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Everything inside me pulses, and a voice thunders in my ears, telling me to stomp over, drag her to the bed and sink as deep into her as is possible. To fill her with my cum, over and over, until she knows she is mine, now and forever.

Into eternity. As long as that may be.

“Aren’t you presumptuous,” she says. She runs her tongue over her bottom lip, her eyes lighting up, and I wonder how she keeps that blood-red lipstick on even through a shower. Her skin is flawless in the steamy light from the bathroom, and there is no doubt she is the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen.

“Maybe,” I agree. Before today, I would have never walked into a woman’s room without an invitation.

And even in the past, when the invitations have come, I never walked through. It never felt right. I know most men wouldn’t understand, but for me the idea of sex without commitment, without any sort of connection, just never appealed.

But walking through this door on this night, with or without an invitation, is completely right. She may not understand it yet, but I’m committed to her. Absolutely and completely.

Her lips part just slightly, and she tilts her head to regard me for a long moment as I step forward, closing half the space between us as the light behind her creates a glow around her nearly naked body.

I clench my jaw until it pops, trying to restrain myself from rushing to her and licking the droplets of water from her skin, knowing it would barely begin to quench the thirst she’s awakened inside of me.

Her blue eyes widen as they drop down my body, as though she can see the effect she’s having on my dick. A sly grin curves her lips, and I wonder if my fly is down and my damn cock is in full view.

I see something else in her eyes, too, not shock as I would have expected but a knowing. A wisdom that exceeds her age. The connection I feel to her only grows with each beat of my heart.

Her skin is so pale, so flawless, it’s as though she’s a painting, not human flesh and bone. Her cheeks flush dark pink, and I see the fingers on her hand tremble slightly as she pushes her wet hair from one cheek and takes a step back, shaking her head. It’s as if a battle is raging within her.

There’s a rumble in my chest, the same one that’s been near constant since I first set my eyes on her that night, and she meets my eyes.

Her smile grows, as though she’s heard the nearly inaudible sound coming from me, and I wonder if she feels as connected to me as I do to her because she seems to be able to sense what’s happening with me even before I do.

“What is it you want?” Her teeth nip her bottom lip, her gaze flicking down my body.

I hesitate, trying to remember why I came here in the first place, trying to remain civilized. “Something happened.” I jerk my head toward the window. “Outside the front door. Strange. I wanted to check on you.”

“So, you thought you’d barge in uninvited? There’s this thing called knocking.”

“I thought you might be in danger.”

“What a hero, breaking into a woman’s bedroom while she’s in the shower.”

Her words are disapproving, but there’s a spark in those ice-blue eyes. Without warning, I get a vision of her dropping the towel and giving me a different sort of invitation to enter.

“Not a hero.” I struggle to keep my voice even, the way she’s looking at me nearly pushing me over the edge. “But what I am is thorough. I agreed to protect you. I intend to do that, whether or not it makes you uncomfortable.”

Her breathing quickens, her chest rising and falling as my cock turns to steel between my legs. When she steps forward, closing the space between us, her gaze traces down to the floor, then back up, before locking eyes with me.

“Who said I’m uncomfortable?” Her voice is tipped with the tease I see in her eyes, and for the first time in my life, I know I’m looking at the woman to whom I will give my all.

She’s innocent but seductive. A touch of vamp mixed with the sweet girl I see behind those blue eyes and both of them are driving me crazy.

The parts of me I’ve never allowed another to see. Or touch. The thing I didn’t know I was saving until this moment. My own virginity. Not that I ever thought of it as this precious gift to be saved, but now I’m sure I was saving my first time for her.

“Well, then, maybe I’ll have to try harder.” The words tumble out, as if they’re coming from someone else’s mouth, someone who knows how this dance is supposed to go.

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