“Are you going to be trouble all night?” he growls in my ear.

“I don’t know what you mean.” I smile serenely and point to the table. “Your shot.”

He chalks his cue and watches me with narrowed eyes, and a half smile on his lips, then takes a shot, missing the pocket.

“My turn.” I circle the table, looking for my shot. Of course, I lied through my teeth to Zack. I played pool all the time in college, and I’m damn good at it.

Not that he needs to know that.

I make sure I find a shot that puts my ass in his line of vision as I bend over the table and take a shot, sinking the ball.

“Oh, yay! That must have been a lucky shot.” I wink at him and then bite my lip at the look of lust in his eyes. He’s leaning against his stool, his arms crossed over his chest, showing off the bulge in his arms.

Christ on a crutch, I want to attack him.

I circle the table and find my next shot, on the opposite side of the table, bend deep so he can see my cleavage, and shoot the ball, missing the pocket.

“Don’t think I’m not onto your game, sugar.”

“I’m playing pool.” I shrug and smile at the waitress who delivers our food. Zack takes a huge bite of his burger and then walks around the table and takes several shots, sinking all of the balls.

I nibble on my buffalo chicken fingers with sour cream and chive fries—really, I’ll be eating yogurt for a month to make up for this meal—and watch the sexiness that is Zack move around the table.

“Nice shot,” I say when he sinks his fourth ball in a row.

“Thanks.” He shoves some fries in his mouth and wanders back to the table. And for the next while, we eat and play in companionable silence, high-fiving when we sink the ball, and rooting for each other.

When we’ve finished eating, and begun our third game, someone puts some money in the old-fashioned jukebox and a classic Aerosmith song comes on. I shake my hips to the rhythm and dance around the table, looking for a shot. I lean over the table, still swaying my hips and shoot, missing the hole.

“Stay where you are,” Zack commands in a low voice.

I look up at him, startled, to find his brown eyes feral and trained on my ass. He walks around the table, glides one hand down my hip and butt cheek, then pulls my back against his chest and presses his mouth to my ear.

“Do you enjoy torturing me like that, Jilly?”

“Like what?” I ask breathlessly.

“Swaying your hips, walking around in these boots, bending over the table to show me your chest. I’m permanently hard here, sweetheart.”

I sigh against him and smile when he wraps both arms around me, hugging me tightly. “Let me stay with you tonight.”


“I’m telling you now, I’ll have to leave very early to get back to the ranch. Josh is covering for me tonight, but I’ll need to be back early to help and to drive Seth down to the bus stop because it’s too far to walk in the snow—”

“Zack, I don’t mean to sound like an insensitive ass right now, but it’s been three days since we had sex, and I’m having a hard time focusing here. I won’t be mad that you’re leaving early in the morning.”

He groans and presses a kiss to my cheek, then retrieves our coats, throws some bills on the table for our waitress, and leads me out to the truck.

“By the way,” I mention casually as he drives as quickly as he can while still staying safe, which is faster than I would have thought, back to my place. “I’m not wearing any panties.”

He throws me a glance and then presses down on the accelerator even more, cussing under his breath.

“Stay put,” he instructs me when we pull up to my house. He comes around to my door, lifts me out of the truck, and carries me through the yard to the front door.

“And they say chivalry is dead.” My voice is dripping with sarcasm, but Zack laughs and waits patiently as I unlock the door.

When we’re finally inside, Zack bolts the door behind us, then turns to me, and we immediately start tearing at each other’s clothes, scattering them about the room. I have to unzip and yank off my boots to get my tight jeans down my legs.

“Next time, you keep the boots on,” Zack murmurs. “They’re fucking hot.”

“So noted,” I reply and jump up into his arms, wrap my legs around his waist, and hold on as he carries me to my bedroom. “God, you feel good.”

My hands won’t stop roaming over his skin, his shoulders, his arms. I can’t wait to feel his back and stomach.

His cock.

“So do you, baby.” He lowers me to the bed and joins me, covering me with his large body. He rests his full cock against my folds, but doesn’t enter me as he kisses me with a fever unlike any I’ve ever seen. We’ve been starved for each other, and it’s only been a few days since we were last together.

With one hand in his hair, I glide the other down his back to his ass and hold on tightly, loving the way the muscles clench and move under my hand as he rocks his pelvis against my own.

“You’re so fucking wet,” he growls as his cock slides effortlessly through my dripping lips.

“Since the moment I saw you,” I agree and then bite my lip when he pulls up to look down at me. “Should I not have said that?”

“I love that you said that,” he says as he pulls his knuckles down my cheek. “I’ve had a hard-on since the moment I heard your voice today.”

“Can you turn onto your back please?”

He frowns for a moment and then complies, dragging me with him. I shimmy down his body and before he can blink, I take his cock in my hand and wrap my lips around the head, sucking firmly.

“Holy fucking hell, Jilly!”

“Mmm,” I reply and begin to move quickly up and down, pumping my hand in sync with my mouth, making him crazy. He plunges his hands in my hair and holds on for dear life as I fuck him with my mouth.

“That’s right, sugar. Suck it.” He groans and flops his head back on the bed, then looks back down at me, watching. His abs tighten with the movement, begging me to brush my hand over them, up to his chest, over his nipples, and back down the small trail of dark hair that leads to his dick. “You look amazing, Jill.”

I kiss his thighs and work my way up his body, straddling him, then guide his thick cock to my entrance, and sink down onto him.

“Ah shit,” I moan as I sink down as far as I can. He’s filling me, completely. His hands glide from my breasts to my hips and back again, as though they can’t decide where they most want to be.

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