She rubbed again and ground out another little moan of desire. She was nearly ready…

And then the shower door opened.

He was standing there, fully clothed. His eyes were fierce with hunger. ‘I’m watching you. Touch yourself again.’

Soap slid down her face and she quickly swiped it away. She did nothing to shield her modesty.

‘I couldn’t help it.’

‘You were thinking of me. You want me to do that to you.’

‘Yes…’ she breathed.

‘I can walk away, Coral. I can leave you to your own private fantasies or I can give you what you need. Show me what you want.’

The water powered down over her shoulders. She dropped her head back and let it course through her hair. She smoothed it away with her hands, over her breasts and hips. Then she lifted her breasts, cupped them in her hands, and offered them to him. It was the most provocative move she had ever made and she knew then that she was going to be changed for ever.

‘Say it.’

She closed her eyes and let the words sing from her heart. ‘I want you, Raffaele. Please. Now.’

In a heartbeat he was in the shower, tugging her soaking wet body towards him. His hands slid all over her. He cupped her buttocks and ground the hard ridge of his erection against her wet, naked flesh.

He grabbed her face and kissed her over and over, and then his hands moved up her back and round her ribs, until finally he cupped and kneaded her heavy breasts, rolling her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, moaning words in Italian.

Her head fell back as he crushed her against his body. His knee, soaked in his black jeans, wedged her legs open. He hooked one leg over his hip, totally exposing her.

‘You must learn acceptance, Coral.’

‘Yes…yes…’ she begged.

‘Don’t fight what’s going to happen.’

He thrust his tongue into her mouth, grinding her down with erotic assaults that she was desperate to absorb. She felt the sharpness of stubble, the dull edge of bone, the stab of lips and tongue and fingers, the moans of words in Italian, the red-hot wings of desire as she returned everything she could.

And then his hand slid down between her legs as he took one of her nipples in his mouth. Fingers thrust inside her and she moaned aloud as the golden ache of pleasure began to bloom.

‘Raffaele—oh, my God, please.’

He hauled his shirt over his head and thrust his jeans off. She felt almost dazed as she stared at the wide, muscled shoulders and dark dusting of hair. Her hands touched his chest greedily and then she felt his hot, hard shaft nudge against her belly. All she could do was grab him quickly with both hands.


It was as if her life depended on it. She knew she had to have him inside her.

He knew it too, because he grabbed her up and slid her down, down all those inches of his manhood. She took them all—to the hilt.

Then she held his head to her breasts as he tugged her nipples with his mouth and rode her up and down on his shaft.

She had never in her life known pleasure like this, and the bloom of her orgasm began, rocking her whole mind and body with its intensity. She screamed and screamed, hearing the sound ricocheting off the tiled walls.

‘I’m going to come. Is it safe?’ he ground out.

‘Yes—yes!’ cried Coral, hearing nothing other than her pleasure as the final waves rolled through her and she collapsed forward as he, too, shouted his release.

For a moment they stood locked together, only their panting breath and the shower’s steady stream of water interrupting their thoughts. Steam enveloped them. Their desperate need to have each other was easing, but still she clung to him, still he held her strong and steady in his arms.

‘Are you all right?’ he finally whispered.

‘Yes…’ she breathed into his neck, then his chest, as he slowly lowered her down. ‘I couldn’t stop myself.’

He lifted her face and kissed her gently, smoothing her hair from her brow and smiling.

‘I’m glad you didn’t. It was beautiful to watch, but I couldn’t let you do it alone. Not when I knew it was going to be this good. It was good, cara. Wasn’t it?’

She nodded and clung to his beautiful hard body. ‘Amazing.’

He lifted a sponge and washed her down gently, cleaning and rinsing them both. Then he scooped her up in a huge bath sheet and carried her through the room, past her discarded dress and shoes. He cradled her against his chest and then lay by her side as he eased her onto the bed.

‘I’ll dry you,’ he said, lifting the towel and softly pressing all the water droplets away.

She lay back on the bed. ‘That was the most wonderful experience—I’ve never, ever felt anything like that before.’

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