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“A grown-up isn’t supposed to feel that way. It’s not fair.” I sniffle for a moment, thinking. “And yet I like it when you make me feel small and powerless. Why is that?”

“Because you chose it.”

I give him a watery smile. “Simple as that, huh?”

“Yes. It’s as simple as that.” Dom wraps me tighter in his arms and sits down on the desk with me perched on his knee. “Three things, peaches. One, she’s a miserable cow, and I’m sorry she made you feel that way. Two, you have every right to feel that way.”

“Thank you. And three?” I ask.

“Let it go.”

I sigh. “I’m trying. I thought I was over it, but then I saw yet another puff piece about her work this afternoon and it set me off.”

“I’m not saying do it all at once. But there must be something you can do to help ease the hurt.”

“Like what?”

He gives me a sly smile. “Why don’t you paint something inspired by this experience? Artists do that all the time, don’t they? They put someone who’s wronged them into their novels or art or whatever, and change them just enough so no one else knows who they are. But you’ll know, won’t you?”

I think about it. Putting this awful woman in my art, and owning a little piece of her like she tried to own me. A smile spreads over my face. “Daddy, that’s the best idea ever!”

He kisses my smiling mouth, and then I’m melting against him, falling into his all-consuming kiss. His lips brush firmly over mine, and then he sucks my lower lip into his mouth. I groan and bury my hands in his hair.

“Isn’t this against the rules?” I whisper. “I’m your trainee and you’re my trainer.”

“Not anymore. You’re my little girl. Aren’t you, peaches?” His hand slips down between my legs, and he rubs my clit. I squirm against his hand, my eyes closing.

I moan, nodding. “Yes, I’m your little girl. And you’re my daddy.”

He nuzzles my ear. “And you know what that means, don’t you?”

Oh, I know what that means. It’s means he’s going to make me come again, in the most delicious way possible.

Dom pulls his hand away and spanks my wet pussy with a loud, wet smack. I yelp and clutch his shoulders, and his eyes blazing down at me are ferocious.

“It means you’re going to get out there and do your damn workout! On the double, little brat. Go, go, go!”

Chapter Six


I meet Amelia in the foyer of the gym after her shower—a hot one, this time, as she was punished enough over my knee. As I take her hand, Joshua’s eyebrows shoot up. I return his surprised expression with a challenging one, and then he breaks into a smile and shakes his head in a you old dog way. I know he’s pleased for me. He’s been at me for months to go on a date with someone.

Neither of us are dressed for anything fancy, so I take Amelia across the street for ramen. It’s a hole-in-the-wall place that serves huge bowls of noodle soup while you sit in tiny chairs. We order the house special, which is ramen with pork belly, and iced green teas.

I look into Amelia’s slightly flushed face. “Thank you for telling me what you told me earlier.”

She shrugs, a little embarrassed. “Thank you for listening to me even though I was a total brat at first. It felt good finally saying it out loud. And I will get back to painting. It’s just, ugh. After that bad experience, and a long day at the office struggling to care about the silly things Suzanna wants me to write… but that doesn’t include the piece about Dom Fitness. I started it yesterday, and I’m really enjoying writing it.”


She digs her phone out of her bag, taps the screen, and then passes it to me. “Here. It’s not finished, but I thought you might like to read what I’ve got so far.”

It’s about a page long, and it faithfully describes what it was like for her to arrive at the gym as a complete newbie to the dom/sub thing and to working out, and how it felt being chucked in at the deep end of both. I find myself laughing, because she’s injected a lot of humor into the piece. It’s also wonderful to see the gym through a sub’s eyes.

“Peaches, this is amazing! From a writing point of view, and what you’ve said about the gym and how it’s made you face up to some things. Do you really mean what you’ve written?”

Amelia grins and rolls her eyes. “Well, the place is doing amazing and it’s the best idea ever, obviously.” I stare at Amelia so long that she frowns. “What’s wrong, daddy? Are you mad I rolled my eyes again?”