He was that kind of adventurous lover.

I could tell.

Because his kiss was so much more than a kiss. It was a prelude to dark and dirty nights. It was a kiss that spoke of one-night stands. Of hot sex with a stranger. Of sweaty bodies, passion, and the kind of wild trysts you could order in this city after dark.

I melted into his touch, giving in to the exquisite tension rising in my body, the lust radiating from where he pushed against me, making sure I felt the full length of his erection.

I did.

Dear God, I did. I felt every fantastic inch.

And even though I knew I shouldn’t be doing this with him—a friend, a new business associate, a man I wasn’t going to get involved with, because I wasn’t going to get involved with anyone—I didn’t want to stop.

Not at all.

I looped my arms around his neck, playing with the ends of his hair.

He liked that, judging from the rumble in his chest. The groan that fell against my lips.

He kissed me harder, rougher, and by the time he broke the connection between our lips, I was a hot, wet mess.

His eyes blazed with desire as he stared at me. The corner of his mouth curved up in a brash grin. Why did he wear such a cocky grin so well? I didn’t know the answer, but I liked that he did.

He ran his fingers across my cheek. “As you can see, I always make good on my bets.”

That was why he wore the grin well.

He knew himself, knew his mind, and that electrified me. I’d never acted on my deepest fantasies, because I’d never been with a man who had the confidence in his identity to go to that place, to play those games.

But Jake?

I’d bet he could. I’d bet it all on that spin of the roulette wheel.

And I wanted more of him. All of him.

My breath came quickly, my heart raced, and my cells cried out for his touch.

But I had a meeting to go to tomorrow.

I had business to tend to.

And stupid debts to pay off.

I brushed my hair off my shoulder, trying to act cool. I couldn’t chance an entanglement. “I guess you did.”

He pressed his hand against the wall behind me. “So, I believe you were about to say you don’t have any plans this weekend and you want to spend it under me?”

Were we really going back to this? To the flirting?

I laughed hard. It felt good to laugh with him, even though the kiss had only been a bet, my willpower temporarily breaking down.

I straightened my spine. “I have to focus on the meeting tomorrow.”

“Yes, I know. But the weekend comes after your meeting, Kate.” He wasn’t pushy. He was commanding and clear.

He made me want to ditch my plans for him.

But I needed my plans.

So I made a lateral move, going for a tease. “I thought we were going to the movies,” I said ever so innocently.

“We can do the movies, or we can do plenty of other things.” He toyed with the waistband of my jeans. Dear God, his fingers moving like that lit a new fire inside me. I was so damn hot and needy for this man.

“Such as?”

“For instance, we could deal with whatever this is.” His eyes never strayed from mine.

“What is this?” I asked, nervous but wildly turned on too, as he seemed to see through me.

He moved closer again, ran a finger along my neck, down my throat, between my breasts, and into the V of my shirt.

“You know what this is. This is the last few months of tension between the two of us,” he said, stopping to brush his fingers across the fabric covering my belly, making me shudder. “This is the way I want you. And the way you want me.”

There was something so wildly alluring about a man so straightforward about his wants and his needs. It was such a contrast to my ex, to the way he’d wanted to romance me, take me on dates, entice me with sweet seduction, and then used my good name to rack up all sorts of debt.

I didn’t want to be fooled again.

But Jake? He didn’t seem to be fooling me. He was simply being direct. Laying his cards on the table.

Sex and nothing more.

The trouble was, I had a mission, and that mission involved whatever Trish was going to throw at me tomorrow.

It didn’t involve white-hot distractions.

With every ounce of willpower I could muster, I raised my chin and answered the sexiest man I’d ever known, the man I was sure would finally engage my fantasies. “As enticing as your offer might be, I really should see what my boss has in store first.”

He brushed his thumb over my chin, his eyes darkening, his voice gravelly. “You know where to find me. And in the meantime, let me give you a little something in hopes that you’ll reconsider my offer.”

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