The sound that comes out of her is desperate. Almost wounded. Every cell in my body responds, whipping into a frenzy. Preparing to please. “I want this.” Her hands slap down on my chest, fingers searching for my zipper. “I need you now. Hard. Please, please, please. I want you to throw me down and use me.”

The unexpectedness of that is like a fist clamping around my cock and stroking. I double a little at the waist, my groaning mouth sliding along the side of her neck, nearly coming in my wetsuit. “You need to understand how bad I’ve wanted you, baby, and respect it.” I close my teeth around her pulse and bite down, my hands shoving into the back of her tiny bathing suit bottoms to grip her ass. “Respect that my dick is on a goddamn hair trigger where you’re concerned. Getting you to an orgasm before I go off is going to take all my concentration, so keep the begging to a minimum for my sanity, huh?”

She arches into me, gasping when I get nice and rough with her bottom. “Yes, Jason.”

I jerk her into my body, rubbing my aching cock against the little, wet scrap of material covering her pussy. Can this really be happening? Or is this just another one of my fantasies? “Jesus, even that. Yes, Jason in that belle of the ball tone of voice. You might as well be taking me to the back of your throat.”

Eyes glazed, she stares at my mouth while beginning to lower my wetsuit zipper. “Sorry,” she whispers, her expression not the least bit contrite, and I nip at her bottom lip in reproof. “Kind of.”

I growl, already anticipating how hard I’m going to fuck her. No way to hold back when I’ve been hungry this long. Both of us have been—that’s plain in the way she can’t catch her breath, her bare tits lifting and falling on hurried shudders. When we reach my cock, she stops unzipping, letting her fingers drift down over the distended neoprene, grazing my throbbing flesh with teasing touches. I swell to the point of pain, my balls climbing into my stomach. “You trying to earn a slap on the ass, baby?”

Her pupils dilate. “Maybe.”

Fuck. I almost can’t take this. Can’t take this bold, incredible Naomi on top of the brave, blossoming one I’ve been falling in love with. She’s so much wonderful at one time. My heart is going to pound straight out of me. Love and lust shoot up inside me like a rocket, making me bare my teeth. Without taking my eyes off her, I yank down her bathing suit bottoms and deliver a stinging smack to her taut cheeks. She sucks in a rendition of my name and we dive into a kiss that demands payment in the form of my soul. My everything.

My hands slide up the curve of her back and bury in her hair, because I need to steady her. Need to steady myself under the cataclysm of sensations. She’s untamed as our tongues surge together, lips straining wide and angling, noisy intakes of air from my nostrils as Naomi climbs me, wrapping her legs around my hips, kissing me from above while I can do nothing but worship her from below with my head tilted back, my hips rocking in time with the ocean beneath the boat. She breaks off the kiss with a whimper, and I attack her throat with my lips, tongue and teeth, groaning at the writhe of her pussy on my imprisoned dick. I’ve never been more regretful for leaving on my wetsuit. I’d already be thrusting into her like a madman if I’d hadn’t been so mired in the aftermath of almost losing Naomi to take it off. And that’s what she wants, isn’t it? My hardest fuck.

“Jason, Jason, Jason…” She tears at my hair, her lower body moving in an increasingly disjointed way that tells me she’s going to climax before I even get my cock out. Yeah. Not happening. I’ve been suffering day and night for this woman and I’m not going to let her come unless I’m deep enough to feel every little shake and squeeze I wring out of her. “Now. Please.”

“I hear you loud and clear, baby. Believe me,” I grind out against her mouth, standing up on the platform and carrying her clinging body into the boat. She makes a sound of protest over me stealing her rhythm, hitting me with a frustrated look as she yanks the sides of my wetsuit wide, baring my chest. Drags it as far as she can down my arms. The move—and the frustrated seductress look on her face—is hot enough. But then she buries her teeth in the meat of my right pectoral and pressure surrounds my cock from all sides, my head falling back on a roar.