There would be only this. Nothing beyond. No repercussions. Only the decadence of now. And there was no room to dwell on anything but the sheer perfection of pleasure.

The mattress was depressed slightly as he knelt over her. She shimmied down, reaching out with her arms. There was only this simplicity now. Only this connection. The glorious freedom to touch—to taste. To take her pleasure in him.

And she did. Sweeping her widespread hands over his skin, drawing him closer, kissing every available part of him. Until he growled and rolled, pinning her. Placing her just were he wanted.

Where she wanted.

She gasped as he entered her with a fierce, sudden thrust. Closing her eyes to absorb the ferocity of the pleasure engulfing her, she moaned. Breathless, uncontrollable moans of overwhelmed delight.

‘Tight…’ He too sucked in a breath. ‘You okay?’

Oh… She couldn’t think enough to answer him… could only feel. And it felt so good.


The edge to his tone penetrated her sensual fog.

‘It’s been a while…’ She couldn’t bear to meet his eyes. It had been so long. And in truth there’d only been the once, with the one man. And it hadn’t been very good. She’d never lost herself like this. She stilled, embarrassed. ‘Sorry.’

‘Don’t be sorry.’ He half groaned, his breath hissing between his clenched teeth. ‘You sure I’m not hurting you?’

‘No… So good…’ She muttered half-sentences in reassurance. ‘Feel fantastic…’

She shifted her hips—only a tiny amount, because she was so full and he was so heavy. But she ached for him to move.

‘Look at me,’ he growled.

She opened her eyes, looked into his eyes. So close. So handsome.

He was braced on his elbows, taking a long look right back at her. Right into eyes. As if he could see into her aching soul. ‘Stephanie.’

Now she liked it that he called her by her full name. That he didn’t see her as Steffi Leigh.

‘Please…’ She bit her lip as a tremor of sensation took her by surprise. ‘Don’t hold back.’

Still he hesitated.

‘I want everything,’ she assured him. Then begged, ‘Please.’

‘I’ll do anything if you ask me like that,’ he groaned.

He kissed her. She sank into it as soon as his lips caressed hers.

He slid his hands beneath her, drawing her closer. She widened her legs, wrapping one around him, curling her arms around him too, so they were in the ultimate lovers’ embrace.

Finally he moved, rocking deep into her. On pure instinct she met him stroke for stroke. There was a need she recognised in him that called to something within her. A desperate need for solace in sex.

To run away? To escape?

Yes, please.

‘More.’ She clutched his shoulders, moaning as she writhed beneath him as best she could, fighting to get the faster friction she suddenly knew she needed. That she knew he needed.

She was so close to coming, and she wanted to, but she wanted to crest that wave with him this time.

And he was close too. She could feel it in his body, see it in his eyes.

It ought to be impossible to feel this in tune with him, to be sharing something so intimate with someone she barely knew. But this was something more than ‘just sex’. More than a mere ‘escape’. This was every bit as intense as she’d feared it would be. And it was fantastic.

‘Please…’ She arched her back. ‘Oh, please.’

‘So hot…’ he muttered.

She arched again, so close. Hating and yet loving the chuckle that came from him. ‘Jack…’

‘I’ll let you have it soon,’ he promised. ‘Soon…’


‘Soon,’ he growled.

But she knew she nearly had him now. His movements quickened, roughened, his skin was sweat-dampened. And the look in his eyes was all desperation.

‘I want to feel you.’ She squeezed him, locking him deep inside her, wrapping her arms more tightly about him so they were one.

He growled again, then thrust harder. Faster. Out of control and holding nothing back. He was lost to it now.

She threw her head back and let his passion overwhelm her. She heard his shout and victory shot through her. She closed her eyes and her body tightened on his for a split second longer before tumbling once more into that orgasmic abyss.

Long, long, long moments later she was still breathless, still unable to move, despite the fact that he’d lifted himself away from her.

‘Jack?’ She reached a hand out to find him.

‘I’m here.’ He sounded close. And he sounded amused.

She opened her eyes and found him lying on his side, watching her, warmth in his eyes.

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