“Oh.” I lock my thighs tighter, rocking into the pressure. “Jason. Jason.”

“Shhh. Again?” Forehead pressed to mine, he clucks his tongue. “Could get messy.”

I start to respond, but he jerks me up and down, his shaft leaving and filling me in a brutal invasion. A strangled plea flies up my throat. All of it is too much. The intensity of the pleasure. The easy way he’s lifting me, how effortlessly he scrambles my brain. And all the while, he watches me through narrow, concentrating eyes.

“Are you sure you don’t want my mess, baby?” Jason leans back, leaving me seated on the ramp of his powerful body. His thighs widen beneath me, muscles bracing, and then he’s thrusting into me from below, the incredible strength of him bunching and rolling, his head falling back on a tight-lipped groan. “Feels like you want it pretty bad.”

I don’t know how I thought I could keep up my prissy pretense in the face of Jason Unleashed, because I can barely keep a thought in my head that doesn’t relate directly back to his penis. Every time he drives those hips up, it’s like cresting on a wave, glimpsing the shore. Relief. The show he’s unintentionally putting on for me is propelling me toward the end already. The veins in his neck stand out, his stomach flexes…and oh God. I shouldn’t have looked down at the place he enters me, my panties shoved to one side as his erection slides in and out, made wet from my body. As if sensing my eyes there, his thumb edges beneath the veil of my panties and strokes my clit.

I look up to find his tongue tucked in the corner of his mouth, eyes blazing. “You have no idea how hot you look. Tits bouncing, watching us fuck and blushing like a schoolgirl.”

His coarse speech breathes that intoxicating need to be his counterpoint back into me. With a twist. “I won’t like it any harder,” I say, barely recognizing myself as I reach down and brush my fingers over the place where our bodies join, bringing the moisture back to my mouth. Touching the tip of my tongue to the saltiness. “Yes, this is just right.”

“Naomi. Fuck,” Jason growls, surging forward and rising on his knees, bringing me along with him. I’m impaled and riddled with lust, incapable of doing anything but sucking in breaths and waiting for him to retaliate. “You little dick tease. You think you won’t like it harder?”

I shake my head. “Uh-uh.”

He snags my mouth in a savage kiss, his teeth catching my lower lip, dragging it. But I pull away on a sob when he begins bouncing me, up and down, my inner thighs sliding in the building sweat on his hips, my body welcoming him over and over. I’m seeing nothing except blurred colors, feeling nothing but the plundering of my body by Jason’s almost indecent size. I cling to his broad shoulders, my head tossed back to gasp at the ceiling as my orgasm looms shiny and potent in the atmosphere.

“Your pussy is calling you a liar, baby,” he rasps, nipping my chin with strong teeth. “Tell me the truth now. Tell me you’ve wanted this all along.”

“Yes.” He takes hold of my backside, driving up into me harder, faster, and I open my legs wider for this man, giving and taking in equal measure. “I needed you. I needed this.”

“Shhh, baby. Shhh. I know. Dammit, I know all about it.”

Even as he reminds me to be quiet, our flesh slaps together and a cry builds in my throat. Lust has me in a death grip and it’s too intense, impossible to subdue. Our gazes lock and he sees I’m losing my grip on reality—and that reality is we’re not the only people in the house. There’s a flash of tenderness amidst the fury of his need and before I know it, I’m being turned and pressed onto my stomach.

How is he still inside me? I don’t have time to question the logistics because Jason draws me forcefully onto hands and knees, gripping the headboard and thrusting into me with renewed power. “Use the pillow,” he grits out, nudging my knees wider with his own and falling forward, aligning his chest with my bowed spine and fucking me. “Jesus Christ, Naomi, you’re so goddamn tight. Tell me this beauty queen pussy only gets wet for me. Say it.”

His fingers find my clit and rub it gently even as his thrusts increase their pace, their ferocity. “Only for you,” I manage, after a shaking scream into the pillow. “I’ve never done it like this. This is just for you, too.”

Jason’s hips hitch, a shocked rumble sounding in his chest. In the matter of breathless seconds, his mouth finds my neck and ear, kissing them in turn, his body continuing its relentless drives into mine. “You’re incredible. The most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen or felt, Naomi. Heard, touched or known.” The heel of his hand strokes over my swollen nub, moving side to side, pushing slowly until I almost black out from the mind-blowing sensation. “I never want to be inside anyone else,” he whispers in my ear, his thighs creeping up around my hips, muscles bunching. “You’re it. You’re fucking it.”

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