Page 109 of Runaway Girl (Girl 2)

Her mouth forms the word no, pain coloring her expression. “And you still came.”

“I couldn’t be the only one who knew we were forever, Naomi. You had to know it, too. I had to believe that or I would have broken.”

“I’m sorry,” she murmurs against my lips. “I’m yours, Jason. I could never be anyone but yours. Take me somewhere so I can show you.”

I carry Naomi into the empty office, locking the door behind me—and I send a silent thank you, bro, to Elijah even though it hurts. I’m searching for somewhere to put down the love of my life, but she surprises me by wiggling out of my hold, taking me by the lapels of my jacket and throwing me into a wooden chair. Okay, fine, I let myself be thrown, but I’m not going to tell her that. I’m too busy enjoying the slide of her thighs on mine and she straddles me, her fingers busy down below on the fly of my pants.

“Did you wear this uniform to drive me crazy?” The rasp of my lowering zipper sounds like an extension of her seductive voice. “You look so…so s-sexy. Why haven’t I seen you like this?”

“Don’t worry, baby.” I groan as she wraps my cock in a fist, stroking light twice, then hard, hard, hard. “You sure as hell will now that I know how much you like it.”

“Love it.” My balls press high, tight when she slides off my thighs, and just like that, I have a goddess kneeling between my legs. My goddess.

“No. No, baby, baby. No.” Ignoring me, she licks the tip of my cock, then throats it with a savoring whimper that shakes me head to toe. “Fuck.” The sides of the chair creak where I hold on for dear life. “I love your mouth. God knows I love it, but I haven’t touched you in a month. I’ve been miserable needing you. I can’t handle this. Up. Come up here. Please.”

Naomi must have missed me, too, because she can’t stop sucking me. I plant my heels hard on the ground, demanding my hips to stop rolling toward her mouth, but I can’t help it. She’s relentless perfection, sinking me deep again and again, jacking me off in a tight hand.

“I’m going to come,” I growl. “Stop.” Of course, when she does let my dick go with a pop of her sweet lips, I want to cry. But then I don’t, because she’s climbing onto my lap, her incredible tits jiggling in the neckline of her dress. “Goddamn. I need you, baby. I’ve been hurting like hell.”

“I need you, too, need you, Jason,” she babbles in that Southern girl accent I missed so much, her eyes glazed with hunger. “I’m so wet.”

Desperate to feel the evidence of that claim, I gather the material of her dress as fast as possible in my hands. “Condom in my pocket. Condom.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m two weeks late.”

My pulse clamors to a halt. “What?”

Naomi’s eyes clear in a split second and she smacks a palm over her mouth. “Oh my God. I didn’t realize until now, but…I’m two weeks late, Jason.”

I haven’t gotten this far. Kids. How could they have entered the equation when I poured all my hope and energy into just getting Naomi back? Surviving one day to the next? There’s no mistaking the absolute joy that assails me now, though. It’s nothing like I’ve ever experienced, my face inches away from the astonished woman I love with my whole soul. “A baby.” My voice is hoarse. “You’re pregnant with my baby.”

Her hand falls away. “That night in the driveway…” Watching her lower lip tremble, I make a low sound. “I-I…was I trying to keep you with me somehow?”

My mind drifts back to that night. That moment when I sank into Naomi and that primal energy gripped me. That need to form an unbreakable bond. To keep her. “No. We were trying to keep each other. Trying to make sure we stayed connected.” I finish bunching the dress around her waist and rock her closer. I work my hard flesh inside of her, biting back groans while simultaneously kissing away her beautiful gasps. Trying to keep myself from exploding. It’s been so long. “We’re going to have a baby, Naomi. Holy shit. I love you.”

Her smile blooms against my mouth. “I love you, too.”

“I love our baby.”

“I love them, too. So much.”

A knife cuts through my happiness, the reality of the situation dropping on my head. “Jesus, beauty queen. I’m leaving. I won’t be here while you’re pregnant.” Dizziness lands hard, followed quickly by all out panic. “Naomi—”

“We’ll be fine.” She cuts me off with a kiss. Another. Another. “We’ll be fine. I’m the girl who can build and rule a kingdom, remember? You said so yourself.”