Moments later, Isabella closed the door, and for the first time since he’d put his ring on her finger, they were alone. Well, almost. There was still the phone.

Slowly, she walked over to where Theron sat at the desk in front of the window. He looked up, his eyes darkening when she placed her hands on his knees and then straddled him, sliding up against his chest.

He tensed and tried to ward her off as he continued talking, something about figures, finances, hotel plans, blah blah. None of that interested her as much as the possibility of getting Theron naked.

She took the hand he held between them and guided it to her chest, sliding it just inside the neckline of her shirt. He curled his fingers into a fist, as if denying her.

Isabella only smiled and began unbuttoning his shirt from the top down. His voice became noticeably more strained, and he even broke off twice as he seemed to lose his train of thought.

If she were a good fiancée, she’d leave him alone, become invisible while he conducted business and reappear later, but she’d already proven she wasn’t the best at suppressing her own wants. Not when it came to Theron.

As she parted the lapels, she leaned forward and pressed her lips to his bare chest. She felt his quick intake of breath, heard his strangled response to whoever it was he was talking to.

She’d give him two more minutes tops. If he resisted beyond then, she’d have to give him credit for being very strong indeed.

Ignoring his disapproving look, she slipped from his lap and went seeking lower, unfastening the button of his pants. Every muscle in his thighs locked and went rigid when her hand caressed his equally rigid erection.

One minute left. Hmm.

She lowered her head as she gently freed him from constraint. When her mouth touched him, she heard his garbled response to whatever the other person on the phone had asked, and then she heard the unmistakable sound of a phone meeting the wall.

She smiled even as he lurched upward, grabbing her under the arms and hauling her into his arms.

A torrent of Greek flew from his mouth as he strode for the bedroom.

“English, Theron,” she said with a laugh.

“Theos, but what are you trying to do to me?” he demanded as he tossed her onto the bed. “I’ll have to ban you from my offices if this is the sort of thing you’ll do when I’m trying to conduct business.”

She tried to suppress the grin as he tore off his shirt and pants and sent them flying.

“Undress,” he said seductively.

She raised an eyebrow. “Isn’t that your job?”

He fell forward, landing his hands on either side of her shoulders as he stared down at her. Then he reached for her hands and pulled them over her head, transferring her wrists into one hand so the other was free.

Then he began to unbutton her shirt. His movements were jerky and impatient as he ridded her of every stitch of clothing.

When he was finished, he let go of her hands. “Turn over,” he said.

She looked up in confusion.

His fingers roamed down her nakedness even as he urged her over.

“Do as I say, pethi mou.”

She shivered at the authority in his voice. Maybe she had started this whole thing, but it seemed he intended to finish it.

Carefully she rolled until her belly pressed against the mattress. She tucked her hands high, just over her head as she felt Theron lean down once more.

His fingers danced across the small of her back, and then she realized he was tracing her tattoo. She smiled.

“Do you like it?” she murmured.

“It’s driven me crazy since the first day you walked into my office,” he muttered. “I’ve had the most insane urge to throw you down and trace it with my tongue.”

“There’s nothing stopping you,” she said lazily.

“Indeed not.”

She jumped and closed her eyes when his warm tongue made contact with her skin. He emblazoned a damp trail over the small of her back and then he pressed a kiss right over her spine.

“The fairy is misleading. You should have had a devil tattooed on you.”

She smiled again and rolled over, meeting his smoldering gaze. “And where do you propose this devil go?”

His lips curled into a half smile before he dipped his head and kissed the area right above the soft curls at the juncture of her legs. “Here,” he murmured. “Where only I can enjoy it.”

“Don’t tease me, Theron,” she whispered. “I want you so much.”

“Then take me, Bella.” He spread her legs and covered her with his body. And suddenly he was inside her, deep and full. “Take all of me,” he said hoarsely.

She wrapped arms and legs around him, holding him tight as he filled her again and again. His lips found hers, sweet and warm. She drank from him, took from him, and still she wanted more. She wanted everything he had to give.

This time they came together, an explosion she felt to her very depths. As his body settled comfortably over hers, she sighed in utter contentment.

After a moment he rolled to the side and gathered her in his arms.

“Where did you learn such wickedness, Bella mou?” he asked as she snuggled into the crook of his arm and he stroked his fingers over her shoulder.

She rose up, positioning her elbow underneath so she could look at him. “What do you mean?”

“You were a virgin and yet you seduced me as thoroughly as someone with much more experience.”

She laughed. “Theron, tell me you aren’t one of these men who thinks the presence of a hymen equal

s complete ignorance on the woman’s part.”

But then given his antiquated views on honor, and the fact that he was marrying her over that thing called a hymen, perhaps it wasn’t such a stretch to believe he thought she should be ignorant of sex.

He looked uncomfortable as he grappled with his answer. “I suppose I thought it unlikely that someone with no experience would be so…”

“Good?” she asked cheekily.

He gave her a look that suggested he wasn’t amused by her teasing.

“I never said I wasn’t experienced,” she said lightly.

He tensed and raised his head to stare at her. “What do you mean by this? Who do you have experience with?”

She laid a hand on his chest. “Now, Theron, stop with the testosterone surge. You’re the only man I’ve ever made love with. Experience can be gained without participation you know.”

“As long as you don’t ever decide to participate with another man,” he said gruffly. “I will teach you everything you need to know.”

She grinned. “And maybe as we’ve previously discussed, there are things I’ll teach you, as well.”

He yanked her to him, and she landed with a soft thud, her lips a breath away from his.

“Is this so? Well then, Bella mou, by all means teach me. I think you’ll find me a willing pupil.”


T heron reached across the seat and buckled Isabella’s belt. She roused sleepily and looked questioningly at him.

“We’ll be landing soon,” he said. “Then we’ll take a helicopter to the island.”

She yawned and nodded, trying to knock some of the sleep fog from her mind. “I’m looking forward to meeting Piers, well officially. I’ve seen him but just once and we didn’t speak,” she said as she shifted in her seat. “Though it’s been so long since I’ve seen Chrysander, it will be like meeting him for the first time all over again. What’s he like?” she asked.

He raised one eyebrow. “What’s who like, pethi mou?”

“Piers,” she said a little grumpily. “You know, the one I just said I hadn’t met.”

He smiled. “You’re not at your best when you first awaken.”

She yawned again and just frowned.

“To answer your question, Piers is…well, he’s Piers,” Theron said with a shrug. “He travels the most of any of us now that Chrysander has settled on the island. He’s flying in from Rio de Janeiro right now where he’s overseeing the building of our new hotel.”

“Married or otherwise attached?”

Theron laughed. “Not Piers. He has an aversion to becoming entangled with any female for more than the length of a casual affair.”

“Did your mother mistreat him?” Isabella asked dryly.

Theron shook his head. “You, Bella mou, have quite a smart wit about you. I’m going to have to think of ways to keep that mouth of yours occupied.”

“And Marley?” she asked as the plane began its descent. Already she could see tiny twinkling lights from the ground. “What’s she like? I admit, I find it hard to imagine a woman who could so easily subdue a man like Chrysander. He always seemed so…hard.”