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Her hand comes down between us, and she moans against my lips as her fingers wrap around my hard cock, squeezing, stroking, and a few drops of cum seep out into her hand.

“God, Maxim…” She whimpers as we break our kiss, breathless.

I drop my hand to her fresh, hot pussy, kneading her soft lips, making sure she’s ready for me. Rocking back on my knees, I look down at the pink slit, dewy with her need, and I want to kiss it, want to explore it again with my lips and my tongue. The thoughts roll inside my head, but one comes up stronger than the others: I need to be inside her more than I need to breathe.

It’s a delicious torture, staring at her naked body, at her sweet tits with those tight nipples that call for my mouth. But it’s her cunt that is screaming for me, and there is no more restraint left.

I grip the base of my cock in my hand, climbing between her legs and spreading her wide before I lower myself, guiding the throbbing head of my dick to her blossoming heat.


As my name falls from her lips, I sink an inch inside her, listening to her painful gasp as I enter, but as much as I want to go slow, it’s impossible to exercise that much control.

She’s so tight it makes me grit my teeth as I drive myself forward, pumping my hips once, twice, three times as I break through the tight barrier and into her silky warmth.

My head is buzzing as relief swims through me. I’m only halfway inside her, but her fingernails score the flesh of my shoulders, letting me know the pleasure I feel right now is countered by her pain, and I moan as she clings to me, holding myself steady, giving her a moment to adjust.

“I’m sorry,” I manage, shaking as the opening of her cunt squeezes me so tight I can barely breathe.

“I’m…not,” she gasps, mewling, the insane tightness of her walls bringing my swollen balls close to spilling their seed.

Knowing I’m the only one that will ever have this with her turns my grimace to a devious smile, and a gush of fresh warmth flows down my cock, easing my way as I retreat an inch only to buck forward, pumping more of me inside her, relentlessly opening her to what is about to happen.

She loosens up as I work in and out, her own liquid pleasure slicking my path as our bodies move and flow together. Her hard nipples rasp against my chest, the painful twist in her lips giving way to a ravenous kiss as I start to test how deep I can go inside her tiny body.

“God, you feel so good,” I choke out. “It’s mine forever. You’re mine forever.”

I bring my face down to suck a hard, pink nipple into my mouth as her hips rise up and take more of me. Riding her harder and harder still, I devour one side then the other as her hands move to my lower back, pulling me deeper until I’m buried to the balls, exploring every inch of her with my cock and knowing very soon, it will be my cum that seeks out the parts my dick can’t reach, binding her to me for all time.

The sensation is beyond anything I could have imagined. Her virgin walls taking my virgin cock has me on the edge of blacking out, it feels so fucking good. Warm, soft, wet…but those are just the physical sensations.

It’s what I’m feeling in other places. My heart. My soul. I’m giving them to her right now. They are no longer mine.

She was made for me, and I for her, and not a day will pass from now until eternity that I won’t be coating her, either inside or out, with my cum.

Her face shows she’s still struggling to accommodate all of what I’m giving her, but I know soon enough she will feel as good as I do.

“It hurts. It’s so big.” She groans the words, but her body betrays her, hips lurching upward as I draw back against the vise of her opening, still insanely tight, and I know it will take time before I can slide into her without discomfort.

But as I break her in, she softens, and we move with each other, her eyes filling with lust as her lips start to beg me for relief, matching my own need like a constricting band around my chest.

I pump faster, faster, until she’s screaming my name and swearing like a drunken sailor, her hands pulling my ass forward as her head thrashes on the pillow, twisting impossibly, whipping back and forth. A second later, her walls pulse around my swollen cock and she arches upward, her ankles locking below my ass as she cums, her walls pulsing, trying to suck out the seed that is ready to spill into her.

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