She leaned back against the door to close it. Then he noticed her expression. And his body tightened even more.

He’d seen that gleam once before—when she’d nearly-but-not-quite kissed him. He knew what it meant— that he was in trouble. And, oh, boy, he wanted to be. She turned and he heard the lock slide home. Then he heard a zip slide.

He barely noticed his pen slip from his fingers. Too busy noticing the way she moved. A tall glowing goddess had entered the room and seemed to promise to fulfil his every fantasy.

‘It’s afternoon tea time, James.’

‘Is it?’ Did the words make it from thought to audible?

The seductress stepped closer. ‘Fancy some?’

He cleared his throat and tried for casual. ‘Why not?’

Her amused glance told him she knew he was all knotted up. Somehow, she whisked the dress, despite its intricate straps, straight up over her head and off. Her bra and panties were pretty and pale and pink but with simple, sultry movements she had them off too and he had to admit he liked what was under them even more.

Her lithe, slim body was now completely nude except for wisps of shoes. He looked slowly back up from the floor—her long shapely legs, the cute neat arrow of hair between her legs, the narrow waist, the jut of her breasts and their large, hardened nipples, her long neck and long silky hair. But what turned him on most was the desire in her face, the melt in her dark chocolate eyes, the deliciously sinful smile. She was out for some fun. And he was only too happy to oblige.

She turned her back to him and bent over a small table, giving him the sublimely sexy view of her beautiful bare rounded bottom and the inviting crevasse between.

He was held fast by warring desires. Part of him ached to bury his face in her. To tickle, tease and taste her with his tongue until her hips writhed, her hands pulled at his hair and she screamed out his name.

The other part wanted to simply hold her close so he could push himself inside and pump hard and fast, over and over until she clamped tight around him, her hands clinging to his shoulders, and, yes, she screamed out his name.

Maybe he’d do both.

But right now he couldn’t move. She had that look in her eye and he had to sit back and wait to see exactly what she was going to do.

She stood up, gave him a saucy glance and he saw she’d retrieved a condom from the small drawer in the table. Have mercy.

The gentle sway of her hips as she walked towards him was riveting. She tore open the small packet as she moved. His trousers were painfully tight. He’d never felt the blood pump as much as it was now. Never felt so hard it was this painful.

‘What about foreplay?’

She put the condom on the desk. ‘That was it.’

He tried to breathe again but he found he couldn’t manage even that. Too hot. Too hard.

She pushed out his chair a little and spun it around to face her. She looked down and saw the bursting tent of his trousers. ‘In a little trouble, James?’

Her fingers stroked down his rigid body. It wasn’t soothing.

‘Just a little,’ he rasped.

She smothered a giggle as she undid the top button and then tried to slide the zip down. ‘Not little, James.

More like colossal.’

He muttered a swear word or ten and grasped the material each side of the button and hole in each hand and pulled them apart hard—the sound of the material ripping was incredibly satisfying. His cotton boxers were in the way too so he just ripped them as well.

Her eyes were wide and her pupils swollen and her smile just kept growing too. So did he.

He shifted his hips restlessly.

‘Sit still,’ she ordered.

Surprised, he looked up at her. Met the challenge in her eyes and felt his body winch even tighter, even harder.

She stepped close, reached out and began unbuttoning his shirt. As she leant forward to spread the halves back he pressed his mouth to her collarbone. Her smile was sublime as she stood back.

He gripped the arms of the chair as she rolled the condom down on him with those tormenting slow fingers.

Finally she knelt, jamming one knee either side of his hips in the narrow chair. Rising above him, she spread her legs to take him. And all he could do was watch and wait and feel—more turned on than he’d ever been. Again. By her.

She closed her eyes as she took just the tip of him in. He let out the gust of air he’d been holding on to. She was tight and he was big and he felt her stretch to take him inch by slow, incredible inch.

Her eyes flashed open and stared straight into his. ‘You feel good.’

Understatement. He felt fantastic.

And she slipped slowly up and down, rotating her hips around him, a sensuous, slow dance than was officially sending him crazy.

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