messages went from pleading to downright mean and threatening. The conversation was entirely one sided. They were all from before we met. He had ended it with her. I wasn’t the other woman.

“What’s this?” I asked. holding the black book in my hand.

“Take a look. It’s an eye opener for sure. Tammy made it.”

I nodded, opening the cover to reveal the first page. It read Michael & Tammy Gallo with a picture of them on their wedding day. Only it wasn’t them. I started laughing.

“I told ya,” he said, running his fingers across my hand.

“No, it’s just...” I tried to stop laughing. “She showed me a picture like this but an engagement photo.”

“Just great.” He reached for the book.

I batted his hand away. “I’m not done,” I said, as I turned the page.

“Knock yourself out. It gets more bizarre the deeper you go.” He leaned back and relaxed.

The engagement photo she showed me was next, followed by a series of wedding shots. When I came to a page filled with children I stopped and the laughter I fought so hard to stop bubbled to the surface.

“Madelyn Gallo,” I said, still laughing as tears formed in my eyes.

“Don’t forget about Mason,” he said sitting up. “She picked out all the names.” He smiled.

“She’s seriously a whack job.” I shook my head still stunned by her audacity. “Didn’t you know she was this nuts before you slept with her?”

“We were never a couple. I didn’t figure it out until I found the book. I walked out of her house that day and never looked back.” He rubbed my arm and grabbed my chin. “Mia, I never lied to you. Not about Tammy or anything.”

I searched his eyes. With all the information and the sincerity on his face, I knew he spoke the truth. “I believe you, Michael.”

“About damn time,” he said, moving to kiss me.

“I’m still mad at you,” I mumbled against his lips.

Pulling away, he rested his forehead against mine. “Take it out on me in the bed, Mia. I can’t wait another minute to feel you under me.”

“Wait,” I said, pushing him away.

His smile evaporated. “What?”

“I said I believed you, not that I’d have sex with you.” I shook my head and tried to make the statement believable. All I wanted to do was make love to the man and fall asleep in his arms. I missed his body against mine as I slept.

He gave me a cocky grin, the one that I loved. “Are you mine, Mia?” he asked, the corner of his mouth twitching.

“I haven’t decided,” I lied. There was nothing that I wanted more than to be his.

“Let me help you with that decision,” he laughed, as he picked me up and hoisted me over his shoulder.

I laughed, swatting his ass so hard my hand stung.

“That’s it baby, I like it rough,” he chuckled as he walked toward my bedroom.

I bounced on his back, biting his shoulder blade, smacking him again.

“Damn,” he said as he spanked my ass twice, making me yelp. “I’d say we both have some emotions that needs to come out. I’m going to fuck every bit of pissed off out of you and show you who you belong to.”

“I wanna see you try,” I said, giggling.

He threw me on the bed and all the air left my lungs as I hit the firm mattress with a bounce. He looked large and imposing standing at the foot of my bed. His shoulders were broad and the muscles in his neck were corded tightly. The t-shirt stretched across his torso and looked like it would rip with the slightest movement. His brown hair lay across his forehead in a mess. He looked delicious and more handsome than ever.

“I’m up for a challenge,” he said with a smile, as he removed his t-shirt.

Fuck, he really was beautiful. I sat up on my elbows and watched him undress. Every movement made his muscles stretched and contracted. He wasn’t wasting a moment or doing a seductive strip tease. I needed to feel him.

This wouldn’t be love making or rekindling – this was anger banging.

He pushed me back against the bed, opening the tie of my robe. He pushed it open exposing my nightie. “Still mad?” he asked, his hands gliding across the cool silk on my abdomen.

“Yes.” Damn, my voice wasn’t strong. I knew he didn’t hear the conviction behind my words.

He sat on his knees, grabbing the material with both hands. His palms slid effortlessly against the smooth nightie. His hands stopped just under my breasts before making the journey back down to my bare thighs. He grabbed the bottom of the nightie, pulling it from the middle and tore it in half.

“Michael,” I yelled. The air conditioning caressed my skin and goose bumps covered my flesh.

He laughed. “Quicker this way.”

“I could’ve just taken it off, for fuck's sake.”

“That was for fuck's sake, Mia. I’m sick of waiting. It’s been days since I’ve been inside you.”

I hit him square in the chest as he leaned over my body. Why do men have to destroy shit in the name of passion?

“Oh, yeah. Just like that. I like a little fight in you.” His eyes turned dark.

“I hate you.” I glared at him.

