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“How was your day?” I ask politely.


I wait for her to apologize for swearing, but she sticks her chin out mulishly and stares into her reflection, ignoring me.

“I’ll give you three seconds to apologize for starting your workout without me and using bad language. One.”

Amelia stares straight ahead.

“Two. Three.” I stand back and point at the ground. “Off the bike. Now.”

With a huge roll of her eyes, Amelia stops pedaling and practically throws herself off the bike and into a bratty hip-popped, arms-folded stance. “What?”

Everyone in the room goes silent and stops what they’re doing. As one, they turn to the trainee who’s just spoken to me in the most disrespectful tone possible. I glare around at them, and they quickly go back to what they were doing.

Turning back to Amelia, I make an about-face motion with the tip of my forefinger and point toward my office. “Now, peaches. Unless you want me to do this here.” I lean down and murmur in her ear, “And you really don’t want me to do this here. Just try me.”

She goes a little pale, and then turns about in a half-hearted temper and stalks to my office. Some of the puff has gone out of her already as she’s realized her mistake, but I don’t give a damn. She’s overstepped a line.

When we get into my office and I close the door behind us, Amelia holds up placating hands. “Daddy, I’m sorry I—”

Yeah, that’s not how this works. I put a hand on her shoulder, spin her around, grasp a fistful of the fabric at the back of her leggings and pull them down to her knees, along with her underwear. Her peachy little ass is exposed for me, and she wriggles and squeals indignantly.

“Get off! Oh my god! Don’t you dare!”

Don’t I dare. As if her little bratty tantrum is going to frighten me. “I’m a good girl, daddy. You won’t have to punish me. What happened to that Amelia, hmm?”

I slap my hand against her bottom and give it a good squeeze. Such a lovely fleshy behind. She hollers at the top of her lungs. “Ow! You brute!”

“Squeal all you want. This office is soundproof.” I had the soundproofing installed so I could block out the pumping gym music, but here’s an advantage I didn’t consider.

“This is against your rules!”

I chuckle darkly. “Don’t you remember, babygirl? You’re a special case. What we have now goes beyond our original rules. We talked about this.”

Sitting down on my office chair, I drape her over my knee. Because she’s still twisting like a wildcat, I push her head to the floor so she’s almost upside down, and she has to use those flailing hands to support herself. That should mean she gives me less trouble.

Then she grabs my calf and sinks her teeth into it.

“Motherfu— Oh, you’re really for it now, peaches,” I growl.

“Go to hell!”

Her ass is about to go to hell. She’ll feel like there are flames licking at her flesh by the time I’m done with her. I spank her once and she screams.

“I’m sorry! Let me up!”

Amelia doesn’t sound even one percent sorry. “I’ll tell you when I’m ready to hear your apology, and you’d better be convincing about it. Until then”—I spank her again—“I don’t want to hear a peep out if you.”

I give her six good smacks, nice and slow, and her ass turns a beautiful shade of angry pink. I squeeze her ass and see that her pussy is getting shiny and pink with her arousal. Goddamn, that’s a pretty sight.

“Say you’re sorry and I’ll let you up.”

“Never!” she hurls back at me, furious now, as if she’d rather die than concede one inch of ground. “Never, never, never!”

I chuckle. “Yeah, we’ll see.”

I go for another six, good hard smacks that make my hand burn, let alone her bottom. There are tears running down her face and she doesn’t look the least bit stroppy anymore.

“Well?” I ask, pinching her red flesh.

“I didn’t even do anything!”

I go on squeezing her ass, because it just feels so good. “Let me explain. What you did was come into my gym in a temper, and instead of telling me why so I could help you, you were rude to me. Does that clear things up for you?”

Amelia is stonily silent.

“Another six it is, then.”

I lift my hand, and she yelps. “All right! I’m sorry. I’m sorry for storming into your gym, and I’m sorry for being rude.”

I haul her up so she’s sitting astride my knee and watch her mopping at her tear-stained red cheeks. “Do you understand what you should have done instead?”

Amelia sniffles and nods. “Yes, daddy.”

“And what’s that?”

“I should have told you I wasn’t feeling my best and that I was upset.”

There’s a condom in my desk and I’m throbbing to use it after this. But maybe it’s better that we talk, if she wants to. “That’s my good girl. Now, I’ll give you a choice. Would you prefer to tell me what’s eating you now, or would you like me to fuck you first?”