I would’ve never been the same without him in my life.

He laughed, wincing as his body shook. “Everything fucking hurts. I’m going to be out of commission for a while – a long while.”

“Doesn’t matter, just get better, man.”

“At least I didn’t fuck up my tattooing hand, but I’m not going to be walking anytime soon.” He flexed his good hand, balling it into a fist.

“I’ll wheel your ass in everyday if I have to. Maybe you can get one of those scooters all the old bastards use.” I smirked.

Fucking old people drove him nuts.

“Shut the fuck up, asshole,” he whispered, glaring at me.

“Well, at least the accident didn’t ruin your ability to use such eloquent language.” I laughed, the joy I felt with the simple conversation is unexplainable.

“Since when does your ass say eloquent?”

“You aren’t the only one with a college education, Joe. Listen man, some shit went down in the last twelve hours – more shit than just your accident. I need your advice, but I’ll wait until your mind is clear.”

“My mind’s clear as a whistle.”

I shook my head. “Nah, your shit got scrambled and I need it at its best to help me figure out the shit storm that’s about to rain down on me.” I rubbed my eyes and raked my hands down my face.

“No, fuck? I gotta know now.”

“Why me?” I laid my head on his bed wishing it all away.

The bed moved slightly as the sound of his laughter rang in my ears.

It was the best damn sound in the world.

“You’re going to laugh your ass off when you hear about the clusterfuck,” I said, sitting up to face him.

Suzy stirred as her eyes opened, a small smile on her lips. “Mikey,” she said with a sleepy voice.

“Hey, Suz. I didn’t mean to wake you. Sorry, sweetheart,” I said, watching her body melt against him.

“Don’t worry. I want to be up. You need anything, babe?” she asked, staring up at him.

She looked relieved. Yesterday I thought she was going to have a meltdown and lose it completely.

They had a love that I hoped to find someday. I wanted someone to be my world.

Fuck, I sounded like a pussy.

I needed to sleep and get my head right.

“Nah, sugar. I’m fine just how we are right now.” He pulled her tighter against his body and kissed her head.

I watched them with a dumb jealous grin on my face. I touched my dick to make sure it was still there.

“Did the doctor come in while I slept?” she asked, nuzzling her face into his chest.

“Not yet. The nurse said he’d be in this morning before they move me to a regular room.”

“I can’t wait to get you home, baby,” she said, closing her eyes.

“You just want me in bed and immobile,” he teased as he smelled her hair.

“I’d prefer you unable to talk, but being stuck in bed won’t be the worst thing in the world.” She giggled softly, trying not to jostle him.

Holding up in mock surrender I said, “Alright, love birds. This is my cue to get out of here. Call me if you need anything.” I stood and touched my brother’s uninjured arm. “I’m happy you’re alright, brother. I love you even though you’re an asshole sometimes.” I squeezed his forearm, looking at the both of them with their mushy grins.

“Love ya too, man.” He smiled.

“Bye, Mikey,” Suzy said without moving.

As I walked out of Joe’s room, I sent Mia a text.

Me: You done yet with work?

I had as much hospital as I could take. The smell of antiseptic and pine made my stomach turn. I worried it would be permanently part of my sense of smell if I stayed any longer.

Mia: I’ll be done in thirty.

Me: I’ll be in my car waiting or do you want to meet at my place?

Mia: Meet you at your place.

Me: Hungry?

Mia: Famished.

Me: I’ll have food, cock, and a comfy bed waiting for you.

Mia: What if I don’t want it in that order?

Me: I offer – you choose.

I laughed, shaking my head. I really liked her.

Mia: I’ll be there in one hour.

Me: Don’t keep me waiting.

I approached my car with a giant smile on my face and tucked the phone in my pocket. A white piece of paper flapped under my wiper, catching my eye. I ripped it off the windshield and glanced at it before crumpling it in my fist. Slowly I peeled the crushed paper apart and stared at it.


You can’t just leave us like this. How can you deny your own son? I’ll never let you go. Your mine and we’re yours.

I’ll fight for you until my last breath.

I sighed, wanting to vomit and crumbled the paper before throwing it on the ground. I’d deal with her shit soon and end her games.

Crazy and me did not fucking mix.

Chapter 15

I snuggled against Michael and relished the stark contrast of his warm skin and the cool sheets against my body.

The soothing of his hand as he rubbed the back of my arm made me melt into him. I slowly moved my fingers over the scruff lining his jawbone; each hair tickled my fingertips. The coarseness under on my skin felt like tiny shock waves moving through my hand. Listening to the beat of his heart, I drifted to sleep.

“Mia,” Michael whispered in my ear, waking me.

“Mm.” I was too tired to speak.

“I need you.” His lips brushed against my ear as his hand caressed the skin just above my underwear.

“Yeah,” I whispered, pushing my ass against his hardness, still half asleep.

Wrapping his arm around me, pulling me closer, his fingers dipped inside my panties. His breath felt hot and sounded heavy against my ear. Raking his fingers through my wetness, he moaned as he found my clit.

His damp fingers moved rhythmically against my tender flesh. I squirmed, a small moan escaping my lips. Arching my back, I pushed my ass against his erection. Moisture pooled between my legs, needing more than his hand to dull the ache.

Moving away from my body, he placed me on my back without speaking. I didn’t have to wait as I heard the crinkle of the wrapping before the bed dipped between my legs.

I blinked through blurry eyes and watched his dark figure kneeling before me as he slid on the condom.

Leaning over my body, he whispered against my lips, “You okay, Mia?”

“Yes,” I said in a sleepy voice, still not fully


Stroking the head of his cock against my opening, my eyes flew open. He thrust himself inside, waking me.

Warm hands pressed against my ribs before holding my arms above my head.

I relaxed my arms under his grip, enjoying the small grunts that filled the room and the feel of him inside me.

He pumped into me slowly, caressing my insides. Moaning, I felt the orgasm hovering just out of reach. I need more friction, more power to push me over the edge. I wrapped my ankles around his legs, as the pressure from the piercings hit me deep and in just the right way, sending a shockwave through my system.

The force of his thrust increased as he fucked me relentlessly. My fingers curled around his as he held my arms against the pillow. Wet warmth against my nipple made my body jerk. The sensations were overwhelming in my sleepy state.

As he bit down, I cried out, pleasure radiating throughout my body.

Pushing my head against the pillow, my arms grew rigid under his hold and my breathing halted. In the darkness, my eyes filled with vivid colors as the orgasm tore through me. Feeling like someone had knocked the wind out of me, I grew limp under him as he chased his release. Ramming his cock inside me over and over again, Michael cried out, body shaking until he collapsed on top of me.

Rolling away, he snapped the condom, pulling it off. The bed moved as he rolled over wrapping his arms around me. Michael Gallo spooned.

“Sleep, Mia,” he whispered in my ear, planting a soft kiss against my hair.

I closed my eyes, shuffling my ass back, leaving no space between us.

The peace I knew only when in his arms returned as I drifted back to sleep.

Michael seemed on edge when we woke. We both needed the gym to relax and unwind.

I touched his arm as he drove seemingly lost in his thoughts. “He’s going to be okay, you know that, right?” I asked, hoping to make him feel better.

He nodded his head. “Yeah, I know.”

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