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Dom comes back and kneels between my thighs. I open my eyes and see he’s holding a condom. He’s also completely naked now and his cock is thick—monstrously thick—and hard.

“Touch yourself. Be a good girl for daddy.”

Shyly, I reach down between my legs and slide my fingers over my clit. I’m all slippery. He watches me, palming his cock in his hand.

“What a pretty sight you are,” he purrs, and rolls the condom on. Under his heated gaze, I grow bolder, slipping a finger inside myself, and then two, and he watches with close attention. Taking a deep breath, I sit up a little and pull off my T-shirt, and then my sports bra. The only thing either of us is wearing now is me in my sneakers.

I’m so wet that when the tip of his cock pushes against my entrance, the rest of him quickly follows. I throw my head back, panting at the feeling of being stretched and filled. Dom gathers me up in his arms, and then stands up. I squeal and grab hold of his shoulders. The squeal turns into a moan as I sink further down his length.

“Grab the bar over your head. Lift yourself up and down on me.”

I grasp the bar, and then glare at him. “Are you making me work out while we have sex?”

He grins at me. “Do as you’re told, peaches.”

He’s supporting most of my weight with his hips and his arms around my back. I lift myself up, and then slide down again—and then groan. He feels amazing. I do it again, and then again, not feeling the burn in my arms because I’m too focused on the slow plunge of his cock into my pussy. I move a little faster, and then a little faster. The hot, tight sensation in my core builds, and then I’m coming hard, grinding against him, my head thrown back.

Exhausted, I let go of the bar and Dom catches me against him, his cock still deep inside me. He turns me around in his arms without putting me down or withdrawing, until I’m facing the other way, my legs squeezing his thighs. He supports my weight with his hands around my hips like it’s nothing.

Jesus, he’s strong.

“Hold onto my arms, peaches,” he growls.

I reach back and grip his forearms just above his wrists, and he starts to pound me. I can do nothing but hold onto him for dear life as he takes control, thrusting deep and fast, a brutal pace that my body responds to. I can feel another orgasm building and I revel in his rough, hard treatment, arched back against him and completely vulnerable.

“That’s it, peaches. Come for daddy.”

I whimper, my eyes closing as my peak rips through me. He comes with a roar, thrusting so deep it’s like he’s going to split me open, my climax gripping him with everything I have.

Dom pounds me lazily a few times more, breathing hard, and then sets me down carefully on my feet. Turning me around, he pulls me against him and kisses my panting mouth.

Yeah, I’m definitely going to be sore tomorrow, in places I wasn’t expecting it, either. But that was hella worth it.

Chapter Four


I take Amelia through to the bathroom and turn the taps on in the shower. I take off her shoes and socks, and then she keeps her arms wrapped tightly around me under the stream of hot water.

“You make me a bit crazy, peaches. You know that?”

“How crazy?” she asks me with a smile, peeping up at me through her lashes.

“Reckless crazy. Breaking my own rules crazy. Horny as fuck crazy.”

Amelia traces water droplets on my chest with her forefinger. “We haven’t broken them, daddy. Just bent them a little.”

I chuckle, reaching for the loofah and the coconut body wash. “Spoken like a proper little brat.” She breathes in deeply and closes her eyes as I rub coconut-scented suds all over her back, and her cute little ass.

“Mm, I thought I could smell coconut on you,” she says. “Do you do this often, then? Pick girls up at the gym and then invite them back for private sessions?”

“Before today? Let me think how many times…” I pretend to count back through my memory, getting the loofah between us so I can massage her tits. I was right. Her nipples are a beautiful peach color. Goddamn. “Exactly never. At my gym, or at the places I worked before this.”

I’ve been a personal trainer for ten years and never once have I behaved unprofessionally with a client. It’s just not worth the hassle if things go wrong. Amelia, though, has been the exception. She’s too good to resist.

Amelia gazes me. “Then why…?”

“Because I couldn’t help myself, peaches. When you glared up at me from that tiny pink chair, I knew I was a goner.”