My hand scrubs down my stomach, because there’s only one thing that can make this better, but Addison beats me there. She hums, taking me deep into the vibration of her throat…and she does it. She cups my balls, weighing them in her palm and I hold my breath, the air rushing from my lungs when she begins a tight massage.

I don’t recognize the groan that comes out of me. It’s from inside a cave or deep in the forest and I have no control over it. “That’s what I need, sugar. Ah God. You’re making me need to fuck so bad. Shit.” She gives my balls a long squeeze and my thighs shoot wider. “Feel how heavy? That’s my treat for you. I’m going to pound everything inside me into your pussy soon as you’re done sucking.”

The man who says these things to a woman isn’t me. It’s a version of me that only comes out to play with Addison. Would I ever have known he was inside me if I hadn’t met her? Coming apart and being put together at the same time—that’s what this is. Look at what such filth does to her, her thighs pressed together, her sweet little tits jiggling as she sucks my cock, struggling her way to the base. My God, I’ve never wanted this badly. Needed to lick every inch of Addison, sweat and all. I want to absorb her.

“I’m losing my mind, Addison.” I wrap her hair around my fists and lift her head away from my lap. “This is what it’s like to have a man obsessed with you. Do you like it?”



Message received loud and clear.

If this mansion is a-rocking, don’t come a-knocking.


He’s obsessed with my body. Just my body and the magic it makes with his.

And I can give him that magic. I can rule him for right now.

“No. I don’t like having you obsessed,” I rasp, using his thighs for balance to stand. “I love it.”

Elijah sits up and reaches for me, but I shake my head. Watching him wipe sweat from his forehead and upper lip with satisfaction, I peel my panties down to my ankles. Nice and slow. With a harsh sound, he once again reaches for me, but I use all my strength to push him backward on the lounge. He could easily turn the tables and manhandle me, but he’s too excited to see what I’ll do next, that big chest shuddering with anticipation. That thick trunk of flesh—still shiny from my mouth—lies rigid on his abdomen, veins running in every direction and bisecting. Pulsing. Needing relief.

My lust being given unlimited power sends a thrilling shudder down my spine.

I love this man.

There’s no sense in tiptoeing around something so rooted in fact. Buried so deep in the soil of my being. Despite the love that has been growing since day one, though, he makes me suffer. I want to praise him and torture him at the same time.

I’ve been holding back since the beginning when it comes to this man. But I don’t have to right now. Not with my body and touch—and the freedom is staggering. Yes, praise and torture are exactly what I’m going to give him.

I drop forward, catching myself on the edges of the lounge, crawling up Elijah’s big body until I’m straddling his hips. “What was it you said, Captain?” I tease him with an almost-kiss, leaving him groaning as I drag my tongue across the breadth of his chest. My teeth catch a nipple and tug, jerking his hips off the lounge. “That you’re going to ‘pound me’?”

My tone is a cross between sex line operator and baby talk. There’s no doubt that he loves the way I pout my way through the question while rubbing our naked bodies together. His neck muscles are strained, eyes unfocused. “Yes. God, yes. I just want to pound you.”

I let my wet flesh settle lightly on top of his erection…and I skim up and back…touching him just enough to make him choke. “But what if I pound you first?”

With a growl, he reaches down and begins to stroke himself—fast and hard—so that his knuckles graze my clit again and again until I let loose a sob. “You keep pouting those lips at me,” Elijah warns, “I’m going to wrap them around my cock again.”

His threat makes me shake. Shake. Do it, I almost cry out. But having this man at my mercy is too intoxicating. I’m not giving it up so easily. I take his wrist and pull his hand away from where it pleasures his flesh, pinning it down to the left of his head. I do the same with his right and watch his eyes go molten at my breasts swaying so close to his panting mouth. What I do next is nothing short of hedonism. A giving in to the needs of the body. I slide and grind on his hard inches until his flesh pushes apart my feminine lips. And I rub myself from root to tip with a shameless moan.