Sarah wrapped her arms around me. “Been too long, girl,” she said in my ear. Sarah’s blue eyes were glassy.

“I know. We have to go this more often.” I checked out her outfit. “Damn, you look good, Sarah.”

She grinned and twirled. “I’ve been working my ass off in the gym. I’m wearing a bikini this year if it kills me.” She snapped her fingers catching the attention of the bartender and signaled for two more drinks. “He’s delicious, isn’t he?” Sarah asked, watching him move in the tight space. “I’m taking him home as a treat,” she laughed, as her eyes remained glue to his body.

“Always on the prowl,” Lori said, before becoming enamored by his body too.

He placed our drinks on the bar and leaned over to whisper in Sarah’s ear. Her lips turned up in an enormous smile, her eyes growing wide. He was definitely saying something X-rated. He backed away with a grin that could only be described as sinful. “Would you ladies like a shot?” he asked, never taking his eyes off Sarah.

“Hell yes,” she said, still wearing the dopey smile he’d given her.

“A toast,” Lori said, as she raised her glass. “May your love last thousand years but come in six inch increments.”

We clinked our glasses together and laughed before taking a sip.

“Six seems a bit average, don’t you think?” Jamie said, as she wiped her lips with the back of her hand.

“Hey, when you’re getting zero, six seems like fucking king dong.”

“True, true.” Jamie nodded her head and giggled.

“Drink those martinis because the dance floor is calling my name,” I said, grabbing the martini in front me.

“I’d rather stand here and gawk at all the yummy hotness in this room,” Lori replied.

“I know you would, Lori, but dance and gawk. Maybe you’ll get felt up,” I said around the rim of my martini glass.

“If I could be so lucky.” She laughed as she finished the last of her drink. They were ahead of us by a few sips and we had some catching up to do. “I’m usually the one doing the molesting though.” Lori sighed as she placed her glass on the bar.

Lori wasn’t bashful and made her intentions known to any man that caught her attention. We never judged her for going after what she wanted. Nine times out of ten she hit a homerun, but I’ve never been as forward as her.

“Fuck it,” she said. “We’re taking a taxi tonight or sleeping at Sarah’s place. I’m not going to be the sober one tonight.”

When Princes “Get Off” started to play, we ran screaming to the dance floor.

It reminded us of our college days, bringing us right back to where we all met at a frat party. The song was dirty as hell and perfect. It wasn’t the same song that we heard in the nineties, the DJ had spiced it up, making it techno, but the words were the same.

The mass of bodies moved to the rhythm, bumping and grinding with the music. I swayed, shaking my ass with the girls as we laughed. The colorful lights moved across the floor. I closed my eyes, getting lost in the beat. The alcohol made my legs feel weak as I continued to dance.

Running my fingers through my hair, I bumped into Sarah and leaned against her. We danced back to back, holding each other up. As I opened my eyes, I had the feeling that someone was staring at me.

I looked around and saw him. His eyes were focused on me.

My breathing stopped, my heart stuttered, as my body froze and I returned his stare.

I couldn’t look away as he held my gaze. Leaning against the bar, he paid no attention to the man by his side. He raked his eyes up and down my body and felt flush as heat crept up my chest to my neck.

“Why’d ya stop?” Sarah yelled from behind me.

All I could do was shake my head. My body felt frozen in place and my eyes were zeroed in on him.

Mike, the brick wall from the gym, stood there, watching me.

The dark pants and a crisp white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up that he wore, showed off the tattoos on his forearms. He looked calm and collected, but his eyes were fierce and pierced right through me.

The butterflies in my stomach from earlier came back with a vengeance.

What are the odds that I’d run into him again? Did he follow me or was it some cosmic force pushing us together.

“Mia, are you okay?” Sarah asked, as she stepped in front of me, breaking our eye contact.

My cheeks heated as I exhaled. “Yeah, I’m fine. Let’s dance.” I turned my back to where he stood and focused on the music, trying to forget he was there.

