“My parents are who they are. But love is a four-letter word too. And speaking of...” He turned to face her. Then he dropped to one knee.

She didn’t think the day could hold any more shocks. Luke Dallas didn’t stoop to others. Luke Dallas walked on top of them. But there he was. Kneeling. In front of her. “What are you doing?” She forced the words past lips numb with surprise and hope.

“What I should have done the first time.” He took her hands in his, his grip warm and firm and oh so right. “When you left, you took the sun with you. I want you to come back. Be my light. Be my wife.”

Her heart expanded, shutting out doubts and fears with a strength beyond measure. “I love you too,” she said, her voice shaking. “I have ever since we kissed outside the taqueria.”

He pressed his lips against her left palm. Then he slid the diamond and platinum band on the ring finger. “Will you do me the honor of remaining my wife?”

“Yes. Yes!” And then his mouth was on hers. She gladly opened to him, winding her arms around his neck and pressing closer. She hadn’t known just how deeply she missed him until she could smell and taste and touch him once again.

“Hey, guys? People are waiting for the main event,” she heard her brother say. Luke laughed and lifted his head, keeping a tight arm around her waist.

“What main event? What could possibly come next?” Her gaze locked on Luke’s. She would never grow tired of watching the light dance in those summer-sea depths.

Luke smiled. “You said our last wedding wasn’t a real one because your family wasn’t there. So...” He took his phone out of his pocket and pushed a button on the screen. The opening chords of “My Shot” from Hamilton filled the air. “Your mother has a dress waiting for you. I’ll meet you in the center’s chapel when you’re ready.”

She didn’t know so much happiness existed in the world. “We’re already married.” She held up her decorated ring finger. “Another ceremony wouldn’t be practical.”

He growled, causing her to laugh. “I’m learning to let go when it comes to control, but I’m not letting you go ever again. I’ll marry you a hundred times. You can plan the next wedding.”

“Just twice will do,” she said. “As long as the contract term is forever.”

“At least that long,” he warned. “Trust me.”

Danica smiled. They weren’t in the chapel yet, but it was a vow to him that was long overdue. “I do. Forever.”

* * *

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