Liquid heat seeps out of me. So hot. A warning shot. I’m on the edge already and I’m not even inside of her yet. Jesus Christ.

Letting Naomi go for even a second goes against every instinct in my body. Need her skin. Need her heat. But I have no choice. I settle her on her feet by the captain’s chair, snagging her mouth in a kiss borne of utter starvation. While my chest tightens at the perfect taste of her, I free my cock as carefully as possible from the clinging material of the suit and rip it down my hips and thighs, letting my feet do the rest. After what seems like a goddamn millennium, I’m naked and Naomi is perusing me openly, panting through swollen lips, her hands racing up to play with her nipples. “Oh my God. All of you at once is pretty…potent.”

I fist my dick, watching her cheeks turn pink as I choke a drop of moisture from the tip. “Return the favor.”

It takes no effort for her to swipe the bikini top over her head since her tits are already out. I’m transfixed as she slides her palms down her lithe body, hooking a single finger under the beads on either end and easing the bottoms down, gravity taking them to the floor. I’m seeing the world in different colors by the times she’s naked below the waist, my pulse hammering in every erogenous zone in my body. How am I going to survive this? I’ve never wanted anyone more in my life. Never even come close to a fraction of this kind of lust. This kind of desperation to give and get pleasure.

I lunge forward and she comes, scaling my body, our mouths poised in the moment before a kiss. “Fuck,” I rasp. “Drenched, aren’t you? Tell me you’re horny for me.”

Her ankles lock behind my back and she arches, tempting me with her incredible tits. “I’m horny, Jason. I’m dying for you.”

With a sidestep, I fall into the captain’s chair, gritting my teeth as she lands in a wet slide on my lap, our sexes pressing together, rubbing. I make a blind grab for my gear bag, which I slung over the back of the chair earlier. Condom. Front pocket. I snag it between two fingers, rip the foil with my teeth and roll it down my cock. “You’ll get your hard fuck, Naomi. I’ll ride you hard enough to make you feel used as many times as you want.” I stroke greedy hands down her ass and find my erection again, guiding it to the place I’ve been dreaming about, whether asleep or awake. “I don’t trust myself not to blow when I’ve finally got you on your back, though. Take what your pussy needs now, baby. Take what I need to give you.”

I see legitimate stars when I get a couple inches inside of her. And when she whines in her throat and takes the full length of me, hips working to make it happen, I’m lost in an entire solar system. My life ends and starts at the same time. I’m a conqueror and conquered. Her snug pussy is already milking me in a damning tempo, threatening to break me.

“You’re big,” she whispers brokenly, eyes glazed as they meet mine, her fingernails restless in my chest hair. “Oh my God, you’re so big.”

“Do something with it,” I say through clenched teeth. “It’s there for you.”

Prickles cover every inch of my skin when she twists her fingers in my hair. Hard. She faced a threat under the surface and survived it. Now she feels like a badass and I love it. I want to help her believe that to be true all the time, not just right now. “Just for me?”

“Goddammit, yes. I’m hard and dripping for you. That’s how you’ve kept me. Horny and unsatisfied for months.” I lift her with my hips and drop down hard, satisfied with her closed-mouth scream, turned on by the bounce of her tits. “Feel what a mean girl you’ve been?”

“Yes,” she breathes, her expression somehow contrite and thrilled over my suffering all at once. “I’ve been hurting, too. I ache all the time.”

I lay a hard spank on her ass, soothing it with the heel of my hand. “Prove it.”

A look of intense concentration steals over her features, a wrinkle forming between her brows, teeth sinking into her lower lip. For all the buildup, she’s suddenly moving with hesitation, as if she’s not sure I’m going to like any damn way she chooses to ride my cock. This close, she can’t hide her vulnerability from me. Mentally, it brings me to my knees. I’ve always sensed a lack of confidence when we’ve lost the battle with our attraction and gotten physical. This confirms what I’ve sensed under the surface. She has no idea how sexy she can be. No one has ever told her. Made her believe it.