And slowly she honed in on his enormous erection. Licking her lips, she glanced up at him to gauge his reaction as she moved, curling her hand around the thick base of him.


She utterly disobeyed the implicit order and opened her mouth to draw him in.


There was no ignoring him that time.

She released him to glance up into his stormy eyes. ‘Please.’

For a long moment he held her gaze, his expression strained. She realised he was holding his breath.

Then he sighed and an almost tender light entered his eyes. ‘I’m the one who should be saying please.’

Almost shyly she smiled at him. Then she looked back down at his straining erection. The single, glossy bead at the tip of his shaft told her he was close. Feminine pleasure flooded her. She wanted to taste all of it.

She heard his long hiss as she took him as deep as she could into her mouth. She sucked hard as she pulled back, and she rubbed and took him deep again. Oh, she loved to rub him. Loved to lick and suck and feel every powerful tremble she could pull from him.

She didn’t stop. Rubbing, kissing, sucking, she lost herself in her rhythm, in the pleasure of touching him. His hips bucked, bumping her as she straddled his thighs. She shivered at the power beneath her. His legs were so strong, she couldn’t wait to feel the full force of his lovemaking.

As his breathing grew harsher, she gazed up the length of his body. His skin gleamed from a sheen of sweat. His arms were outstretched to the sides; she could see the veins popping as he grasped at the plush carpet beneath him. Every muscle in his body was strained as he tried to hold back. She didn’t want him to hold back.

‘I’m going to drink every last drop.’ She smiled with carnal promise. ‘I’m going to watch and taste and feel you as I make you come.’

His muttered oath was mostly indecipherable but it made her smile deepen. Then she returned to him. He was so beautiful and all she wanted was to make him—


His shout echoed in her ears, so filled with raw relief that she felt as if she were riding that crest with him. As the spasms eased she kept sucking him as deep as she could, holding true to her words and loving it as he shook beneath her.

‘Bella.’ He released a long breath and his body went lax. ‘Bella, Bella, Bella.’

Still astride him, she sat up and looked down his length to his handsome face, tracing her fingers down her neck, between her breasts and to her belly, following the heated path of his seed within her. She felt so femininely sensual. And so aroused.

With shadowed eyes he stared back up at her.

Undaunted, knowing he too was finally sated, she smiled.

Swiftly he sat up and flipped her. She was flat on her back and he was pressing her hard into the plush carpet, kissing her breathless before she could blink. His fingers were between her legs and he made a guttural sound in the back of his throat as he felt how wet and ready she was. She writhed, riding his hand for a moment, so unbelievably pleased.

‘Temptress,’ he muttered and nipped her lips with his teeth.

He shifted onto his knees, reaching beyond for his trousers on the floor near them. In a second he was ripping open the foil package and rolling the condom on.

She lifted up onto her elbows, in awe of his already rigid erection. He glanced over and caught her staring. He smiled, but she read the determination in his eyes, felt the dynamism in his tense body as he covered her, and knew her moment of dominance was past. He was back in control. He was going to make her pay and it was going to be a heavenly price.

‘I don’t know how gentle I can keep this,’ he muttered, stroking her intimately again. His eyes widened as he felt her body’s reaction to his words. ‘You don’t want gentle?’

‘I just want you in me,’ she muttered low and harsh and hungry, unable to hold back her darkest desires. She wanted him too much. Only he had made her feel this way. And if she only had him this once, then she was holding nothing back. ‘As deep and as hard as you can.’

He kissed her. His tongue lashed the cavern of her mouth with exactly the kind of fierce strokes she was aching for.

For the first time in her life she truly wanted passion.

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