“Jason,” she murmurs, her dreamlike voice, our surroundings, making me wonder if I’m still asleep. Imagining all of this. “It wasn’t real.”

“Is this real?”

Without answering me, she peels off her T-shirt and pulls me tight against her, skin to skin. She twists side to side a little, rubbing her bare tits against my sweat-covered chest, tugging a choked groan from deep inside me. “You’re always a little dirtier in the dark, aren’t you, baby?” I give her ass a final squeeze, then curl my fingers around the waistband of her panties, ripping them off her sexy body, purely because I can’t stand the thought of her those legs lowering for even a second. “Tell me you were missing me up in your bed.”

She feels me tugging down the waistband of my sweats and whimpers. “I was missing you.”

I drag the head of my freed dick through her slickness, making sure she’s ready for me…but I hesitate to drive into her. Something is different. Planting and rubbing myself in her heat is always incredible, but there’s a slippery friction now that hardens my balls, blowing an invigorating shiver up my spine. “Condom, baby. Don’t have one on me. Goddammit.”

Her mouth seeks mine out, breathless and whining. I feel her misery down to my soul and answer it by trying to fulfill her with my tongue, sliding it in and out, capturing her lower lip with my teeth. And all the while, I tease her clit with the bare tip of my cock. Around and around until her thighs are trembling around me, her tits heaving against my chest. I’m lost. I’m so fucking lost for this woman, I swear the ground is quaking under my feet, the organ in my chest on the verge of ripping free it’s beating so urgently. I’m not sure how I end up inside of Naomi. Her hand is on mine and we’re both guiding my dick closer, closer until I’m penetrating her sex and ramming deep, slamming her up against the house.

“No, no…yes.” I breathe heavily against her forehead, trying to withstand the intense pleasure of being inside her without a rubber. All that sweet, wet pressure is bearing down on me from all sides and I could live here. I could fucking live here forever. “Yes. Yes.”

“Yes. I know. Yes,” she babbles beautifully into my neck. I cinch my hips back and pound into her, grunting as her teeth bite down. “Jason. Yes.”

Even as the most insane satisfaction of my life approaches at a rapid rate, I tell myself I can’t get this woman pregnant. I won’t be able to let her go. Won’t be able to live with the possibility of it unless we’re together. So I tell myself she’s part of the dream. I excuse the way my lower body pins her repeatedly to the house, jarring the thighs wrapped so tightly around my hips. I draw her knees up as high as I can and fuck her harder than I ever have before. And every time I drive deep, my good intentions blur into something primal. No help for it. I can’t lie to myself with my defenses stripped away like this, so I admit the truth. I want her to take a piece of me with her when she leaves. I never want to let her escape me, and if that makes me a bastard, then so be it. I love her. I love her.

On some level, she wants this, too. She’s working her pussy on me, grinding down, matching my movements, moaning my name. There’s no condom. We both knew it when I sank into her. I’m too afraid to hope that means she loves me back.

No, Naomi letting me take her raw is just proof that I satisfy her. That our attraction transcends common sense. I’ll take it. I’ll take whatever I can get.

With her ass in a brutal grip, I thrust deep and pin her hard between me and the house. “No man’s cock is ever going to feel this right inside of you. Only mine.” I absorb her sob with a nasty kiss. “You remember that. You remember Jason and how he fucked you like the world was ending. Maybe it is.”

She wets her lips. “J-Jason—”

I shhh her, beginning a slow bump and grind, my right hand sneaking over her hip so I can stroke her clit with my thumb. “Your pussy is going to miss me. Going to cry for me in the middle of the night, wondering where its new daddy went.”

Naomi’s body jerks with shock, and moisture floods around the pumping length of my cock, her back arching like she was electrocuted. “Oh m-my God.” She’s not seeing me, because of the orgasm she’s spiraling through, because of the darkness. But I’m seeing her, watching her come from the treatment of my body and my mouth—it’s the most exquisite vision I’ll have stored in my memories for the rest of time. “I can’t, I can’t—”

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