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“Seleme.” I can’t get enough of her; even her name feels so right on my lips. “Look at me.”

I reach up and brush the damp hair from her face as her eyes drift to mine. Clasping my hands to her thighs, I push myself up between her legs, leaning forward to place my lips against hers as I brush my throbbing cock up and down through her soaking folds.

The beat of a question in her eyes lasts only a fraction of a moment before the desire overtakes any doubt.

“I need you,” I growl. “I need us.”

“I know,” she whispers, inching her hips down to the edge of the sofa as the tip of my dick teases at her entrance.

I crush my lips to hers and clutch her hips in my hands. In one fluid motion, I pull her on top of me, spinning us around to seat myself in the center of the red velvet and looking up into those blue eyes. All I see within their depths is her trust, her willingness to follow me wherever this leads, and I’m flooded with thoughts I’ve never had before, never even dreamed.

“I’m going to be inside you, Seleme. I’m not going to put anything between us, either. I can’t bear the thought. Your pussy is going to suck the cum out of me, and whatever happens, happens.”

There’s a note of question in her eyes as I line up my cock with her heat, and she leans down to press her lips to mine. As our kiss deepens, she lowers her hips, and my cock is already on the edge of exploding.

Then there’s a loud knock at the door.

“Seleme.” Her father’s voice booms through the heavy wood, the only barrier separating him from his naked daughter, ready to lose her virginity to the very man he just hired to protect her. “I know you are in there. With him.”

Before we can move, the door swings open and I see the fury in his eyes.



“HEY.” DIMITRI COMES into the office at my place, holding a scotch on the rocks out to me. I shake my head, but he blows out a long breath and shakes the glass in front of me, making the ice clink against the sides. “Take it, asshole, or I’m going to feel guilty for drinking your liquor on my own. And don’t think I won’t, because this is a fucking hobby for me and I’m jealous right now. Did you even know that cellar was down there? I need a drink, you need a drink, and we’re going to take advantage of Castori’s generosity in giving you this house. And you’re going to watch Bride of Dracula or something. Take your mind off it. If you don’t relax, you’re going to have a heart attack. You also have to sleep sometime, you know.”

He stopped by today to check on me because I haven’t answered any of his texts or calls in the four days since that night. We’d been tossing around some business ideas since I got out and I know he’s trying to help but right now, I can’t concentrate on anything but her.

“Just tell me again what he said. Exactly what he said.” I’m wearing a rut in the floor where I’ve paced back and forth like a caged animal in front of the window.

Grudgingly, I take the glass and bring the amber liquid to my lips, taking a long draw but tasting nothing.

Nothing except Seleme.

Fuck. I fucked up hard.

I pushed her. It was too much too soon.

Now she’s gone. Her father came through the door like a Spanish bull, ready to kill me.

I tried to calm him.

To explain.

But the fury in his eyes was matched by the fury in his fists. Seleme jumped off of me as I shielded her from whatever her father was bringing, pushing her behind me and holding him off by putting my jaw in the line of his fist.

It only took one hit, but that was enough to make me see stars. Saying he must eat his Wheaties every morning is an understatement. He’s fucking Popeye, eating twenty cans of steroid-infused spinach.

I thought he separated my head from my neck, but when Seleme screamed and told him to stop, by some miracle he did. Because I didn’t want to hit him, but I would have. I would have fought him, even if it killed me, to protect her.

Instead, I raised my hands in a gesture of surrender as Seleme put herself between us and then left when she asked me to. I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay as long as it took for me to explain to him it was more than sex.

I wanted him to somehow understand the truth of the situation. But how was I going to get him to understand what I felt?

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