For moments he let her do it and she felt his tension building as he stood still under her ministrations. Then with a growl his hands came back to her hips, holding them while thrusting his forward to dig into her and she lifted her face to let his mouth plunder hers. She wanted to shriek yes as his kiss deepened, feeding and fuelling the hunger that had her so desperate.

He lifted his head away with a jerk, his breathing ragged, and he inhaled deeply through his nose. Damn.

She knew he was going to make her slow down.

Grinning at her, he loosened his hard grip on her hips and slid fingers around her back, finding the zip secreted to the side. He tugged it down; she lowered her arms to let the straps fall.

Quickly, with a soft slither, the fabric slipped to the floor. His gaze followed the dress down. He was silent for a moment, his grin deepening. Then he stretched out a long, lone finger and ran it along the fine band of her black panties.


‘Very thin, very sheer.’ She held her tummy firm, trying to stop the shiver as his finger slid slowly from one side to the other.

‘But still there.’

She nodded. ‘Always.’

His grunt of laughter held a touch of mockery. ‘Not so wild, princess?’

How little he knew. ‘Too wild for you.’ She pushed, taking him by surprise, and he stepped back, the bed butting behind his knees. She pushed again. He was ready that time but let her get away with it anyway, falling backwards and, with a bounce and a laugh, landed on his back.

‘Well, then, climb on top, beautiful.’

Liss was used to being told she was beautiful, but he did more than just tell her. He made her believe it, simply by the look in his eyes—the almost painful passion in them.

She slipped her fingers beneath the thin panties and pulled them down with a shimmy and a wiggle.

Stepping out of them, she twirled them on her finger before flinging them away. Propped up on his elbows, he watched her little stripper moment with humour that was underpinned by tense hunger.

She intended for him to become even more tense.

She got onto the bed on her knees and crawled her way up his body, keeping her torso lifted away from his.

He could look but they weren’t touching—not yet, not until she was positioned above the prize. Halfway up his body she settled on it. That magnificent, straining, hard ridge of him felt incredibly good through the slightly rough fabric of his trousers. When he was naked, it would feel even better, but right now it was fun just playing. Rubbing her hands over his golden, hair-sprinkled chest, she watched his want grow. This was what she wanted, to be straddling him, ready to take him. Her fingers worked the button on his trousers, wanting to feel him bare.

Instead of thrusting up to meet her as she expected, he suddenly scooted down the bed so it wasn’t his pelvis beneath her but his chest. Their eyes met and his were dancing with desire and delight. She figured hers reflected a little shock.

He wriggled, sliding an arm under her leg, and with a twist got a shoulder under too and then he slid further beneath her. So it wasn’t his chest she was astride, but his face.

Oh. My.

She froze, unable to decide what to do—move, not move.

His hands held her waist in place, taking the dilemma from her.

‘James!’ Heat scalded her as he turned his head and kissed the uppermost skin on her inner thigh, kissed again…and then…

She hadn’t expected anything quite so intimate, quite so soon. Stupid perhaps, considering what they were doing, but this was…this was…

‘What?’ he asked lazily, fingers taking up where his tongue had left off. ‘I thought you said you wanted to be on top.’ His words were muffled and as he spoke the warm air against her sensitive skin sent delicious chills everywhere.

‘I do, but this is…’ She paused for breath as his tongue started another exploration. ‘This is…’ Her eyes closed as his mouth closed over her most sensitive point and he sucked. ‘This is…just… really good.’

Incredibly intimate. Incredibly erotic.

Once more she twisted her fingers into his hair, literally hanging on to reality as he twisted fingers and tongue and lips into and around her.

Her whole body was hot and damp and breathing was difficult because even the air seemed fiery and it burnt her lungs. She screwed her eyes shut tighter as intense sensations closed in on her.

‘James,’ she muttered. Wanting the magic of release now, but wanting the moment to last for ever. Too good to last, too good to finish.

In answer he slid a hand up her stomach and beyond to find her breast, gently rubbing her nipple between forefinger and thumb. The burning breath shuddered out of her.

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