"Please don't blame Jameson," I begged. "It's my fault Alexander and I talked about creepy things and spooked you. Jameson is a perfect gentleman."

"It's nobody's fault," she reassured. "I guess we were all a bit nervous."

"Then how about dinner tomorrow night?" I suggested.

"Well...," Ruby began hesitantly.

"At a bright, trendy restaurant with upbeat music?" I continued.

"That might be nice," she relented.

"Just the two of you," I said.

"Just the two of us," Jameson eagerly agreed. "And no mention of coffins, ghosts, or flying bats," I added.

"Well...it's a date," Ruby concurred with a smile.

Jameson opened the door for Ruby. He turned back to me and smiled a skinny-toothed smile and winked.

"From now on," I overheard him say to Ruby as he walked her to her car, "the only bats you'll see is when I invite you to a baseball game."

Chapter 16 The Grim Plan

Alexander and I grabbed the savory desserts Jameson had made--placinta, fried sweet dough filled with chocolate--and headed up to the privacy of his attic room. "Trevor is taking Luna to the cemetery?" Alexander immediately asked, shutting the door.

"Jagger is planning a Graveyard Gala on Saturday night," I blurted out as we sat with our placintas on his mattress. "It's a gothic costume party with the highlight of the evening being a covenant ceremony. Instead of luring Trevor to sacred ground alone," I started, too excited to dive into my treat, "Jagger is inviting Dullsville High. Luna is going to bite Trevor in front of everyone--only no one will know what's going to happen, not even Trevor himself."

"How will he not know what's going on?"

"Trevor thinks he's going to be kissed by Luna, not bitten."

"They are going to be wearing costumes, right?" Alexander asked. "Yes, Trevor is going as the Grim Reaper. It will be dark and all the partygoers will be wearing masks. While they drink, dance, and make out, Luna will finally have her long-awaited covenant ceremony. No one will know what is really happening."

"Then we have to stop Trevor from going," Alexander said, picking at his dessert.

"He wouldn't miss this for the world. He will be the star of the show."

"Then we have to tell him what the ceremony really is."

"He'll never believe me. Besides, they've already passed out flyers. With all of Dullsville High on sacred ground, Luna could easily take someone else."

"Then she'll have to believe she is with Trevor."

"Believe? Who will she really be with?"

"Me. I'll be dressed as the Grim Reaper, too. I'll be covered from head to toe. Luna won't know the difference."

"But you told me if a vampire takes another on sacred ground, then they are theirs for eternity. I don't want her to bite you and then I lose you forever."

"I don't either," he said, and squeezed my hand. "But when I take off my hood, she'll know Trevor has gone."

"Where will he be?"

"Safe, off sacred ground. At some point you'll have to distract him and lead him out of the cemetery," Alexander explained.

"I'm used to distracting people, just not on purpose. I hope everything goes smoothly. The whole school will be on sacred ground with two vengeful vampires."

"Bring some garlic just in case, and I'll take my antidote." "I don't want to give you another shot," I said.

"Hopefully, you won't have to."

Chapter 17 Graveyard Gala

Shortly after sunset Alexander and I walked up the lonely road that led to Dullsville's cemetery. Although I wasn't actually a vampire, I felt like I was. I'd convinced twin vampires I was as undead as they were, I was on the arm of the most handsome of vampires, and I was going to party with a bunch of other ghouls. I was happy to be me-- vampire or not.

I was dolled up as Elvira, in a long black dress with shredded spidery sleeves and a slit racing up my leg, exposing black mesh tights. Long black plastic fingernails flashed from my pale fingertips. My jet black hair was teased up like a fountain, the ends falling down over my shoulders. I revealed as much cle**age as I could manage to squeeze out in a recently purchased push-up bra. I'd also bought Alexander the last Grim Reaper costume left over from Halloween merch at Jack's department store. It was a black hooded costume with a skeleton mask and a plastic scythe.

"You look stellar," Alexander said, his midnight eyes sparkling as we walked together. "I can't believe I'm with you."

It was a dream come true for me to be strolling down the street holding the bony skeleton hand of the Grim Reaper--and even doubly dreamy that it was really my vampire boyfriend.

Cars lined the street leading up to the cemetery. At the far end of the road, parked alongside a Dumpster, I saw Jagger's hearse. I was as excited as I was nervous to implement our plan.

When we turned the corner to the cemetery, Alexander said, "I brought my antidote. Did you bring your garlic?"

I stopped dead in my tracks. "I knew I forgot something!" I exclaimed. "It's in my night stand. We have to go home," I pleaded.

"We don't have time," Alexander warned. "The ceremony could be over by the time we'd return."

We reached the iron gate and climbed over the fence. When we were safely on the cemetery ground, I saw a sight I'd never seen before--and one thing we hadn't planned on. The graveyard was filled with Grim Reapers.

"How will we ever find Trevor now?" I asked. "It will take forever!"

My heart sank as I stepped over cans of soda littering the graveyard. I bent down to pick up an empty can.

"We don't have time for that now," Alexander said again. "If we don't get to Trevor in time, the caretaker and the rest of Dullsville will have to worry about more than empty cans and bottles."

We passed a Grim Reaper who was talking to a werewolf. "Trevor?" I asked, but the Angel of Death shook his head.

We passed ghosts and ghouls dancing and drinking among the tombstones.

Sitting on a wooden bench was a familiar witch holding hands with Michael Myers.

"You are quite the spooky pair," I said.

"Raven," the witch said as the two rose. "I'm so glad you came."

"Wow, that is some dress," Matt said from underneath his hockey mask. "Maybe you could get a costume like that for Becky." My best friend turned devil red.

"This party is great," Matt continued. "The whole school is here."

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