“That’s right,” I hedge. “I forgot.”

“No, you didn’t. You’ve bullied me into being comfortable here.”

I swoop in and capture her mouth in a hard kiss, smiling against her lips when she moans, giving me a slow wiggle. “Guilty.”

She runs her hands up my chest and starts to remove my tie. “Two window treatment designers—both named Lenore—”


“Hand to God. They came yesterday and annoyed me with a bunch of questions.”

“Like what?”

“They asked me about my aesthetic.” She sighs. “They didn’t find North Pole Chic acceptable.”

“We better get these damn curtains closed, Addison,” I growl. “You’re standing there being cute and pouting and shaking. A thousand things at once and they all make me need to get inside you more. To fuck.”

Her eyelids flutter and close, pink climbing her cheeks. “Bossy man.”

With a concerted effort, I peel myself away from her perfect curves. After one final, teasing meeting of tongues, we move to opposite sides of the room, throwing heavy cream curtains over the windows, careful not to leave even a sliver of glass visible. When I’ve closed the final curtain, I turn around to find Addison stripping her dress off in the middle of the foyer. At some point, she turned on a soft lamp and it glows behind her, the light playing on her hips and thighs as the dress comes off. The sandals are kicked off next, her bra unsnapped and tossed toward the staircase. And she’s left in nothing but a barely-there black pair of panties.

She crooks her finger at me and I just go, shedding my jacket along the way, hastily pushing the buttons of my dress shirt through their holes. I’ve only managed about half the row when I reach her, but they’re forgotten when she climbs me, the sexy, goddamn siren. One second she’s standing, the next she’s got her legs hitched around me hips, her mouth open on mine. “Not complaining. At all,” I grind out, taking hold of her ass cheeks. “But I’m going to need more time to look at you standing around in your unmentionables.”

“Pervert.” She uses her thigh muscles to climb higher, dragging her hot pussy over my cock and a strangled curse leaves me. “I have a nice little treat for you, Captain,” she murmurs at my mouth. “Find somewhere you can lie back and unzip your pants.”

Whatever I say in response isn’t even English. It’s a combination of thank you and what? And her name, too, possibly. Blood is pounding in my ears and the pressure behind my zipper is so uncomfortable, it hurts to walk. But I do it anyway, obviously, leaving the foyer and entering a front room that—thank Christ—has been furnished. I drop down on a chaise lounge, gritting my teeth when gravity presses Addison down on my erection, her thighs tight around my waist. Not just Addison, though. Enthusiastic kisser, naked except for her panties Addison, for the love of everything holy. She’s even more unrestrained than I remember, whimpering and fucking me through my pants.

“You want your treat now?” she asks, discarding my tie and unbuttoning the rest of my shirt, slowly. “I really want to give it to you.”

“Sugar.” I dive in for a taste of her neck. “I want anything you have to give me.”

Finished with the row of buttons, she pushes my shirt open. Time passes in a thick beat—tick, tick—before she scrapes her nails down my chest. Hard. Right over my nipples. Pleasure and pain go nuclear in my middle, my cock swelling beneath her. “Jesus. Jesus Christ.”

“I’m sorry, Captain. Did that hurt?” Addison slides off my lap and lands between my thighs, her fingers wasting no time wrestling with my belt buckle, my zipper and finally my briefs, freeing me from the waistband. “I promise I’ll make up for it,” she purrs, wrapping her lips around my cock and sucking deep. Deep, long and hard, her tongue flickering at my head when she reaches the top.

“Yes, Addison,” I groan, my hands shooting to her hair, getting lost. There’s no description for what she does to me. The slow, rough way she runs her thumb up the underside of my dick, up and back, like a hypnotist. I’m caught between marveling over the fact that she clearly loves giving me head and hell, just savoring the experience. In the end, the former heightens the latter until I’m falling back on my elbows to let her work. Goddamn. She strokes me with both hands, twisting, wetting me with adoring licks until I’m so slippery and tight in her grip, it already feels like I’m inside her pussy. My hips pump off the lounge, desperate grunts grinding free of my mouth. My cock has never been so thick or hard and it’s all about her worshipping it, her eyes squeezed shut, her cheeks hollow with the effort to clean me out.

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