He moved, switching off the bath taps, then turned back to her. Another kiss, and a movement as he unclasped her bra.

‘Smooth…’ she murmured.

‘You haven’t seen anything yet,’ he drawled, then dropped to kneel at her feet. Carefully he removed one shoe, then the other.

‘You’re treating me like a princess,’ she said as he picked her up again.

‘That’s a bad thing?’ he teased, and lowered her into the water.

It lapped over her body, so warm and smelling so good, every bit as deep and luxurious as she’d imagined it would be. But how could she truly appreciate it when there was something else she wanted more?

He stood back, hands on hips, watching her.

‘You’re not going to join me?’ she asked, almost ready to pout.

The bath was plenty big enough for two. And if it wasn’t she could cope with going doubledecker. A thought which would have shocked her if she’d been able to think beyond this want. For someone not that experienced, she’d lost all inhibition quickly.

‘Not this time,’ he answered with a choked laugh. But he stepped forward and braced himself over the bath to look down at her. ‘Is it as good as you thought it’d be?’

‘I can’t concentrate on the view of the forest when you’re standing over me like that,’ she said. ‘And I’m in the mood to touch, not to look.’

She twisted her fist into the front of his shirt and pulled. Heard his laugh and then the splash as he half tumbled in. But the best thing was the slam of his body into hers.

She didn’t care if he was half drowning her. He was with her, and that was what she wanted.

‘Kiss me,’ she demanded. ‘And get naked.’

‘So finally we get to your list?’ he teased, kissing her.

‘It’s not a very long list,’ she admitted.

She loved the feel of her wet, naked body pressing against his. She’d no doubt ruined his suit, but she didn’t care.

Somehow his feet had found the floor again and he pulled away from her. ‘Not yet,’ he said.

‘You’re kidding?’

He knelt beside the bath, his fingers trailing in the water, making ripples around her. ‘Shall I help you with the soap?’

‘Oh…’ Anticipation trickled through her. ‘If you’d like.’

‘Oh…’ he echoed with a mocking inflection. ‘I’d like.’

He started with her shoulders, her back, but it wasn’t long before he sought out curves and secret spaces. It wasn’t long before she was hot and eager.

‘So responsive,’ he muttered, leaning further into the bath to press kisses to her wet skin, to delve deeper below the surface.

‘I’ve never… I don’t usually…’ She gulped for air.

‘Physical attraction happens,’ he soothed. ‘Plus, you make me laugh.’

‘I’ve discovered my life’s meaning,’ she drawled, to cover her embarrassment.

He chuckled. ‘Exactly. And I’ve discovered mine.’

‘What’s that?’

‘Making you hot. Making you want it so much you can’t speak.’

‘Making me want what?’

‘Me.’ His eyes glittered. ‘Just… me.’

And he proceeded to do it. With only fingers, mouth and his full attention he had her wanting so much she could no longer stay still. No longer even float.

The water lapped over the edge of the bath, soaking him. He laughed softly as she whispered to him, begging him not to stop, begging him to join her. Begging him to take her. But he didn’t. He just kept up the torture, wringing another orgasm from her.

She sank under the water to escape him for a second—to escape the intensity, to rally so she could fight back.

She might not be all that experienced, but she knew two-nil was not a good tally on the scoresheet. It was time to even things up a bit.

‘I really think it’s time you got naked,’ she breathed.

Though he did the wet shirt look really, really well.

‘In time.’

‘No.’ She stood up in the bath and stepped out of it with as much dignity as she could muster. ‘Now.’

She walked out of the bathroom without a backward glance. But her heart was beating crazily, and she was hoping that he’d let her take the lead this once and follow her.

She walked into the bedroom. That huge bed was magnificent.

She couldn’t believe she was in such a place, with such a man.

Pure fantasy.

She suddenly froze and whirled to face him. ‘Shouldn’t you be staying back in Melbourne tonight? At the Raeburn?’

He nodded, smiling wryly. ‘I was booked to stay here tomorrow night.’

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