“But this is an interesting choice for a venue to ink a deal,” I said, glancing around, then picking a couple cuddled up on a chaise longue. The woman had long hair, and the man sported a beard. “It’s not your typical business place.”

She smiled like she had a secret. “I think the deals people are doing here are of a different variety.” She nodded at the nearby couple. “Like them.” Her breath came in a quick rush. “I bet they’ll be going home tonight. Finishing the final terms in a hotel room.”

Holy hell. She wasted no time. She went for it, and I loved how she jumped into the deep end. I took a swallow of my scotch, savoring the burn. “I bet she’ll take his hand and lead him right over to the bureau.”

I met Kate’s eyes, and those hazel irises glittered with lust.

A new look for her. One I’d only seen last night. One I wanted to see all night long.

She let out a breath. “Do you think he likes to fuck her in front of the bureau? Standing up? Bent over? Ready?” As the words came out of her mouth, her shoulders relaxed and she laughed.

But it wasn’t as if the conversation amused her.

It was more like . . . relief.

Like she’d just said something she’d wanted to give voice to for a long, long time.

I inched closer, my shoulder against hers, our bodies aligned. I eyed the couple in question, the one we were using for foreplay. They had no idea I was using them to turn on this woman next to me. That was what made tonight so hot. “I bet she likes it when he fucks her against the table too. Bet she likes it when he bends her over the couch. Slides a hand up her back, grabs all that hair, and yanks hard.”

She gasped. “She loves that. She might even go to the room first. Surprise him.”

My skin heated up as she got into it. “Bet she wears nothing but a shirt. Takes off her panties. Bends over the couch, her ass in the air, waiting for her man.” The image of that—not of the long-haired woman and the bearded man, but of Kate waiting just like that—sent lust barreling through my blood.

“She does that for him.” Kate’s lips parted, her eyes hooded as she gazed hungrily at the couple. “She waits for him like that. So he can feel how wet she is when he arrives. How much she wants him.”

I slid a hand around her waist. I was dying to ask how wet she was. But I knew better. Games were games. Roles were roles. And in this game, we weren’t talking about ourselves.

She trembled against my hand. “She wants him to know,” Kate whispered. Then she lifted her glass, taking a drink. “She wants him to know how turned on she is. She’s squirming in her lace, and all she wants is to show him.”

She turned her gaze toward me slowly, taking her time. Her cheeks were flushed.

Kate Williams had put all her cards on the table. Every last naughty one.

No bets, no bluffing—just desire.

I understood her wishes.

I understood how to fulfill them.

I tossed some bills on the bar. “I’ve got a room upstairs, Ms. Williams. Why don’t we seal the deal in ten minutes?”

* * *

I booked a room so goddamn fast.

Handed her a key card. Kept one for myself.

Watched her go into the elevator.

Waited till she sent me a text.

She sent two images, and they made my pulse spike. This woman was masterful, and I strode down the hall, then waited for her signal.

It came in words and pictures.

A shot of her white panties on the floor, followed by her instructions.

Kate: Come find me.

A few minutes later, I used my key card to enter the room at The Extravagant, opening the door. The lights were low. One light flickered in the corner, and something that sounded like D’Angelo played from a speaker.

This woman had set the scene.

And she was one hell of a set designer.

The mood was sheer filthy perfection.

Then it was even better.

Because there she was.

Bent over the couch, blouse on top, nothing on the bottom.

And from head to toe, she looked so damn aroused.



The mind was a powerful organ.

Mine was overactive and had been all night. All month. All year.

I’d imagined this.

This was my go-to: the talking, the setup, the scenario. But I’d never set it in motion before. Given my choice to lay off men over the last several months, my body was primed.

My mind had provided the mental foreplay.

As I slid the key against the door, I already imagined the moment when he’d walk into the room.

How I wanted it to feel to him.

Peering around, I took in the space and decided to set the scene.

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