‘You have a hot, sweet mouth and a hot, sweet body.’ He looked into her eyes as his fingers probed her wet arousal. ‘But you don’t want it all that sweet.’

She whimpered at his tormenting rubbing. But he was right.

‘Answer me,’ he commanded, pushing fractionally deeper and then pulling out.

She moaned in disappointment. ‘Yes,’ she admitted, aching for his return. For all of him.

‘You want it hard.’





‘Yes.’ Her head fell back as her blood burned. She writhed under him, desperate to assuage the ache so deep within her. ‘I want you in me. Please.’

He nudged her thighs further apart with his knee and settled over her. He was so hard, so masculine and he smelt so good and she could feel him, almost there.

Never had she wanted a man like this.

She held her breath as she stared into his gorgeous pale blue eyes. She saw the determined fire in them and wanted to be consumed in it. She saw his jaw lock. Then he pushed forward.

‘Oh, yes.’ She tensed, locking him in as an orgasm rolled over her in a sharp burst of ecstasy. ‘Oh, yesssssss.’

Her breath shuddered in the shock of it. He was finally there and he felt so good. She moaned again, convulsing in pleasure.

‘What are you doing coming so quick?’ He smiled tightly down at her as she gasped for breath. His expression was teasing. But strained too.

She didn’t know. She’d never come during penetration before, let alone that quickly. But the amazing thing was, she wasn’t far off coming again.

‘What are you doing not moving?’ she moaned breathlessly, stunned that she was on the edge again. If only he’d move. If only he’d give her everything. Oh, God, she never wanted this to end.

‘Enjoying the view. You’re so beautiful like this. I could watch you come all day.’

She shifted, wrapping her leg around his lower back, trying to pull him deeper.

‘Don’t tease.’ She stroked his face and whispered what she wanted most of all. ‘I want you to come with me. In me.’

‘Oh, hell. Bella,’ he muttered hoarsely. His wicked smile faded as he gazed at her. ‘Then you might want to hold on, sweetheart.’

But he held onto her, sliding his hands under her back and gripping her shoulders to keep her with him as he pressed forward, deepening his possession of her.

Her breath hissed as he pushed to the hilt. She met his gaze and knew she was in the eye of the storm. Hurricane Antonio was about to hit.

‘Please,’ she asked one more time. She wanted it all.

At last he moved, pulling back only to grind into her. Hard and deep he drilled into her, again and again and again. And it was so good. She met him thrust for thrust. Energy sizzled between them; their ride suddenly became frantic and wild. Their sweat-slicked bodies banged faster and faster.

‘So good, so good,’ she muttered over and over and over.

But then she could only moan in mindless pleasure each time he drove deeper. It was so carnal and so physical and so good. She kissed him everywhere she could with honest, unchecked abandonment. This wasn’t sweet, this was decadently sensual and she had to curl her fingers into his muscled flesh to hang on as he forced his pace faster still.

‘Come with me, Bella,’ he commanded harshly, then kissed her.

His kiss held so much passion, it felt as if he were pouring his very soul into her. She felt him shaking against her even as he drove deeper still.

She arched, every muscle in her body straining. Her breaths were high-pitched moans as he pushed her nearer and nearer to that peak. She heard his breathing roughen, felt the rigidity in his whole body and revelled in it.

‘Yes!’ She managed to lock her arms around his back, fiercely holding him to her as she shattered beneath and about him, her screams unchecked and raw as that intense sensual tension exploded.

She heard him groan her name, then his hoarse growl of intense pleasure as he thrust one last time, releasing long and hard into her.

When she could think again, she found he’d eased off her and was lying on his side facing her. Her heart thudded.

This time when he grabbed her wrist it was not to reject her. It was not to push her away. It was to demand the exact opposite.

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