‘What’s that?’ She didn’t want any more delays. She didn’t want any more discussion.

Action was all she wanted now.

His smile widened and was as wicked as it could get. ‘We still haven’t worked out who’s going to be on top.’

Her smile matched his in both intensity and naughtiness. ‘The princess is always on top.’

‘That right?’ He was so close she could see the myriad golden brown flecks in his eyes and the way his pupils were swelling. ‘We can start that way if you like, then see what happens.’

In the second she saw herself straddling his naked body, sanity stared her in the face. Sleeping with James would probably end in disaster. But her job was pretty much a disaster anyway. She might as well have the one experience she’d been wanting more than anything for the last three weeks. It would probably only be a one-off. She was, after all, just a party plaything. She already knew he didn’t want anything more.

So why not be selfish, as everyone expected her to be, and do what she wanted? And she wanted him.

Really badly, right now.

He knew. The confident strokes across her skin reflected his understanding. He wasn’t asking. He didn’t need to. He’d already started. His lips brushed her cheekbone and he muttered, ‘It’s time we dealt with it.’

Her eyelids fluttered at his caress. He kissed down her cheekbone and her eyes closed completely. She swayed forward, held her head up to his and parted her lips.

He kissed her then. And how he could kiss. Her glass slipped from her fingers and she collapsed into him, his arms tightened and she kissed him back, wanting to inflame him further. Wanting him to want her the way she did him—out of control, out of this world.

She thought of nothing, only let herself feel the sensations of his mouth on hers, his tongue searching, seeking the response she was only too happy to give.

His hands were blessedly firm on her body and she reached up, to run her hands down his back, measure his breadth and strength with the tips of her fingers, with the heel of her palm as she pressed him closer, circling her hips to press against his in the rhythm that came so naturally and that she knew would stir him into action.

He thrust one hand into her hair, holding the back of her head to his; the other hand pushed the small of her back, driving her belly into his hips, stopping her wriggles but making her more than aware of his hard erection. Without lifting his head he walked her backwards. She kept her eyes closed and let him, knowing he was getting them to his bedroom—to comfort and space. She was so hot she’d have taken him then and there—on the floor, the chair—she didn’t care, she just wanted…

His hand lifted from her waist and she heard a click. Opening her eyes at last, she saw they’d made it to his room and he’d flicked on one of the bedside lights, giving a soft glow to the room. The thick curtains were drawn and the bed was big and some kind soul had already turned back the covering. The sheets were pale in the dim light and she looked forward to feeling their cool comfort on her burning skin…

She lifted her face for another kiss but he dropped to his knees, sliding his hands from her thighs to her feet.

She looked down as he circled his fingers and thumb around the bottom of each leg, amazed and enthralled at the sight of him, in a tux, on his knees at her feet. ‘What are you doing?’

‘Worshipping your ankles. You have the most shapely ankles and calves I’ve ever seen.’

‘It’s the high heels,’ she explained, but feeling stupidly pleased by the compliment all the same.

‘No. I’ve seen you walking barefoot in my office. Your legs are incredible.’

Sitting back on his heels, he toyed with her skirt, flaring out the material and creating a cool breeze on her thighs. She felt the need to rock against him again. Felt the need to make him move faster.

‘Are you going to have a look under my dress?’

‘I’m going to have more than a look.’ His mouth was hot and open and wet as he began to press it on the start of her thigh, slowly moving across skin, and up. She stretched a hand down, reaching his hair, twisting her fingers through it, restlessly beginning to move against him. His jaw was warm and slightly rough and she wanted him to go even higher.

Suddenly he stood, with pleasure she saw the hint of breathlessness, the heightened colour in both his cheeks and eyes. Her hands lifted and she took the advantage, pressing her lower body to his and quickly unfastening the buttons on his shirt. She wanted to touch him, to taste him, to make him take her fast and furious. She kissed the expanse of golden skin, quick and hot kisses with her tongue flickering and her teeth nipping; she rocked faster against him, wanting to make him explode.

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