My entire body shuddered with anticipation. “That’s bold of you. Are you sure you can deliver?”

He pulled back, staring at me with an arched brow. “You doubt me, Ms. Williams?”

I gave a coquettish shrug, which wasn’t easy to do from that position, but it felt wholly necessary to the game we were playing. “Maybe I do, Mr. Hamilton,” I said, a little tease. “After all, it’s our first time doing business together. How do I know you’ll deliver on all the terms of this deal?”

He stepped away, stood behind me, and lifted a hand.

I wasn’t a submissive. I wasn’t into being tied up. But a swat on the ass? Bring it on.

He brought his hand down hard on my flesh, and I cried out. Loudly. So damn loudly.

His expression was stony as he slid his fingers between my legs, testing me. I moaned as he stroked my wetness.

“Your body doesn’t seem to doubt me,” he murmured.

“True, but I still need more proof. Think of it as a show of good faith.”

He gave another swat. Harder. Sharper.

“Ow,” I called out as I grew wetter.

“There. Are you now convinced I’m serious?”

“Why don’t you check?”

His fingers returned to my center, and I rocked against them until he pulled them away a few seconds later, bending close to my ear again. “Seems you’re convinced.”

“I think I might be,” I said.

He took his time, drew a breath, and spoke in a filthy tone. “Then, can you agree to get on your knees and suck my cock once I’ve proven I can meet the terms on my end?”

“That sounds mutually beneficial,” I said with a naughty grin. I ached to be touched again.

“Good.” He stepped away from me, but never took his eyes off my body as he unbuttoned his shirt the rest of the way. I stared shamelessly, admiring the expanse of his chest, the cut of his abs, and the decadent dip of his V.

He smirked. “And are you enjoying the potential of our business deal?”

After months of dancing around my desire, I didn’t want to pretend. I wanted to own this lust. “So much.” I took a beat and licked my lips, our eyes locked on each other. “So damn much,” I added, wanting him to know. “And you?”

His lips curved into a grin. “I find the possibilities of our partnership quite enticing.” Returning to me, he brushed his fingers over the curve of my ass. I moaned as a wave of lust swept across my skin. “Absolutely, deliciously enticing.” He spread his palm over my cheeks, squeezing.

“I was hoping you would.”

He moved behind me, and I turned my face, following him, watching him as he stared between my legs. His eyes went darker, savage almost. “You see, Ms. Williams, I set those terms because I could tell how much you wanted this deal. But I’d also like to hear it from your pretty little mouth.”

“I do want it,” I said, breathless, desperate, and enthralled with our game.

“I want it too,” he said huskily, as he put both hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks. “So goddamn much.”

He kneaded my ass, squeezing, playing, groaning as he went, sounds of approval rumbling in his throat. With each touch, I grew hotter, the temperature in me shooting dangerously high.

I wriggled my rear, asking for more.

And he gave.

Oh God, did he ever.

His hand glided between my thighs, his fingers coasting across my wetness. My eyes fell closed. I dropped my face, and I groaned as he took his sweet time, indulging in touching me. “Oh, God.”

He stroked my clit, his fingers expertly playing me. “Yeah, I think you’ll meet the first term,” he said, so damn casually, as he thrust one digit inside me. “I’ve got a feeling.”

I had a feeling too.

Many feelings, and all of them were filthy and fantastic as Jake fucked me with his fingers. He crooked one inside me, hitting me in that spot that made my vision blur. That made the world around me narrow and spin.

My belly tightened, and pleasure crawled up my legs and pulled at my skin.

He followed my cues, thrusting harder, deeper with the quickening of my breath, the swaying of my hips.

Desire wound tight inside me, an exquisite ache that came before release.

I hadn’t expected this so soon. So fast. But my legs shook, and I felt out of control. I was losing hold of my grip on this scene, on the game, on my goals.

I didn’t think he’d take me so quickly, so commandingly.

As he fucked me with his fingers, his other hand banded around my waist, gripping me. He bent over my back, covering me, his stubbled jaw skating near my ear. “Yes, I bet we’ll be doing this deal in many ways. Multiple ways,” he rasped, and I shattered.

My hands curled around the couch, digging in, as the force of my orgasm tore through me.

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