Forbidden nights with the prince

Crown prince Antonio De Santis hasn’t touched a woman since the tragedy that took his fiancée. But an unexpected encounter with notorious temptress Bella Sanchez has this royal breaking his one rule…and he discovers this seductress is not what she seems!

For Bella, life has been an empty performance since the injury that ended her prima ballerina career. But when Antonio demands her presence in his palace, she can’t resist the stolen moments he offers. Their forbidden affair must be kept secret, but soon Bella is faced with a choice—surrender her heart, or tame the De Santis prince!

‘You’re untemptable, right? Your absolute rejection of any physical intimacy is cowardly.’

‘In what way?’ Antonio asked icily, his words sharply enunciated. ‘Doesn’t it denote self-control?’

Something burned in his eyes now, but Bella was too hurt to take heed and too hurt to stop herself lashing out. ‘Maybe you’re afraid that once you start you won’t be able to stop.’

Silence strained for two beats, before he broke it with a soft-spoken, hard-hitting whisper. ‘You want me to prove it?’

He didn’t move a muscle, but somehow he made the room smaller. The subtlest change in his tone, the darkening in his eyes put her senses on alert. He’d gone from angered to something else altogether. Something more dangerous.

Goosebumps rose on her skin, but deep down satisfaction flickered. ‘You don’t have to prove anything to me.’

He walked closer, until he loomed in front of her. She held her ground and watched.


These powerful princes request your presence before

The Throne of San Felipe

Destined for the crown, tempted to rebel!

Crown prince Antonio and his wayward brother Prince Eduardo have grown up in the shadow of the San Felipe throne. Now, with their royal destinies fast approaching, the rebel Princes must choose their path.

They’ve always resisted expectation, so the kingdom waits with bated breath to discover if the San Felipe heirs will be dictated to by duty or ruled by desire...

The Secret That Shocked De Santis

The Mistress That Tamed De Santis

NATALIE ANDERSON adores a happy ending—which is why she always reads the back of a book first. Just to be sure. So you can be sure you’ve got a happy ending in your hands right now—because she promises nothing less. Along with happy endings she loves peppermint-filled dark chocolate, pineapple juice and extremely long showers. Not to mention spending hours teasing her imaginary friends with dating dilemmas. She tends to torment them before eventually relenting and offering—you guessed it—a happy ending. She lives in Christchurch, New Zealand, with her gorgeous husband and four fabulous children.

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For my husband and family, and for the laughter we share.


CROWN PRINCE ANTONIO DE SANTIS strolled along the dark street, savouring the stolen moment of freedom as he walked off the burn from the last eighty minutes in the palace gym.

Silence. Solitude. Darkness. Peace.

He checked the hood of his sweatshirt still hid most of his face. He’d soon have to turn back. In less than an hour this road would be crawling with workers frantically finishing preparations and testing the barricades they’d installed over the last day. The crowds would gather early too. San Felipe’s car rally was prestigious, hotly contested and the starting gun for the annual carnival, which meant Antonio’s next couple of weeks were even more packed than usual. State balls, trade meetings, society events, the carnival celebrations required a round-the-clock royal presence as the world’s wealthy and glamorous came to indulge and experience his country’s beauty. And with his younger brother away, Crown Prince Antonio was the only royalty on offer.

He’d do it all anyway; he always did.

He approached an intersection. The road to the left headed into the heart of the city and was the entertainment ‘strip’—lined with restaurants and bars that would soon be packed for race action. He glanced up at the ornate exterior of the former firehouse on the corner—the latest building to have been reclaimed and refurbished into a hot night spot. But after only a week of business, the city’s residents were debating the merits of this particular establishment more than any other.

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