“No you don’t,” he said, as his mouth clamped down on my nipple.

I arched my back, crying out in ecstasy.

He moaned against my trapped breast causing a vibration to skate across my skin. My core to pulsated as I pushed him. “Don’t fight it, you know you want it, Doc.”

I sighed, lying back to enjoy the feel of his lips on my skin, because I did want it. I ran my fingers through his hair before gripping it tightly in my fists. I held his mouth in place as tiny shocks shot through my body. The familiar ache between my legs became almost unbearable. I dug my heels into his ass and ground myself against him.

He tried to lift his head, but I pushed it harder against my chest, almost smothering him. I could feel his laughter against my torso as his body shook in my grasp. “Put your cock in me,” I said, releasing my heels, to give him the ability to move his lower half. I felt powerful even if it was a roués. He could over power me in a minute, but he let me play the game.

His lips popped off my skin and he looked into my eyes. “Don’t you want to kiss a little first?”

“This isn’t love making, Michael. You’re fucking me. Put it in or get the fuck out.” I sounded harsh and strong and it sent a thrill through me.

His eyebrows shot up, a small smirk his lips. “That’s fuckin’ hot, Doc.”

“Shut the fuck up and do it.” I kicked him in the ass.

“I love when you talk dirty to me. It makes me rock fuckin’ hard,” he said, as he reached down and fisted his cock before rubbing it against me.

“Stop!” I yelled, frozen in place. “Get a condom from my nightstand.”

“‘Put it in. Stop. Any other commands?” he asked, as he reached for the drawer, to grab a condom.

“You forgot shut the fuck up.” I laughed. I don’t know what got into me, but I liked it.

“Kinda rough on me, aren’t you?” he asked, as he unrolled the condom, paying careful attention to his piercings.

“I’m just getting started, big boy.”

“You just made my balls tingle,” he said, as he nestled between my legs. Hooking his arms under my thighs, he pulled my body to his. “Let’s get one thing straight, Doc, I’m in charge here,” he said as he stroked the tip of his shaft against me. “This is my pussy.” He smacked my clit with the head.

“I don’t see your name on it,” I said, winded from the sting.

“It will be, but for now, possession is nine-tenths of the law,” he said, as he rammed his cock into me in one quick thrust.

My back arched as he pulled out and pushed back in with greater force. I wouldn’t have described him as gentle the other times we’d been together, but this was rough and raw.

With the next thrust I smacked him in the face. He flinched, stopping to stare at me through

slit eyes. “What the fuck was that for?”

“What you put me through.”

His eyes searched mine for a moment before he pounded into me again.

I smacked him harder but this time he didn’t flinch. “For not being straight with me,” I said quickly before he could ask.

His eyes grew dark as his mouth set in a firm line. He pummeled me and I swung again, but he captured my hand. “You got two free shots, no more.” Leaning forward with my wrists in his grasp, he held them above my head.

I fought to free myself, bucking against him. His muscles contracted with each thrust and the sight of him alone could have me on edge. I bit my lip to quiet the moans that I wasn’t ready to give to him.

Beads of sweat formed across his skin as he pounded into me.

He released my hands and I grabbed his biceps, curling my fingers around the thick muscles. Using my grip to push myself against him, I met his thrusts, our bodies slamming against each other. My body bounced off him and the pressure of his cock hitting my depths drove me closer to the brink.

Our bodies collided, the impact hard enough to cause the headboard to hit the wall with a loud thud. I planted my feet into the mattress, using them to steady myself as I continued to push into him. It only took a few more thrust before my body tightened and I spiraled into the most glorious orgasm of my life.

It wasn’t the body-tingling orgasm that I’d experienced. This was earth shattering – life changing, no one else would ever compare.

Colors burst behind my eyelids as I rode the wave of ecstasy until I gasped for air through blurry eyes.

Michael wrapped his arms around me, cradling me against his chest as he cried out in his own rapture. He twitched and his body shook in waves.

Releasing my body from his arms, he held himself above me. “Jesus Christ,” he huffed out before shaking his head. “That was amazing. Fuck, I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

I didn’t reply. My mind was muddled from the bliss it had just experienced. He rested his forehead against mine; his harsh breath skidded across my skin. “Getting you pissed off has its advantages.”

Not in a million years did I think we’d be in this situation when I sat there staring out the window sipping my coffee. I figured I was through with Michael Gallo, but after a kiss and mind-blowing sex, the craving was back worse than ever.

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