“One pump is all I need,” he grinds out, sweat dappling his forehead. “Just one pump after watching you come.”

It’s more like two and a half, but they’re the most savage thrusts my body has ever experienced. Elijah shoves inside me with a possessive shout, then fucks me a full foot up the bed, bracing his hand on the headboard just in time to keep me from getting a concussion. I think I’m prepared for the next one, but it’s delivered with his full weight on top of me, my knees pinned up near my shoulders—and I’m not prepared, not prepared. An orgasm catches me off guard, thanks to his heavy hips grinding down on my sensitive clit and I scream his name, burying my fingernails in his glorious ass. I’m still spasming when his hips hitch mid-pump and he curses low and long in my ear, his giant frame stiffening, heat flooding me in heavy spurts.

“Goddamn,” he rasps into my neck, his body still tense, the climax still holding him in its grip. “Little sugar pussy is too tight for its own good. Jesus, it was so sweet for my mouth.”

“You own it, baby,” I whisper in his ear and feel him stiffen again, listen to him groan through an aftershock of pleasure. “All for you.”

“Addison.” His mouth moves in my hair. “Mine.”

I close my eyes and nod, knowing it’s the absolute truth.

I’m his. Even if these dangerous new hopes are unfounded and he can’t really be mine. I’ll be in love with Elijah Montgomery Du Pont until I take my final breath on this Earth.



Snag Getaway Girl’s Flirty Nighttime Look!


A look back at the Du Pont/Clemons courtship:

A far more dignified time.

—Southern Insider

I’m two hours late. But I just made Addison come so hard I’m going to have permanent scars on my ass, so I honestly don’t give a good goddamn. As expected, there are news vans parked outside City Hall, lying in wait to ask me all manner of personal questions. I knew this was going to happen when I left the bar with Addison last night. Not to mention I’ve got nine voicemails from my father and various news outlets—and still I would leave with her all over again.

I take the final swig from my coffee mug I nabbed on the way out the door and take a few moments to collect myself. If I get out of the truck right now, I’m going to be the poster child for getting laid, because I cannot wipe the damn grin off my face.

Okay. Deep breath. You retired a captain in the United States Army. You are the mayor-elect of a major metropolitan city. Not some knucklehead college student who got lucky.

Grin is still there.

Who could blame me? This morning was a victory. I recognized a relationship problem, I solved it and I left my girlfriend in a messy-haired stupor. I’ve never seen her smile at me the way she did when I finally climbed out of bed. It was something akin to…cautious optimism, but that definitely can’t be it, right? I destroyed a perfectly decent bed just so I have a shot of waking up beside her. I’m cooking her dinner tonight. She’s met my parents. I can’t keep my hands or my mind off of her. We’re living together.

She has to know I’m dedicated.

Ignoring the weird cinch in my side, I nod once. Yeah. She definitely knows.

I check the rearview mirror and find the grin is still intact. There’s no way to shake it, is there? I’m going to have to brave the frenzy looking like I just went for broke pleasuring an incredible woman. Because that’s exactly what happened. I’ve always tried to be a giver during sex in the past, but there were unspoken rules put in place without discussion. Boundaries created in the name of respect that I had no trouble following because the women I was with before…they never inspired this kind of unmitigated lust. I want to do all manner of filthy activities with Addison. Now. Yesterday. And we don’t need to have quiet sex with the lights off in order for me to still respect the hell out of her.

Oh yeah. The gentlemanly restraints are coming off. If I never found Addison, I wouldn’t have known how good it felt to lose them. With her. Only with her. I’m aching to take her from behind. It’s a position that has always turned me on the most to think about, but I’ve never even suggested it in the bedroom. Maybe it was intuition that it would be met with reluctance or my manners guiding me, but I have no such worries with Addison. She probably has things she wants to do to me, too, and damn. I’m ready, willing and able to participate.

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