Maybe it was just because I worked hard for everything I had, but Dante’s spoiled brat behavior drove me a little crazy. Just because he laid eyes on some woman, he’d go to such lengths to make her his? God save anything else the man wanted. Still, Dante had also mentioned that the woman in question, Sadie, was something of a spitfire. He’d said so with a quip of amusement to his voice; Dante loved the chase. I rolled my eyes remembering the tone. If she was as wild as Dante said, the entire house was in for it.

I rounded the corner to the window-less suite I was told Sadie was in, and Kane was standing in front of the door, leaning against the wall, his arms crossed and eyes wide as though he’d downed ten cups of coffee. “Hey,” I greeted.

Kane didn’t move, but merely glanced in my direction. “Hey.”

I nodded my head towards the door. “She as fiery as I’m told?” I planted myself across from Kane.

He nodded. “Oh, she’s quite the ‘free spirit.’ Hasn’t yielded to Dante one bit.”

I shrugged. “What does that mean, really? We all know that Dante always wins in the end.”

“Must be nice,” Kane retorted. He stood up straight, twisted his body to work out some kinks, and then handed over the key to the room. “Well, good luck.”

Kane wasn’t an easily frazzled man, so if he was wishing me good luck, he meant to warn that she was a complete handful. I took his place at the door, and settled into the same steeled resolve that Kane held before him. An hour passed, then two, then three, with no sound from inside the room, but finally, there was a light knock at the door.

“Hello?” a raspy voice called out from the other side. “Is someone out there?”

“Back up,” I called back.

There was a loud, exasperated sigh from the other side of the door, followed by a few, intentionally-loud-for-me-to-hear stomps. I took the key to the door from my pocket and opened the door, entering and being slapped in the face by a visage of pure sexiness. Her hair was up in an unkempt ponytail and her outfit was somewhat ragged, but she was still to die for. It took everything in me not to give in to my animal instincts.

“How can I help you?” I asked, keeping a safe space between us.

She crossed her arms and the pout that found her face magnified her appeal. “I’m just wondering if the King of the Castle has given my release orders yet?”

I smirked at the bite in her voice. “Not that I know of, but knowing Mr. Marcello, I wouldn’t hold your breath.”

Sadie uncrossed her arms and cocked her head, her eyes suddenly turning minx-like. “Well, maybe there’s something we can work out? If you let me go, I’ll do anything?”

My gut responded for me. “Anything?” I imagined pushing her down to her knees and introducing her to my cock.

She nodded, pinching her bottom lip between her teeth. “Anything.”

My skin sizzled. I wanted to take her up on the offer. She had her waist cocked to the side, giving me a tempting view of her apple-bottom ass. I knew from her demeanor that no one had ever fucked her there before. I believed her when she said she would do anything, and I could have my dick hiked up her ass, with a fist of her hair in my hand within ten minutes.

I took a step towards her and my blood started to boil with excitement. She straightened her body, but stayed standing firmly in place. All it would take would be for me to tell her what to do and she’d do it, and I would make her love it. As I got closer to her, however, a sphere of influence wafted out from her and stopped me in place. A ghostly visage of Dante was standing defensively in front of Sadie and suddenly I could all but feel my brains be scattered on the wall behind me. What was I thinking? I couldn’t touch what Dante had already claimed.

“I’m flattered,” I replied, “but I wouldn’t dare tempt fate by touching Mr. Marcello’s property.”

Sadie righted her body in an instant, rage splashing against her face. “I’m not his property, and both of you can go to hell.”

“Sounds like it’s going well.” I looked over my shoulder and Kane had returned, with a bag in his hands.

“You were right,” I responded, turning back to face Sadie. “She’s a blast.”

Kane entered the room and handed the bag he was holding to Sadie. It was solid black with white print on the bottom of the bag that said ‘Estee Lauder.’ Sadie didn’t take it. She stared at Kane through a half-lidded gaze, and Kane eventually just dropped the bag on the floor.

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