“It’s okay,” I replied, my mind mush and the fear forgotten.

“Want me to carry you?” he asked as the boat docked. “I liked helping you when we boarded.” He smirked.

“I can do it,” I said as I pushed him away and stepped on the wooden dock.

“You ruin all the fun.”

“My ass in your face is not fun, Michael.” I fiddled with the latch between my legs and couldn’t get the bastard unclipped.

“It’s the best kind of fun there is, Mia.” He watched me, rubbing his chin. “You want help with that?”

“No, no. I got it.” I still felt buzzed from the rush and fear that coursed through my system during the parasailing ride; I certainly didn’t need his fingers brushing between my legs again.

His laughter filled the air as I yanked and pulled to no avail, trying to break free from the harness. Luck wasn’t on my side today. I hung my head and whispered, “Can you help me, please.”

Without a word, he bent down and ran his hands up my legs slowly before grabbing the harness and giving it a quick jerk. “I’m more than happy to help you down here.”

“Just unhook me, please.” I said, closing my eyes, trying to block out the feel of him against my skin. “You’re torturing me on purpose.”

“It doesn’t have to be torture, Doc. I don’t have a needle, but I can find a way to ease your suffering.” He winked as I looked down at him.

“I’m thirsty,” I squeaked out, wanting to avoid thinking about the ways he could help me; if I thought about it too long I’d give in and throw myself at him.

“Avoiding the offer,” he said with a hint of laughter. “Let’s grab a drink and watch the sunset again.”

Thank god he let he off the hook, another stroke of his hand would’ve sent me over the edge and begging for his cock. He stood and grabbed my hand, leading me to the tiny beach bar with colorful umbrellas.

A reggae band played while we sipped on ice-cold beer and waited for the sun to set. His free hand stroked mine, toying with my fingers, never breaking contact.

Just as the sky started to change a vibrant shade of red, a crack of thunder caused everyone to jump and scream.

“Come on, Mia,” Michael said pushing out his chair as he stood.

Large droplets of water splashed down on the metal table as I reached for his hand. Thunder rumbled as we ran from the patio toward his car.

My swimsuit and cover-up were drenched as we made our way through the parking lot. My hair slapped against my skin, lashing my face with each bounce. The sky lit up, the lightning in the distance causing the ground to shake as we climbed in the cab, slamming the doors to the truck.

We wiped our faces as small drops fell from our hair. I flipped back my hair, pushing it out of my eyes and ran my hands down my arms watching the water splash to the floor. “Jesus, that scared the crap out of me,” I said, shaking from the excitement.

“Just when you were relaxing, God finds a way to give your ass a jolt.” He laughed, grabbing his chest.

“You’re a funny man, Michael. I don’t think my heart can take much more today.”

He leaned over, pulling me into his arms as he grabbed my chin and tipped it back. “I have something that’ll take your mind off of it while we wait for the storm to pass.”

His brown eyes held my gaze before he crushed his lips against mine. If the interior of the truck hadn’t been hot and steamy enough, being close to Michael, wrapped in his arms and smothered by his kiss made it close to impossible to breathe.

His hand rested against my back, pulling me closer, and I became lost in his kiss. The feel of his rough thumb pad as he stroked my face made my body feel on fire. The sound of the rain beating against the truck, the thunder rumbling outside, and our breath frantic and quick, filled the cab.

I climbed in his lap as he gripped my ass and pulled my bottom to him. I could feel his hardness against me and I ached to feel him inside.

I couldn’t deny myself any longer.

“Take me home, Michael. Stay with me tonight.” I didn’t even have to think about it.

I wanted him.

The light touches, commanding kisses, and the feel of his hardness had me wanting more, needing it.

“Mia, I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” he whispered against my lips.

“I want to feel your skin against me. Remind me what it feels like to be loved, Michael. Show me the beauty and make me forget.” I held myself up and stared in his eyes. “Please,” I begged.

His fingers swept against my cheek and I leaned into his touch, closing my eyes. “I’ll do anything you ask,” he said.

I smiled at him before climbing off his lap. “I don’t want to be alone tonight,” I said as I put on my seatbelt.

