‘You’re not going until you’ve come,’ he muttered against her lips. ‘I want to see you come.’ He stepped forward, pressing more tightly against her. ‘I want to taste you when you come.’

Heat ricocheted round her body. That was what he wanted to do? Uh… sure. She was okay with that.

Her breathing quickened. Anticipation tautened her nerves. It was crazy that she had that much reaction to only a hint of dirty talk. But the promise he conveyed with just a look…

She snatched a couple of deep breaths. Such mesmerising sexual attraction was a little scary.

But she’d had a moment to think and, while she wanted this moment, she needed to keep things in perspective. She couldn’t—wouldn’t—forget her responsibilities.

She framed his face with her hands and looked into his eyes so she knew she had his attention. ‘Ten minutes, then I’ll leave.’

He swiftly turned his head and kissed her palm, before looking back into her face. Amusement danced in his eyes. ‘Ten minutes?’ He couldn’t hold back the laugh. ‘You’re kidding, right?’

‘No.’ She knew it wasn’t going to take half that time for her to come—not if he set his mind to it. ‘I have to get going,’ she explained.

‘Why? Who’s waiting for you?’

‘No one,’ she breathed, goosebumps feathering her skin at the lie. ‘I just… have to get back to the city…’

‘Tara will feed your cat… stay the night.’

Before she could answer he kissed her, sending her straight back into that sensual haze.

Every cell in her body tingled and sought movement, sought to get nearer to the source of that heat. Never had she felt this kind of attraction. Never had she taken this kind of pleasure in something as simple as touch.

‘I have to go.’ Breathless, she struggled to make him understand. To make herself stick to her own rule. ‘Ten minutes.’

He swept both hands down her back to cup her bottom. Holding her close, he thrust against her. Caught by surprise, she clutched his shoulders and rode the wave, almost coming on the spot.

His laugh was low and sexy and full of wicked promise. ‘Then I guess I have ten minutes to change your mind.’

He kept his hands in place and lifted her—too easily. He took a couple of steps and then set her onto the bonnet of the car, pushing her back so she lay down. Of their own accord her legs splayed wide, leaving space for him to fill. He took it. The metal against her back and butt was warm from the sun, but the real heat now leaned over her. Against her.

She couldn’t hold back the moan as she felt part of his weight on her. Maybe it was madness, but never had she been so lost to lust. Never had she craved contact in such a raw way. She couldn’t hold her hips from their instinctive arch towards him as he braced above her. Framed by that brilliant blue sky, he was truly the sexiest man she’d ever seen. And the way he was looking at her…

‘Ten minutes,’ he said softly.

Then there were no more words. There were kisses. And there were touches too. And thank goodness she was on her back and no longer having to stand, because she simply wouldn’t be able to—not when he was skimming his palm down the side of her waist like that—not when he was pressing kisses across her collarbones—not when his fingers were toying with the hem of her dress, teasing underneath it to stroke her thighs before skittering back down. And then starting again. Every time going higher beneath her skirt. Going lower towards her neckline. Kissing more skin… uncovering more of her body.

She arched again, seeking more, unable to stop her innate need to draw him closer. The heat was burning her inside out. She wanted everything.

Finally he returned to her mouth, kissing her deep and lush. Then he lifted his head. Bracing on his elbows, he caught her eyes and then rolled his hips—pressing his erection against her.

‘Stay the night.’

‘I can’t…’ She shuddered, almost devastated.

It had only been five minutes—tops. All she needed was another kiss, another touch, and she’d be there. That would do. That was all she wanted now—just to come. And for him to come. She wanted to feel him.

He kissed her again. Thrust against her again.

‘Stay the night. The whole damned night. With me.’

He didn’t give her the chance to deny him again. Instead he kissed her endlessly, making it impossible for her to answer anything. Making it impossible for her to think.

His hands resumed their playful skimming beneath her skirt—only this time they went higher, then higher still. He shifted slightly, easing the way he was pressed against her. And then she felt his fingers gently stroking at the edge of her panties. She gasped as he kissed her, then groaned as those skilful fingers breached the fabric barrier.

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