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“Thank God,” he groans, licking my ear. “This spot here? It’s my new favorite thing in this world.”

I nod as he circles my clit, and things are twisting inside of me until I feel like I’m about to fly apart into a million pieces.

“That feels so good,” I stutter, needing him to know.

“You’ve never felt that before?” He rubs the sensitive nub over and over with his fingertip, his words dripping into my ear. “Never felt this…”

“Ah. God. Jesus…” I push my chest outward, my back arching as another finger pushes just inside me and the pad of a third presses down on the hardened spot I never want him to stop touching.

I want to say more, but the words stick in my throat, desperate for freedom.

“You like me touching you, don’t you? You know, I’ve been thinking about this until it’s nearly driven me mad. Wanting to touch you. Wanting to know what you sound like when you cum. You’re going to cum, aren’t you? For me. Only for me.”

“Yes,” I gasp, trying to ignore the buzzing in my ears as his lips trap mine in a deep kiss.

The feeling between my legs draws all of my attention, leaving me barely able to kiss him back as my hands fly around his neck, clutching because I know my legs are close to useless.

I try to focus on his face, and what I see there both thrills me and makes me sad.

As his fingers give me such pleasure, lighting a series of tingling fires over my skin, my nipples, everywhere…all I see in his face is pain.

“Are you okay?” I swallow, the words barely making it out.

“Yes,” he answers through gritted teeth. “I’ve never been so okay. It’s just…fuck, it’s hard. This is hard.”

“You mean you are hard,” I puff out, and he lets out a rough laugh.

“That I am. But that’s not what I want you to think about right now. I want you to tell me how good you feel. How good I’m making you feel. How your drenched pussy is going to have its first orgasm…for me. By me. With me. Tell me, Seleme, tell me, and you’ll make me so fucking happy.”

It never bothered me before, that so many of the things humans find valuable and exciting did nothing for me. Including sex. I’m half human, but so many human characteristics seemed to pass me by. But now, it’s as though I’ve been sitting in the dark for my whole life, and someone just opened the door to the brightest, most magical wonderland, and I want to run and play and ride every ride.

His dark eyes crawl over me, waiting for my reply, and through the shaking and the lack of bloodflow to my brain, I give him what he wants. What he needs. Because I want to be the one that does that for him, as he does it for me.

“It feels so good. You feel so good.” The pressure builds with each word as Maxim’s finger pushes deeper inside of me, a flash of pain quickly being replaced by a rush of new pleasure when he finds some other magical spot inside me. “God, yes. I’m going to cum. For you.” I take a deep breath. “By you.” A gasp, then a shudder, and a moment later I’m coming apart. “With you.”

“Seleme. Fuck, yes.” His choked words hit me as my orgasm crashes over me.

My legs shake and give way. A dam breaks inside of me, and liquid desire gushes from my sex into his hand, dripping down my naked thighs as I hear his breathing turn ragged and curse words flow from his mouth in pained grunts.

I know he wants me. He wants to be inside me. And that thought only swells the pleasure as I clench around his fingers with another wave of ecstasy. His forehead comes to rest against mine, and in that moment I feel his pain.

His suffering.

“What do you want?” I breathe as soon as I can form words. “I want you, too.”

“Not yet.”

“Why not?” I snap. “What’s wrong with me?” My insecurity blossoms, sharpened by the fact that for a moment he made me feel I wasn’t so different after all. That I wasn’t some aberration, some freak, not fitting in either of my worlds.

His dark eyes go wide. “Why would you ask what’s wrong with you?” He shakes his head. “There’s not one fucking thing wrong with you. You’re perfect.”

All the years I spent avoiding contact and connection to any other living being compress around me, and I realize how much life I missed out on. Whatever this is that Maxim has unleashed, I want it all. I don’t want to keep waiting, to keep everything under control so no one will know who or what I really am. A girl trying to fit into two worlds when she knows she truly fits into neither.

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