“Fuck, I don’t. Didn’t plan on sinking my cock balls deep in ya, Doc.” I laughed. “Do you?”

“I have one. It’s in the top drawer on my nightstand. Put me down and I’ll go grab it.” She started to pull away.

I shook my head, pulling her tighter against my body. “Hell no, we’re not leaving this position. You feel too fucking good to put you down now.”

She giggled as I carried her to the bedroom. Leaning over, I held her ass, keeping her in my arms, as she reached into her nightstand.

“Don’t look!” She tried to cover my eyes with her hand as she opened the small drawer.

“Whatcha got in there?” I asked even though I could see through her fingers.

The drawer overflowed with lace panties and my eyes zeroed in on a sex toy.

I liked a girl that didn’t have a problem with masturbation.

I’d give my left nut to watch her use it on herself.

“Nothing. Stop peeking.” She dug her heels in harder, rubbing my cock against the warmth of her pussy.

I was about to explode if she wiggled anymore against me.

Her hand moved through the drawer as she put on an acrobatic act to stop me from seeing the contents. “Got it,” she said as her hand emerged with a condom wrapper before she pushed the drawer closed.

I captured her fingers in my mouth as they fell from my eyes. Sucking the soft digits, I ran my tongue along her succulent flesh.

She held the wrapper up to my eyes as her eyes rolled back in her head. “You play dirty,” she whispered.

I released her fingers as I squeezed her ass roughly in my palms. “You have no idea, Mia.” I kissed her, not wanting a reply.

She fisted my hair, sucking on my bottom lip as I carried her into the shower. As her back collided with the cold tile, gasping in my mouth.

I rubbed my throbbing cock against her pussy, loving the sounded of her moans. She felt velvety soft and I didn’t know how much longer I could wait to be inside.

I wanted to touch her, holding her body up in my arms just wasn’t doing it for me. Moving to the small corner bench, I placed her body on it and stood.

“Condom?” I asked, stroking my shaft.

She watched with wide eyes, and placed the wrapper in my palm softly.

I tore open the wrapper with my teeth, as she stared, memorized by my movement. I rolled it down paying careful attention to each piercing, not wanting to tear the thin latex.

I picked her up and placed her in my lap as I sat down, my ass handing over the edge slightly. I licked a trail to her collarbone – the saltiness filling my tongue as I continued my descent to her breast. I leaned her body back, holding her in my grip as I tried to get a better angle. I captured her nipple in my mouth and her head fell back, a moan escaping her lips. I ran my tongue over the hardness and bit down.

“Jesus,” she said, as she rubbed against my cock, writhing in my arms.

Reaching between us, I ran my fingers through her wetness before found her clit. As I rubbed making tiny circles, her movement became more demanding, as she pressed herself against my hand. “Not yet. I want to feel your pussy squeeze the life out of my cock when you come.”

“I make no promises if you don’t do it soon.” She took control of the situation as she pushed harder, rocking her hips. Her moans grew louder.

I moved my hand, denying her what she had been so close to accomplishing.

She glared at me, stilling her body against me.

Leaning back, I stroked my cock against her body before I pushed… slowly. I had to go slow, I felt like I’d come at any moment if I didn’t move at the torturous pace.

I held her by the hips as I gripped her roughly. I didn’t want her to slam down on my shaft and take it deep, at least not yet. I pulled her body down, impaling her with my cock as I sucked her nipple in my mouth.

When her pussy was an inch from having my entire shaft buried inside her I thrust my hips upward, burying my dick inside her.

She let out a gasp as the tip hit her cervix. “Oh,” she said as her eyes closed partially and I pulled out just as slow as I went in, not releasing her hips or giving her the ability to fuck me.

“Feel them?” I asked, studying her face.

“Yes, oh. My. God. I. Do,” she said stumbling on each word as I moved in and out of her.

I couldn’t control myself anymore. Fuck this. I never liked slow. I wasn’t built for it.

Her feet were barely touching the floor as I pulled her down my length. I controlled her like a ragdoll in my arms as I fucked her.

God, she felt fanfuckingtastic.

