How chivalrous. At least their orgies were based on permission. Progressive thugs; they should be in a museum somewhere. “Who all falls into ‘we’ll?’”

“Myself, my brother, Asher, and I believe you’ve already met Brix and Kane.”

I stared at him, trying to contain the battling fear and heat stirring up inside of me. “You’re all okay with sharing women?”

Apollo nodded. “More than. You’ve got to understand, we’ve been together for so long, we’re no longer just a regular family. We’ve formed a family inside our family, and Dante’s at the head of the table.”

“So, I won’t be getting any help eluding him from any of you?” I asked, defeated.

Apollo snickered, the expression on his face frighteningly resolved. “No, you will not.”

Dejected couldn’t begin to describe how the resonance in his voice made me feel. It made it very clear that I was the only thing in the house that wasn’t controlled in its entirety by Dante. I couldn’t ever see myself being someone who would kidnap or kill someone simply because someone else told me I should, so there must have been something I was missing about Dante. It made me both curious and furious.

He grinned at me. “The sooner you give in to Dante, the better it will be for all of us.”

A shiver ran down my spine as he said it. I feared the answer to the question I didn’t ask: Better how? What were they planning on doing with me once I was ‘willing?’ They were willing to share women, but what did that mean for me? How much say did I really have in the matter?

“If I never gave in to Dante, what would happen to me?” I asked finally.

Apollo shrugged his shoulders and looked positively blank. “I don’t know,” he said. “No one has ever resisted the urge to give in.” He smiled at me. “But don’t worry, I highly doubt you’ll be the first.”


I stormed into my room, still furious that I actually allowed that snake to get a cheap shot on me. Not only that, but he put my business and my entire family at risk. I didn’t want to have to do what I did, but it was necessary.

“You good?” Apollo asked; he was Sadie’s current guard.

“Yeah, you can go,” I replied.

“You sure?” Apollo asked.

“Yeah. You’re off tomorrow too,” I said.

Apollo stood in his spot for a minute, but I set a hand on his shoulder. “I’m good. Thank you. Go, enjoy your days off.”

Apollo nodded. “Alright. Just call if you need me.”

“I will. Thanks.”

Apollo walked out of the room, and for the first time, I dared a glance at Sadie, she was still tied to the bed, and I immediately was tempted to take her. Whenever I was angry or tense, my chosen method for relieving my frustration was to fuck some woman senseless. Unfortunately, the current object of my attractions was far from interested in returning any of my advances, not that I could blame her. Instead of saying anything to her, I just started to remove my clothes so I could go take a shower, intentionally doing so where she could see everything I had to offer.

I could feel her eyes on my every movement as I disrobed, and if I wasn’t trying to keep myself from losing control, I would have stayed to let her enjoy the show a bit longer, but I needed a shower to clear my mind, and hopefully calm me down. It was quick, and hot water to ease the tension in my muscles. I was starting to calm down, but when I climbed out of the shower and saw the cut above my eye, the anger came back in earnest. It was going to take a few days to get over it.

I opened one of the drawers beneath the countertops in the bathroom, and pulled out a pair of my favorite silk pajama bottoms and pulled them on. I skipped any other garments; I didn’t need them. I walked out of the bathroom, still avoiding looking at Sadie and moved over to my minibar. I pulled out a bottle of vodka, grabbed a shot glass, and filled it to the point that some of the clear liquid spilled over the edge. I knocked the glass back, emptying the contents, and then immediately started to pour another glass.

“Um.” I looked over and Sadie was watching me with a calmer expression. “Can you untie me?”

I turned around to face her fully, but kept myself at a distance by the bar. “Are you ready to play nice?”

She nodded her head and looked good enough to eat as she did so. It was a risk, but I set my glass down at the table in the center of the room, and then walked over to the bed. As much as every pore in my body was telling me to keep her tied up and shove my cock into her until she was screaming my name, I kept my animal instincts at bay and untied the ropes from around her wrists. I did feel slightly bad at the red marks encircling her wrists, but I knew they would go away eventually. I untied her ankles and she instinctively stretched her body out, tempting me with a delectable view of her midriff.

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