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Dom grasps my ankle and thrusts it over my head. “Hamstring stretch,” he mutters. “Pull your ankle toward your chest. More. You need a deep stretch in your thighs and hips.” He puts one hand on my calf and the other on the back of my thigh. The weight of his heavy body is on me, and I gasp in pleasure.

“Is that good?” he asks.

My ankle is so close to the side of his face that I can feel the bristles of his beard. I want to reach up with both my hands, cup his face and bring it down to mine.

“Yes, daddy,” I gasp, my head thrown back, reveling in the deep stretch and the feel of his body against mine. “That’s so, so good.”

He keeps pushing in rhythmic pulses, and I moan some more, giving into the sensations.

Dom pulls away suddenly, and I whimper at the loss of him. When I open my eyes and look up at him, he’s glaring at me, breathing fast. My eyes travel down his body, and—


Oh my.

His cock is hard, and it’s tenting his sweats.

I bite my lip, wondering if he’s angry with me. Was I making really porny noises? Have I overstepped a boundary and he’s going to chuck me out?

“Dom, um, I’m—”

“I told you,” he says tightly, “to call me daddy.”

“Sorry, daddy,” I whisper.

“Why are you sorry, babygirl?”

I hesitate, and then just decide to go for it. If he kicks me out, he kicks me out. Or maybe he’ll spank me for being filthy. That would work for me. “Because I got really turned on while you were stretching me, and I think you noticed. That’s not allowed, is it? Like, touching each other in a way that’s not for the sake of the workout, and stuff?”

His eyes gleam brighter. “We’re not in the gym, now. Those rules don’t apply.”

So we aren’t. But now I’m unsure what to say next.

He grasps my thigh and goes back to stretching me, only this time the thick rod of his erection is pressed tightly against my clit. He rubs back and forth with each press against my hamstring muscle.

“How’s that?” he asks, gazing down at me. He plants one hand by the side of my head. He’s practically on top of me.

“God, yes, daddy. So good. So, so good.”

“Do you want more?”

“Please. Don’t stop.” I reach up and put my hands on his shoulders, holding on for dear life.

Dom shifts his weight back a little. “Change legs.”

I switch so my left calf is over his shoulder. His eyes are blazing into mine as he slowly rubs against me, the pleasure of the stretch and the friction against my clit making me moan.

“Now both legs.”

I put both my legs up on his shoulders. I don’t know what’s happening to me, but it feels amazing and I never, ever want it to stop. He palms my belly, and then slides his hand up to my breasts. I arch into his touch, needing more of it. Needing more of him.

“Is this what usually happens after a really good workout with you?” I gasp.

His mouth quirks in a smile. “Hell no, peaches. But there’s just something extra sweet about you that I can’t resist.”

No one’s ever called me sweet before. Prickly, stuck-up, kind of bitchy, yes. But never sweet. And it’s just me he feels like this with? I’m special? That’s just so wonderful to hear.

He reaches down and strokes his thumb over my sex. He finds my clit and rubs me in lazy circles through my leggings, making the golden feeling intensify. “Such a good little brat,” he purrs. “That was a hard workout and you did it all without complaining. Daddy’s so proud of you.”

“Why does it feel so good when you talk like that?” I ask, my eyes closing. “It’s weird and icky, but it also makes me want—makes me want—”

“What does it make you want, babygirl?”

“Makes me want to come,” I confess in a whisper.

“That’s good, peaches. Because when you’re like this it makes me want to fuck you.”

I open my eyes, giving him a sly look. “What about when I’m bratty?”

He smiles a devilish smile. “That makes me want to fuck you harder.”

I moan softly. “Please, yes.”

Dom grasps the waistband of my legging and my underwear at the same time and pulls them down my legs and off over my sneakers. Then he grasps both my ankles in one hand, pulls them up over my head and swats my behind.


“Stay there,” he tells me.

He stands up, pulls his T-shirt off, and then heads out of the room. I watch him go, staring at his muscled back and rubbing the hot handprint on my bottom. Oh, my god. I think I’m about to get fucked. By Dom, the sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. I put my hands over my face, terrified and turned on at the same time.