“That’s fine,” Dante said.

Sadie pressed the call button on the screen and sat in silence for a moment. After a few rings, I heard the line pick up. “Tangelo,” Sadie said without waiting for a greeting. I could hear the voice on the other end chattering with discontent. “I know, I’m sorry. I can’t talk long, but I didn’t want you to worry any more than you already have.” Sadie went quiet again and then she started giggling.

“Please do your best to call them and convince them to call it off. I’m more than fine.” Sadie sighed and nodded and Dante and I relaxed a bit. “I love you too, bye.” She hung up the phone and then held it out to me to take back. “Thank you. I feel much better now.”

I looked up at Dante and met his eyes and he nodded back at me. I pushed Sadie’s phone back to her. She whipped her head around and looked at Dante and he smiled and nodded. Her expression towards him softened.

“Thank you,” she said.

“Of course,” Dante replied. She looked back at me and mouthed ‘thank you’ and I nodded. “You can go, Kane,” Dante cut in.

“Yes, sir. Goodnight, Sadie,” I replied.

Sadie smiled, looking the most comfortable she had since I met her. “Goodnight,” she replied.


I’d been living with Dante and his family for about three weeks, and it wasn’t nearly as horrible as I might have expected it to be. In truth, the worst thing about being there was that I was horribly bored. Dante had eased up with how much I was allowed to use my phone without supervision, so I could play games and stay checked in, but I could only play Bubble Blaster for so long. Dante did take me out for a night on the town, but aside from that, I was in the house, typically with someone watching over me, whether closely, or from a distance.

Dante. He was an interesting man. The more time I spent with him, the more I grew to like him. He had some undeniably desirable qualities. He was the most dedicated person I’d ever met, his family values were out of control, and he had a dry humor that was hilarious when he let it out. Of course, there were things about him that I wasn’t crazy about. He was stubborn, cocky, and a bit of a smart-aleck. He was a huge brat when he didn’t get his way, and treated everything in life like it was his way or the highway. That aside, even when he was displaying his worst qualities, I found myself drawn to him. It helped that he was handsome, not even just that, he was downright sexy. If I’d come across a man like him in any situation other than how I had, I would have dated him with no questions.

The only one hanging around the house besides me, was Kane. I was shocked to learn that Dante had a home in Chicago as well, and Brix was away to prepare it. For what, I wasn’t sure. I’d heard how Kane, Apollo, and Asher had come to Dante and was curious how Brix ended up with him? Was there a family thing like there was with the twins, or was it a pure trust thing like Kane?

The twins and Dante were all out on business and Kane was on ‘Sadie Duty.’ Even Kane had work he was attending to, and wasn’t catering to me as much as he had in the past. For all intents and purposes, I was on my own. Finally, I decided that I wanted to take the first overly relaxing bubble bath I’d had in weeks. The house was so luxurious, it seemed like I should take advantage of it. In fact, I should take advantage of the nicest bath in the house. Dante’s personal bath. It was twice as big as any other bath in the house, and Dante all out demanded that I be in his room most of the time anyway, why not take those directions to the max?

I ran the water, dropped in some bubble bath and oils, stripped off my clothes, and climbed in. It was so delightful. The water seemed to wash away all the tension in my body, and before I knew it, I’d let my head drop back and had drifted to sleep. I started to dream of being on the runway again, spending time with my family, and being back in college, but when my brain took me to images of having someone else’s body next to mine, the feeling felt a little too real. I lifted my head, opened my eyes, and was shocked. Dante was entirely naked, and sitting in the bath across from me, his legs intertwining with mine. In spite of my initial shock, I was immediately turned on. The water accentuated his severe muscles and he had his hair slicked back over his head and entirely out of his face. It was hot.

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