Watching me.

Chapter 4

“Dude, you okay?” Anthony asked, nudging me in the shoulder.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her. “Yeah.”

“Who you looking at?”

I motioned toward her with my chin before taking a sip of my beer. “Her,” I said.

“The blond?”

“Fuck no, the brunette in the short jeans.” She looked fucking edible.

“You gonna go talk to her?”

“Not yet.” The connection was there – a strong enough one that she felt me staring and stopped dead in her tracks. I never had an issue with pursuing a woman, but based on her reaction to me at the gym I’d wait before I approached her.

“Never took you for a pussy.” Anthony laughed and slapped my shoulder.

She leaned into her blond friend and turned.

Fucking women, I’d never figure them out.

The blond looked over her shoulder at me. Her face lit up before she spoke something into her friends’ ear. They danced and laughed and I became transfixed by the scene before me. Their bodies moved together, hips bumping, tits shaking, and I wanted to go on the dance floor and take her right there.

I swear to shit; god wanted to punish me and used my cock to do it.

Her face shimmered, and her hair flew through the air haphazardly as they danced together. I envisioned her beneath me, on top of me, and against the wall re-enacting her moves.

I sipped my beer, the bottle gripped tightly in my hand, as I felt t

he familiar throb in my dick.

When the song ended, they stood in the center of the dance floor and laughed. I didn’t move. I called her over with my finger.

She shook her head and started dancing when the next song started.


I thought I had the market cornered on cockiness, but she could be stiff competition.

Facing me, she put her hands above her head and shook her ass.

I caught a glimpse at her stomach muscles and I wanted to run my tongue over the smooth skin. It met her hips to create a fuckin’ knockout figure.

A man placed his hands on her hips and she froze, holding my gaze. The cocky grin on her face disappeared, replaced with a pissed off sneer. She slapped his hand away, but he didn’t let go.

What the fuck?

I didn’t want the sleazy bastard to have his hands all over her. I couldn’t blame the guy, but you don’t touch a woman unless she wants you to.

Clearly she didn’t.

She turned to face him, her arms waving in the air as she laid into the guy.

His eyes grew large but he didn’t back away.

I moved closer to them and waited for the moment to step in. I couldn’t let her handle this guy alone.

He reached for her waist but before he gripped her, her knee rose and met his balls in one quick thrust.


I winced, knowing the pain that just shot through his body. I smiled, knowing he deserved it, as he clutched himself rolling back and forth on the dance floor.

“Fucker, when I say keep your hands to yourself, I fucking mean it!” she roared.

Clearing my throat, I drew her attention away from the asshole at her feet. I wanted to touch her, but thought better after what I just witnessed.

I liked my balls too damn much to let that shit happen.

She turned slowly, her eyes growing wide as they flickered to the floor. “Hey,” she said as I caught a glimpse of her small smile.

“That was quite impressive. You took him down pretty hard.”

“I have boney knees,” she said laughing. “Thank you.” She looked too sweet and angelic to have just taken down the overgrown asshole writhing on the tile floor.

“I don’t think we were properly introduced earlier. I’m Michael and you are?” I held my hand out wanting to touch her skin again.

She placed her tiny fingers in my palm. “I’m Mia.”

I closed my fingers around her small hand, lifting it to my mouth. “You smell different than this morning.” I kissed the delicate flesh on the top of her hand gently.

Her scent was sweet and reminded me of fresh baked cookies. I couldn’t forget her flowery scent from this morning.

She laughed and her eyes twinkled. Honest to god, fucking twinkled.

“Not being a creep. Just making an observation.” I’d never been such a dumbass with a woman before. She made me nervous and turned me into a horny teenaged boy.

“It’s my lotion. Vanilla Bean Noel.” Her cheeks turned pink as she looked behind her and waved to her friends.

“You smell like a cupcake.” I licked my lips and now felt like the creep.

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