What if the press becomes too much and she leaves me?

Panic hits me in the jugular. “Do you want to lay low for a while, until they move on to someone else?” I trace her cheekbone with my thumb. “You don’t have to come to the inauguration on Saturday. I can come home to you afterward.”

Down the hall, I hear the tick-tick-ticking of the grandfather clock as silence passes between us. “Yeah, maybe that’s for the best.”

“Okay.” I drop kisses on her cheeks, eyelids, nose. “Okay, we’re fine. We’re fine?”

“Of course we are.”

I only catch a glimpse of her troubled eyes, before she trails a hand down my belly and wraps a fist around my stiff cock. “Fuck,” I groan, pushing my hips into her touch. “I need you so damn bad.” Her tongue strokes into my mouth the same time her fist pumps my flesh. Hard. Tight. I almost erupt and spill all over her hand, but manage to keep myself contained. Barely.

“You worked so hard today, baby,” She jacks me off faster, biting my bottom lip between her teeth and tugging. Then she hits me with that voice—pouty seductress—and it turns my dick to sweating steel. “I can think of a nice, wet place for you to let go of all that stress. Would you like that?”

Yes. God, yes. A warning tugs at me, though. Too easy. Something about how we transitioned to sex after our conversation is too effortless, but she’s mewling against my lips, her outer knee sliding up and down my thigh like an invitation. I’m physically incapable of turning it down. Actions not words, right? Didn’t I decide earlier today that I could prove my devotion to Addison with actions?

I roll her over and meld our mouths together. She realizes about halfway through the kiss that I mean business. This isn’t sex. It’s a fucking claiming. Her surprised moan makes my head spin, her hesitant hands on my back make my heart pound. By the time I drag my mouth away, she’s pink faced and shaking. Looking at me like we just met.

“Show we where your man puts his stress.”

Her lids fall to half-mast as she spreads her thighs, revealing that gorgeous pink pussy slit. “Do you need to be rough with me tonight, Captain?”

“Yes,” I growl, reaching between us to guide myself to her opening, dragging the head over her clit a few times before working it inside. We both seem to be holding our breath as I thrust deep, her hoarse cry of my name giving me savage satisfaction. Almost. Almost…because there’s something desperate there, too, I can’t name. “Addison,” I breathe into her mouth. “It’s just us. Don’t let anything else matter.”

“B-but there’s so many other things that do,” she whispers, breaking off on a sob when I attack her neck, using my tongue and teeth to exploit her sensitive skin, rolling, rolling my hips and taking her smaller body with me on a ride each time. “Elijah.”

“Addison.” I cage her head with my forearms and press our brows together. “Be here with me. Feel what you do to me. Believe it.”

She nods. She nods, squeezes her eyes closed and kisses me, her body shaking with the force of my drives, one after the other, honey-drenched slaps filling the room and accelerating, our bodies straining and twisting. Her fingernails dig into the flesh of my ass, her palms molding me in that savoring way of hers, a groan kindling in her throat. “God, the things I want to do to this butt. I spend way too much time plotting how to get my hands on it.”

Jesus. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be grateful for my ass one day. But I am. Ever since Addison started biting her lip and checking it out, usually when I’m wearing sweatpants, I’ve stopped untucking my shirt or trying to hide it from cameras. Let them look. My woman is a fiend for it. “Your hands are on it right now. What do you want?”

Excitement lights up her eyes. “Turn over for me?”

“Fuck, I take it back. I didn’t know I’d have to pull out of you.” I punch deep and moan. “This pussy is so hot and tight around me, sugar.”

Her index finger slides down the crease of my ass, putting pressure on my back entrance and I suck in a breath. “Please, Elijah?”

Lord almighty. She hasn’t put her finger there since the first time. Sex between us is so damn mind-blowing, I haven’t had the chance to want her to do it again. Right now, though, with her pressing down tight and the memory of losing control of my own body rifling through my head, I can admit…to wanting it. Needing her to occupy me that way.

It hurts. Bad. But I slide my cock out of Addison’s incredibly wet pussy and let her crawl on top of me, her thighs straddling mine. I was already so close to coming, I have no recourse but to pump my hips against the bed, my hips moving faster when Addison’s hands glide over my cheeks, her thumbs pressing into the fleshiest part of me. “Mine?”

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