My thighs burned as I plunged inside of her, pulling her against me with each thrust.

The impact was volcanic.

The sound of our skin slapping and the water sloshing in shower filled the small space, echoing. Her moans grew louder with each collision until her body trembled in my arms.

I couldn’t hold out any longer. I picked up the speed, using my dick as a battering ram and her pussy as the object of its blow.

Her body bounced in my arms, her limbs moving on their own as her head fell back, exposing her neck.

“Eyes on me, Mia. I own this orgasm. I earned it.”

Her head snapped forward and she stared at me with glassy eyes. Her tits bounced with each blow – a spectacular fucking sight.

My brute force drove her over the edge as she screamed, her pussy milking my cock. I rammed into her as my balls grew tight and my dick began to jerk. My entire body tingled, as all my muscles grew stiff.

I began to shake.


I couldn’t remember the last time I came with such intensity. It was better than any high I ever chased in my life. Mia became my new addiction.

Chapter 11

Wrapping a towel around my body, I looked at him with a small grin. “Michael, will you stay tonight? I’m not looking for anything more from you, but I’d...”

He put his finger against my lips. “I’ll stay, Mia, I want to.” He pulled his finger away, smiling.

He looked beautiful with a towel around his waist; tiny droplets of water sliding down his muscular torso.

“I mean, I don’t want...”

He shook his head, wrapping me in his arms. “Woman, I said I want to. No one makes me do anything I don’t want to. There’s nowhere I’d rather be than with you. Can you stop talkin’ and get that fine ass in bed?”

Biting my lip, wanting to laugh, I nodded and broke free from his embrace.

“Which side?” I asked as I walked in the bedroom. “I tend to sleep in the middle.”

“The middle it is then, get in and scoot over, and I’ll work around you,” he said, following me.

I nodded, looking down at my towel. “Let me grab some pajamas first.”

I took one step away from the bed before he grabbed the towel and pulled, stripping me bare. “Seen it all, Doc. Felt it too. No clothes, just us and the bed.”

Shrugging, I said, “Okay,” with a soft voice.

In the center of the bed, I watched as he folded my towel and disappeared into the bathroom. A moment later he emerged stark naked in all his glory. The phrase fit him perfectly. It was a damn glorious sight.

I stared, licking my lips as he walked toward the bed. It’s not often a person can actually see the flex and release of a muscle with such definition.

The man didn’t have an ounce of body fat anywhere that I could see. Even his ass felt rock hard underneath my heels earlier.

His cock twitched and I quickly looked up at his face. My sex ached from the battering it took earlier. I missed that feeling, the one that reminded me of being pleasured.

“Like what you see?” he asked, winking at me as he lifted the sheet.

“Not bad,” I said, trying to seem indifferent.

He slid across the material and pressed his body to mine.

His hard to my soft felt amazing.

Brushing the hair off my forehead

, he asked, “You sleep on your back or you side?”

“I toss and turn mostly.” I stared into his soft brown eyes.

He smiled as his hand stilled against my hair. “Good, I sleep on my back,” he said rolling over. “Come here.”

I scooted across the bed as he lifted his arm. I put my head on his chest, sighing and smiled against his skin. The hardness under my cheek softened as he wrapped his arm around me and started to stroke my arm.

I moved my legs a couple times trying to get comfortable.

“Put your leg over me. Make yourself comfortable.”

I adjust my body, placing my hand that had been smashed between us on my leg and wrapped it around his bottom half.

Placing his arm back on my shoulder, he whispered, “Good now?”

“Perfect,” I said, as I placed my hand against his hard pec.

I stroked the spot between his two pecs, watching the path of my fingers until my eyes felt heavy. Mindlessly running my finger back and forth, I didn’t feel the need to toss and turn like normal.

I felt at peace.

“Just close your eyes, Mia.” He stroked my forearm lying on his chest and dug his fingers in my hair massaging my scalp.

I mumbled against his skin unable to speak, lost in the feel of him all over me.

Stirring my cup of coffee, as I watched the cream swirl in the cup, I felt more rested than I had in years.

Michael did this.

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