I meant what I said last night. I want to wake up beside Naomi, give her my cock before she’s rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Smear her scent on my body, my sheets, my mouth. Immortalize it. I want to stop resenting her adventure because it brings her closer and closer to leaving. I want to help her revel in it, whether this time together comes to an end or not.

Do I already feel myself preparing to rage against that ending?


Will my potential loss of that fight prevent me from giving in to this insanity?

No. Nothing will. I need her. I want to fucking drown in her.

I almost think it’s my imagination when her car turns the corner at the end of the block and slowly pulls to a stop along the sidewalk. Relief hits me first, a cool river that puts out the fires my concern started. Then this wild anticipation pounds inside me like fists on a drum. Want to see her. I’m craving the sight of her face. Her chin that’s somehow graceful and stubborn at the same time. That freckle perched on her cleavage. Those eyebrows that arch when I say something inappropriate. At least they used to. She’s grown accustomed to me.

That realization makes my chest heavy as Naomi steps out of the vehicle, her flip-flop dangling from her right foot a little before it touches down. God, she’s sexy this morning in a long dress. One that ties at the back of her neck. I’m looking everywhere but her face, because I can already sense she hasn’t made a decision yet. That reality blew over my skin as soon as she pulled up.

Help her. She’s here for something bigger than you.

“Hi.” Her keys jangle nervously in her hand as she approaches, blue eyes vulnerable. “Have you been sitting here all night?”

I step forward trying to catch some of her body heat, barely avoiding a groan when it hits me. “Just about stopped myself.”

Naomi closes her eyes, her fingers itching in the material of her dress. “Oh.”

We’re being awkward. My arms are aching to wrap around her and confirm she’s really safe and standing in front of me, my mouth wants to press up against her ear. To tell her she looks like she needs a good lick from my tongue. Another one. I don’t have the green light to do any of that, though, so I move past her and collect the bag from the back seat.

A little sandal keychain with Daytona Beach splashed on the bottom in pink script hangs from the zipper. She’s going to collect memories and have adventures with or without me. Do I want to help her make positive memories or not?

“Thought I’d take you out for a dive today,” I say, turning back around. “Since you couldn’t make it yesterday.”

She wets her lips. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” The sun catches an extra blonde strand of her hair. “I went to Daytona for the parade, because…it was getting to be too much here. Even before. Before…”

“Before we went at each other like animals.”

The soft skin of her cheeks flames. “Yes.”

“And you’re not sure being alone with me is a good idea.” I hitch the bag over my shoulder and stop in front of her, letting my interest wander to her mouth, still slightly swollen from sucking my cock. “Because you know next time we’re alone, we’re not going to stop until I’m bucking inside you. It’s going to be impossible now.”

Her breath catches. “It didn’t seem impossible on the ride home.”

“Naomi, let me bring you out on the ocean.” I lean in and exhale near her temple. “Let me give you something. I need to give you something. And fuck it, I’m greedy and I want to see you outlined in blue. As if you could get more beautiful.”

“This is impossible,” she breathes, voice awed. I drop the bag, prepared to haul her up against me and show her how not impossible it would be to give in to the gravity gnawing on my bones. But she steps back out of my reach. “Jason, we’re not in the alley anymore.”

“I’m going to be that guy from the alley in the daylight or the shade, beauty queen.” I take her hand and bring it to my mouth, razing her delicate inner wrist with my teeth. “A couple of weeks, Naomi. Give them to me. Give yourself to me.”

I trail my tongue down the inside of her forearm and she pitches forward, catching herself on my chest. Immediately, I hook an arm around the small of her back, drawing her forward so she can feel my erection.

“Say yes to the dive,” I rasp against her tipped back chin. “Let me show you what I do.”

“Fine. Yes.”

For just the briefest of seconds, her nails curl into my chest, sending shockwaves through me. My growl is left hanging in the air as she picks up her bag and climbs the stairs to the apartment. She pauses at the door, looking down at where I still stand in the driveway hungry enough to fight an army for the taste of her mouth. We don’t break eye contact until she passes through the doorframe and I’m already counting the minutes until we’re alone again. There’s a voice in the back of my head whispering, make it count.

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