He started the truck and grabbed my hand, stroking it with a smile on his face. We sat in silence as I stared out the window during the drive.

I wasn’t alone in life but I did feel lonely.

Being with Michael reminded me how much I missed that connection to another person. I wanted someone to hold me until I fell asleep and comfort me when the nightmares came.

Our bodies stayed connected as he drove, the energy never waned.

“Mia, are you sure about this?” he asked as he pulled in my driveway.

Turning toward him, I smiled. “Never been more sure about anything in a long time, Michael.”

Chapter 10

“You want to just go to sleep?” I asked, giving her one final out. “I don’t know if I can do gentle, Mia. I’m giving you fair warning.” I held her face in my hands as I pushed my hardness against her.

“Don’t be gentle with me, Michael. I’m not going to break.” She pushed against my chest, breaking the kiss. “Shower first,” she said, pushing me toward the shower. “We’re covered in sand.”

“Only if you’re coming in with me.” I smirked and reached in the shower to turn on the water before pulling over my rain soaked shirt.

As she ran her soft fingers across the tattoo on my chest that spelled Gallo, my dick ached and strained in my pants. Wanting to be inside her, her touch felt like torture.

“Verita?” She asked, running her nail down the letters on my ribs.

Goosebumps dotted my flesh. “It means ‘truth’ in Italian,” I said, trying to keep my voice even.

Walking behind me, she kissed my shoulder before sinking her teeth into my


Inhaling sharply, I tensed, “If you do that again, we won’t make it to the shower,” I said on shaky breath. I wanted to feel her nails rake across my balls as she sucked me off. “My turn.” I turned around to face her.

I slowly lowered the straps of her swim dress, holding it between my fingers, as the material clung to her skin. As her dress slid from her body, it cascaded to the floor. She stood before me in nothing but her black bikini. Her breast made my mouth water, as her nipples grew hard with the cool air. She stood stock-still and looked at the floor with her cheeks turning a light shade of pink, as I took in her beauty.

I placed my fingers under her chin, forcing her eyes to mine. “You’re breath-taking.”

A small grin spread across her face, but there was uncertainty in her eyes.

“Stunning, actually. You still want this, Mia?” I had to know for certain that she wanted to be with me.

She nodded and palmed my dick through my swim trunks. I shuddered, the ache turning into a throb with the warmth of her hand. Reaching down with a smirk, she pushed from the sides of my trunks, but it caught on my stiffness.

I chuckled when her eyes grew wide and heard her swallow.

She yanked harder, before they slid down my hips and fell to the floor with a thump.

As I stepped forward, my cock brushed against her soft, wet skin. Closing my eyes, I inhaled, needing a moment to get my hunger under control.

I wanted to slam her body against the wall and take her, but I wasn’t here to hit it and quit it.

Leaning into me, she grabbed my sides and squeezed, her breath catching as my cock bobbed against her stomach.

I ran my mouth along her cheek, relishing the softness of her skin.

There was a connection there, something greater than us and out of our control. We both needed this.

The running water and the sound of our breath filled the room as our lips smacked against each other. I kicked the trunks free from my feet, hissing into her mouth, as her fingers grazed the tender aching flesh of my dick.

I craved her touch more than I thought possible.

She lightly touched the top of my shaft before running her nails across the head, moving underneath. Her hand stilled as she felt the first piercing and she froze.

I failed to mention my hardware.

I grinned, opening my eyes, to see her expression.

Her eyes grew wide as she peered down before continuing to feel the underside of my cock.

“Never felt a Jacob’s Ladder before?” I asked with a smirk.

“No, I’ve seen them, but never felt one.” She palmed my cock and pulled it up getting a better view. Biting down on her bottom lip, she gawked at it like it was a foreign.

“Wait until you feel it inside, sweetheart,” I whispered in her ear, as I slid her thong down her legs, waiting for her to step out.

I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me. It took everything in me not to sink my dick into her as I reached in the shower to check the temperature.

With one foot in the shower, she stopped me, digging her feet in my ass. “Wait.”

Fucking hell. My cock was going to explode at any moment. Just carrying her was enough friction to set me off.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, resting my forehead against hers.

“We need a condom. Do you have one?” She asked biting down on her lip.

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