame and he yearned to be burned like he’d never been burned before. He could feel her tremble, her climax beginning to build, and he pulled back just in time to witness her scream and shudder before she collapsed against the bed.

He joined her on the king-size mattress, his erection pressing painfully against his tuxedo trousers, and turned her over. Her big green eyes flew open, dark with satisfaction. He grinned down at her. She was gorgeous, although the word was too inadequate to describe the sight before him. Who knew underneath her ponytail and always-appropriate work attire was such a responsive, passionate woman? You knew. Since the moment you kissed her. You knew she was special.

“That was...” she breathed, her chest still rising and falling rapidly. “Can’t think.” He watched her gaze slowly focus. “You. Too many clothes. Take them off.”

Her hands reached out, her fingers still trembling, and she tugged his shirt open. At least one button, torn free from its mooring, clattered on the hardwood floor, but he didn’t care. He needed to feel her skin against his. Then her hands moved lower and caressed him through his trousers, causing him to buck like a teenager in the back seat of a car. “Inside,” she breathed. “Want you inside.”

He didn’t have to be asked twice. The rest of his clothes came off even faster than he could open the foil packet and avail himself of the contents. Her eyes widened when she saw him revealed for the first time, but her lips curved upward in a wide smile as she opened her arms to him.

He couldn’t wait any longer. He had to have her. Not even as a teenager had he felt so excited yet anxious with anticipation. She was so responsive. So alive and present. He slid into her, closing his eyes and biting back a moan at the slick, tight heat.

His control was legendary. He should have no problem holding out. But the rake of her fingers on his back inflamed his senses, her gasps urging him to go faster, deeper. The pressure built, more rapidly than he thought possible. It demanded to be brought to its inescapable conclusion, now. He gritted his teeth. He was not an inexperienced boy with his first girlfriend. But then she cried out underneath him, her vibrations shaking the bed.

Stars exploded behind his eyelids.

When he had recovered, he gathered her limp, pliant body to his, pressing a kiss to the soft dusting of freckles across her nose. She blinked and looked up at him, a lazy smile playing on her lips. “Best outcome to a negotiation I’ve ever had,” she said.

Male pride expanded his chest. He pulled her closer, burying his face in those curls. Cinnamon and vanilla surrounded him, a combination sweet yet warm and spicy. Just like her.

She sighed, her body fitting against his without any awkwardness as she fell into slumber. None of the unexpected sharp elbow or accidental knee to the groin that often occurred on a first night together. He could stay like this forever, he thought as he drifted into the kind of sleep that came only after truly satisfying sex.

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