She stared, her mouth dry as she gazed on his honed, immaculate body. His regime had to be intense to be this fit—as if he ran or swam for long periods at a time. ‘You’re disciplined.’

‘I have to be. I have a lot to do.’

And he was going to use that discipline and self-control with her now; she could see the intent in his eyes.

‘You keep everything contained in its place,’ she muttered. Work, exercise, sleep. She was in the sex box for him. And that was just fine.

So fine.

Except her heart was thudding and there was an ache within her that had never been there before.

‘You’re the same.’ He lifted her tee, and she wriggled to help him. He unclasped her bra and briefly cupped her full breasts in his hands before moving to tug her trousers down. ‘You’re sleek, strong.’

‘It makes me feel better if I’ve moved.’ She nodded, lifting one leg, then the other, so he could take her panties off too.

In that they were a match—both physically driven, both worked hard. Both couldn’t afford this messiness, but now they were both naked.

She licked her lips. She wanted everything all at once, but she didn’t know where to start.

‘Bella.’ He muttered her name harshly and stepped forward, pulling her into his arms to French-kiss her senseless.

They kissed, touched, kissed again until she was all but delirious and weak-kneed. But then he dropped to his knees and pressed his mouth to her there.

She gasped his name.

‘I can’t wait to hear you,’ he muttered approvingly. ‘Again and again.’

Oh, no, this wasn’t happening that way. Not again. She pulled back and fell to her knees too. ‘I want to hear you,’ she said.

But he was stronger. He lifted and laid her down on her back and moved between her splayed thighs. ‘I can’t keep my hands off you. Or my mouth.’ He moved down her body, trapping her hands at her sides as he licked and kissed from her navel, to her most intimate curve where she was embarrassingly wet already. Then he rose onto his knees to study how he’d spread her beneath him. ‘I want to taste you as you come again. Now.’

That devilishly sexy look in his eyes almost sent her over the edge then and there. But she didn’t want to come before him. Not this time.

‘I want you to enjoy it,’ she moaned as he ran his hand over her breasts, gently cupping, then teasing.

‘You think I didn’t?’ He shook his head and stroked her again with his skilful fingers. ‘There’s no greater feeling than knowing I’ve pleased you.’

‘It’s the same for me.’ She arched uncontrollably as his hands worked further south. ‘Can’t you understand that?’

‘I do.’ He bent to her again and kissed her most sensitive nub. ‘You can please me, right now. Come for me, Bella. Let me taste it.’

His tongue was so wicked there was no way she couldn’t. Groaning, she ran her hands through his thick hair, holding him to her as he pleasured her with his mouth and hands. She rocked as she rode the crest of her orgasm, no longer embarrassed about how wet she must be, because the way his fingers were thrusting was so divine and the words of approval and pleasure tumbling from his wicked mouth were making her orgasm last longer than she’d have thought possible.

He cradled her as she recovered, small aftershocks making her quiver every so often. The pleased expression in his eyes called forth her own competitive spirit.

‘My turn.’ Suddenly energised, she rolled and moved onto all fours.


‘To taste.’ She slapped her hand in the centre of his chest and pushed, making him stay where he was, flat on the floor.


‘Don’t argue with me,’ she said fiercely. ‘Don’t deny me. Not this time.’

But he cupped the nape of her neck and drew her down to him, kissing her deeply. Almost she submitted completely to the desire to simply roll back and let him do whatever he wished with her. But she needed this. Wanted it.

She pulled away and looked into his eyes. ‘I’m going to kiss you,’ she said. ‘Everywhere.’

He didn’t answer, but nor did he stop her. She took her time discovering his body. He was strong, but sensitive too and she took pleasure in teasing out those secret spots. What he liked. Where he liked. His neck. His nipples. His thighs.

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