“Dante,” Sadie whimpered.

I put my lips near her ear. “Do you want me?” I asked. I was a tease at heart, but that wasn’t why I was asking her. I wanted to make sure she was ready.

“Yes,” she replied, and there was a desperation to her voice. I could tell that she meant it.

“Relax your body,” I told her, hoping she already was. I tipped my dick into her hole, and slowly started to push my way inside. Her body tensed instantly, and I could feel her pussy trying to push me back out. She gritted her teeth and clamped the sheet at her sides. I stopped moving, and kissed her, using a hand to pet her hip. “Relax, baby. I’ve got nothing but pleasure for you.”

Sadie gripped on to me in a way that told me she was trusting me. It was exhilarating. I wanted to prove that trusting me wasn’t a mistake. I placed a kiss on her shoulder and then moved back to her lips to kiss her as I pushed myself further inside. She whined beneath me, and I started to pull away, afraid that was hurting her, but her hand flew to my back and held me tight in place. I smiled, and moved even further until I was buried deep within her. Her fingers dug into my back and scratched me while I moved in and out of her. Soon, I could feel the muscles of her pussy contracting around me as she came. The heat inside of her and the feeling of her squeezing me was almost enough to take me with her, but I wasn’t ready to be done just yet.

I slowed my pace to something intense and just enough to keep us both hot, but not so much to send us over just yet. I blanketed myself over her entirely and nestled my face near her ear. “I’m honored to be your first.” I whispered to her. “Do you like it?”

Her head nodded against my shoulder. “Yes.”

“Do you want more?” I asked, pushing all the way into her in one, long thrust.

“Yes!” Sadie moaned.

“I’ve got so much more for you as you start to let go,” I said. “Next time I tie you up, you will enjoy it.” I picked up my pace and Sadie let out a continuous stream of moans, getting tighter around me. She was getting more turned on. “Do you want to know what else?”

“Yes,” Sadie whimpered.

“I want to watch while you’re being fucked by someone else.” Her pussy clamped down so hard on my dick and it brought me close to the edge. I wasn’t going to last much longer myself. I started to fuck her in earnest, after the goal now. “I want to share you with my men and watch you scream out with pleasure while they do everything to you that they’ve ever wanted.”

“Yes!” Sadie started to shudder around me with another earth-shaking orgasm, sending strong vibrations up my cock, and into my body. I couldn’t hold it in anymore, the burning feeling in the pit of my stomach rocketing forth, and sending my seed shooting out of me to fill Sadie up.

After each taking a moment to breathe and gather ourselves, I pulled out of Sadie, but didn’t pull away from her. I wrapped my arms around her back, and rolled, bringing her to rest on top of me. She settled against my chest and started to caress the stomach with her fingers. For a moment, I became concerned with how much I was enjoying the soft moment with her, but I put it out of my mind. Whatever happened, happened. I pulled one of my throw blankets over us and felt comfortable enough to fall asleep. I didn’t want to yet though, I wasn’t done being with Sadie just beacuse the sex was done.

“You screamed yes at the time, but I feel like it wasn’t a response to my statement,” I started after a few moments of serene silence. “How would you feel about menage sex?”

Sadie took a deep breath. “It’s something that I’ve read about, and something that has always intrigued me, but I never thought I would ever be able to have it.”

“It’s something I’ve been doing with my women for a while now,” I replied.

“Who do you share with?” Sadie asked.

I knew she and Apollo had discussed it once before, but she needed to hear the full explanation of it from me. “Apollo, Asher, Brix, and Kane. The only ones I trust enough for that. I spend a lot of time away, and when I’m gone, part of their responsibilities are to protect and pleasure my women. I’m a fan of sex, and I guess you could say exhibitionism is something of a kink of mine. I would love to introduce you to this part of my world, if you were willing?”

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